Traveling is the most amazing thing that exists in our life. Being on a voyage is my favorite hobby. I am not able to imagine my life if there was no traveling. Nothing can be comparable to making a trip. There are thousands of benefits and advantages of living a travel lifestyle. I have already dedicated several blog posts encouraging people to travel. I have also written some blog posts that describe the benefits of traveling. However, if we love and adore something that does not mean that everyone does the same. How many millions of people love GOD? There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who adore and praise GOD every day. At the same time there a lot of people who hate God. They curse Him every day. These groups of people have had different life experiences. The first group of people has reasons to love God because they may have witnessed His Mercy upon themselves. The second group is opposite to the first. They hate God because they may have some considerable reasons to hate Him. Their experience and conclusions are different from the first group. Can we tell that some of them are right and others are wrong? Yeah, some of you may make a straight conclusion. I am a philosophy and I never judge people from one single point of view. I understand people and I understand the way they think. Do you like dogs? I don’t like dogs but I adore cats. Cats remind me of tender girls and I think that some of their characteristics are the same. Girls are very tender and they like being caressed and pampered. Cats also very sensitive. Cats are very clean. These are the reasons why I love cats. However, I do realize that there are millions of people who adore dogs and dislike cats. Can I say that they are wrong? If I look at this situation from my point of view, I can tell that they are wrong. Instead of doing it, I strive to think globally and take into consideration different opinions and points of view.

Traveling is the most adorable and precious thing we have in our life. I do agree with this statement. At the same time, I realize that there are loads of people who hate traveling. Usually, these people extremely love their own country. Nevertheless, this fact may differ from one person to another. I have prepared a list of people types who hate traveling. Please, check it out and let me know if you agree with me or not.


Patriotism may be a good thing but in some appropriate proportions. If you put some sugar in your tea it may become very tasty and you will enjoy your drink. What will happen if you drop a cup of sugar in one cup of tea? Let us imagine that all sugar dissolves. Will you be able to drink it? Your tea will be disgusting and it is very likely that you will pour it in your sink. Small proportions of something may embellish and improve a thing. However, too much of something may be dangerous and sometimes vital. One pill of bromocriptine may be helpful for your health, but if you drink a hundred pills of it, you will surely die. This rule applies to everything. Small amounts of patriotism may be helpful and advantageous. You may become a good citizen if you have some love for your country. What will happen if your patriotism exceeds all possible norms and borders? 

Extremely patriotic people consider their country to be the center of the universe. They think their culture, knowledge, customs, and traditions to be the best around the whole world. What will happen if you think yourself to be handsome? If you think that you are handsome, you will find some people who will still seem beautiful to you. What will happen if you think that you are the most beautiful person in the world? All other people except you will seem very ugly. This what exactly happens with the patriots. They consider their own country to be superbly advanced and cool, and therefore they think that people of the rest world are outcasts and outsiders. This parochial thinking prevents them from having a wish or a motivation to travel. Extremely patriotic people may have the financial abilities to travel but they won’t do it because their patriotism is sufficient for them.


There are some people who are extremely religious. I do not talk about religious radicalism because it is another thing that is not related to the main theme of my blog post. Let us make some definitions of religious people and extremely religious people. I never blame anyone and I am smart enough to understand that religion is the holiest thing a person has in his life. There are some people who are ready to sacrifice their life for the sake of their religion. I understand and appreciate their religions and ideas. Christians adore Christianity, Muslims adore Islam, Judaists adore Judaism, and Buddhists adore Buddhism. The same thing happens with people of every religion.  Why doesn’t a Muslim visit a church and why doesn’t a Christian visit a mosque? They don’t do it because they think that their temples are the best and the holiest. Religious radicalism is one of the most popular things on which politicians and different government agencies speculate. Let me dedicate a special blog post to this theme and now I will return to the main idea of my blog post. 

I will give you some examples. I am a Muslim and I am aware of every single area of my religion. I have dedicated several years of my life to studying my religion. Islam regulates every part of a Muslim’s life. Islam influences his style of thinking, sleeping, making sex, dressing, walking, speaking, and everything that may be imaginable. Islam teaches us how to greet people and how to say GOODBYE. Every single part of a Muslim’s life is covered by particular Islamic rules. There is no need to tell you that there are several kinds of Muslims in the world. Some of them merely call themselves “Muslims”, some are religious, some are very religious and some are extremely religious. If you are a traveler, you have already spotted that Muslims in different countries of the world are different from each other. Muslims in Turkey are less conservative than Muslims in Saudi Arabia. As I have told you, Islam regulates every part of a Muslim’s life. Traveling and its rules are also regulated by the Holly Qoran and sayings of the prophet Muhammad(SAW). So let us know what does Islam tells Muslims about traveling. Sex travel is absolutely forbidden for every Muslim and Islam does not encourage Muslims to travel to non-Muslim countries because it may influence their beliefs and lifestyle. Some Muslims may just ignore this regulation of Islam and travel wherever they want. It is necessary to know that there is another group of Muslims who are extremely religious. The majority of them live in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf. These Muslims are extremely radical. They strive to follow and obey every rule of Qoran. Traveling to Thailand may seem to be the greatest sin because Thailand is a country where Polytheism is the official religion. Usually, these Muslims travel only when they have a necessity to do it. They never travel to have some fun or enlarge their horizons, change their worldview. Their worldview is based on Qoran and they afraid it to be changed by other external ideas.

I am telling you about Islam because I know this religion. There may be some restrictions on other religions that may prevent people from international traveling. I don’t know about them. If you know, please, share your knowledge and tell about them in your comments.


Typically, when we hear about different countries and places, we are curious to visit them. Curiosity is the main feature of every traveler. It is impossible to explore the world if you are incurious. What does predestine our characteristics and temperament? There are several factors that influence our personalities and the most influential of them is our DNA. Some of our characteristics are born and it is impossible to obtain them if they do not exist in your genes. Curiosity is one of these features which are inherited from our predecessor. If your predecessors had a particular lifestyle, you have many chances to live the same lifestyle. You see that usually, sons of presidents become presidents. Sons of jewelers become jewelers. It is a common thing. Frequently, people follow the paths of their fathers and grandfathers. Therefore, let us not blame incurious people. They are incurious because there are many things that make them incurious. It is not their choice to be incurious. There are some issues that are out of our control. 

I am very curious to explore the world and visit every possible place and destination. I like meeting new people. Travelling makes our lives exciting and interesting. Incurious people have other principles and values. They have no curiosity needed to be satisfied. They may not know many terminologies and they never strive to search their meanings in Google. It is their nature and lifestyle. They are OK with it and as long as they are alright with their style of living, nothing may make them curious to travel around the world.


These groups are very weird for me. I am mixed blood. I have two different races and three diverse nations in my blood. This fact makes me genetically, racially, and nationally different from other people around the world. The majority of the North American population is mixed. However, there are some nations who do not assimilate with other nations and they strive to save the purity of their own origin. Does being mixed influence your thinking and self-identification? Surely, it makes a huge impact on your personality. Mixed people usually have no national self-identification and, hence, they do not feel any attraction to any nation in the world. Mixed people do not feel like a part of a particular nation or ethnicity. Thus, mixed people cannot be nationalists or cynophobes. How can you become a nationalist if you belong to two, three, four, or ten nations? I have the blood of three different nations in my veins. What I can surely tell you is that I do not adore or praise any of these nations. I do not feel like a part of a particular nationality. I have both European and Asian races in my blood but I cannot exactly identify my race. That what does being mixed means. 

Nationalists and cynophobes are not mixed people. Usually, they strive to save their national purity. These people are against international marriage. There are some ideologies and ideas that sometimes make them think of themselves to be the best nation in the world. I know some nations that have not achieved anything in their history. They are not well known in the international arena and they surely have nothing to be proud of. So what do they do in this situation? Generally, such nations invent different fairytales and nationalistic ideas that compensate for their low self-estimation. I know some of these nations. I won’t name them in this blog in order not to insult them because they are very thin-skinned. Their thin skin makes them create multiple ridiculous ideologies in order to compensate for their negative self-estimation. That what people usually do when they have no talents to be proud of. 

Why do we travel? I love Brazil because I think that their women are the most beautiful, sexy, and passionate women in the world. I agree that Brazilian women are better than women in my own country. This what makes me travel to Brazil. Let us analyze the same situation with a nationalist or a cynophobic person. Pay attention to the way he thinks. He realizes that Brazilian women are sexier and more attractive than women of his own nation, but at the same time, he does not accept this fact. He is too proud of the imaginable advantages of his own nation that he cannot accept the fact that someone outruns something or someone who belongs to his nation. Do you think that this silly nationalist will travel somewhere? No, he won’t do it because every trip and voyage makes him frustrated. 

Nationalist and cynophobes are travel haters. They do not have any motivation to travel. They travel only to come back to their stupid homeland and criticize the countries they have visited abroad.


A traveler may be very ambitious but his ambitions do not resemble the actions of other people. In this section, I will talk about people who strive to become the richest or the most powerful people in the world. There are some people who have different values and usually, their values are connected with money and power. Such people may have the ability to travel the world in a luxury style but they do not travel because traveling is the last thing they have fancied about. This type of person is mad about money and power. Some of them are psychopaths. Do you think that Saddam Hussein wanted to travel the world? He may have wanted to travel and I cannot tell you the exact answer. I don’t know his inner world and his soul. What I want to say about him is that it seems that his main life goal was power. If it is true, I can self-confidently tell you that he has reached his goal. Generally, travelers are not attached to power and money. They may be rich but wealth is not their main goal. They may need to be rich in order to travel comfortably. Travelers do not need power and usually, they hate it because it makes us dependent. Independence and freedom are the most important values for every traveler. 

People who are slaves of money and power are attached to one single place. This place may be their country or city. What will happen if they abandon that place and start traveling? It is clear that they will lose their power. Power is the main priority and value in their life and therefore they cannot live without it. If you give them two options: slavery with wealth and power or freedom with traveling, they will definitely choose the first option. These people are not open-minded and they have no inclination to meet new people. 

Being too ambitious and striving to achieve fantastic career goals may prevent people from traveling. This type of people have a list of their own values and priorities and traveling is not included in it.     

Let us be happy for being travel-lovers. Sometimes our preferences do not depend on our individual choice. There are occasions when our curiosity is predestined by our genes. Being incurious may prevent people from having a fancy to travel the world. Let us be happy for being very curious and open-minded people! Let us be happy for having a chance to travel the world!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.