start enjoying your lifeHappiness is a very relative thing. Now you may think that you have no enough reasons to feel happy. After a few years when you encounter really serious problems, you will realize that you had enough reasons to enjoy your life but you did not realize them. All of us can be happy right now. If you have enough free time and the ability to read this blog post, you should be very happy. You are able to read this article because you are not blind. Isn’t it a good reason to be happy and enjoy your life? You are reading this blog post because you are free. You are not in a prison at least. There are millions of people around the world who have no access to the Internet due to a multitude of reasons. People in North Korea have no chance to access the information that we freely read on the Internet. There are still some areas around the world that have no Internet connection. If you read this post, you must have some free time. That is a good reason to be happy. At least you do not perform superbly hard work. All of us can be happy right now if we change some of our principles and the whole way we think. Therefore, I say that happiness is a very relative thing. No one can tell you what does happiness means. If you live in a dangerous area of the world and every day hundreds of bombs fall on your city from the sky, the days when there are no bombs fallen on your city will be your happiest time. If you are very poor, 1000 dollars may make you very happy. At the same time, 1000 dollars are nothing for a billionaire and this amount of money cannot make him happy. Happiness is relative. It differs from one person to another, and from one situation to a different one. Let me give you some tips that might completely change your thinking and let you start enjoying your life.


Usually, we build a lot of fantastic plans. Planning is a very good life strategy but it is always necessary to realize that our plans may not come true. There are lots of circumstances and factors that influence our success. Our efforts are not the only factors that let us achieve something. Sometimes, your progress may not depend on you. We should always remember these things. We are not Gods and we cannot fully control our destinies.  Usually, very gifted people tend to anticipate from themselves superb success and achievements. I also belong to this maximalist group of people. My conscience of the fact that I am not a billionaire yet makes me sometimes very frustrated. When I feel these emotions I try to calm myself down and realize that my efforts and personal qualities are not the only necessary things for my success. I analyze the destinies of different people and nations. Sometimes I make a conclusion that they were predestined to be successful or unsuccessful. A huge amount of different life circumstances and factors let some people succeed and other people have no chance to achieve anything in their life.  You should realize that you are not Almighty and you are unable to control everything.

When you understand this paragraph you will start enjoying your life


Some people are depressed all the time. What are various reasons for their depression? You will find that their life is absolutely normal.  They have some common problems which are usual in our society but it will be wrong to consider their problems as global or severely difficult. When you have a lot of tasks to perform, you should remember that you cannot do them all together. It is always necessary to organize your time. Do not strive to finish all your work immediately. Divide your tasks and make a timeframe to complete them. Do not struggle to finish everything in a very short period of time. Being preoccupied with work every time will make you depressed. Organize your time and you will start enjoying your life.


Usually, we feel very good amongst the people whom we love. Being with people who, you hate cab make your life terrible. If you live in a country which h nation you hate for several reasons you should abandon that country as soon as possible. Living in such a country will make your life awful. Who are the people you love? Usually, these people are your parents, relatives, and friends. Try to spend some of your time with them. No matter how busy we are all of us have some free time every day. Try to spend that time with people whom you love and you will start enjoying your life.


Every one of us has had terrible situations in our life. It is a common thing and there is no single person whose life is ideally perfect. You know lots of celebrities and great people. Some of them have millions of dollars. They are rich and famous but their life never used to be ideal. All of them have the same problems that we have. Never expect that your life will be ideal. Do not have such fantastic hopes. The less you expect from your life, the less frustration you will have. Remember that your past has gone and you cannot change it. What happened has already happened and gone. There is no way to return to your past and make some desired changes. Everything is predestined and balances in this life. Try to forget about your past troubles. There is no need for you to remind yourself about them. Enjoy your life. Try to mention everything good that you have in your life and forget about your past. Start enjoying your life right now.


There is no such thing as “bad”. Something that we consider to be very “bad” may be one of the best things that we have in our lives. This depends on the way we think. I do not think of myself to be a superbly positive person because sometimes I see only the negative sides of everything. It is really very difficult to remain to be positive when your life circumstances are against you. However, every trouble has its positive sides. It is important to recognize them.


Usually, people are depressed because they think too much about their future. Their future has not come yet but they are already frustrating themselves by imaginable failures and troubles. Believe in predestination. Something that must happen will definitely happen and your worries won’t prevent anything in your life. Forget about your past and future. Enjoy your today’s life. There are so many wonderful things in your life. Try to emphasize your attention to everything positive that exists in your life. Thus, you will start enjoying your life.

As you see, you do not need to be a billionaire or a world-wide known celebrity to be happy. Follow my tips and you will enjoy your life. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.