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identify a shemaleTranssexual people are widely spread around the globe. Some people tend to think that Thailand has the largest amount of shemales in the world. This saying is arguable because there are some countries in Europe that have tremendous amounts of ladyboys. It is clear that the number of shemales grows day by day. They are widely spread in the USA, the EU, North America, and Southeast Asia. The number of shemales in other regions of the world is not big. In Russia transgenders, gays, and lesbians are discriminated, and therefore, the amount of ladyboy in this country is not so large. Transgenderism is not popular in the Central and Middle Asia. The local laws, traditions, and culture of people who live in these regions are very strict. A ladyboy may be respected and adored somewhere in the Philippines, but in the countries of Middle and Central Asia, they will be outcasts. Kazakhstan has the largest number of shemales in all Central Asia. I suggest you not to travel to these Asian countries if you want to find some ladyboys. LGBT in these regions is openly discriminated. Governments of the republics that are situated in these areas support and approve discrimination of LGBT. There may be some transgenders in these countries, but they are very stealthy. 

Do you like shemales? Well, there is no a single reason to dislike or hate them. I respect their choice and support them. By the way, it is necessary to mention that some ladyboy is even more beautiful and attractive than some of the gorgeous women. We are men and why should we need to have other men? If the number of shemales grows, the number of men will decrease. Isn’t it better to be surrounded by sexy and hot shemales than being amongst millions of men? I like shemales and I don’t know any reasons why so many people discriminate and hate them. My personal opinion regarding transsexuals is not the main topic of this blog post, and therefore, let me come closer to the main theme. Sometimes, you may need to know whether the girl whom you see is a shemale or she is a transgender. You will need this knowledge in two cases:

1) You dislike shemales and you don’t want to make a wrong choice.

2) You like shemales and you especially searching for some of them.

These are two occasions when you need to promptly identify a woman’s real gender. Let me teach you some tips that will definitely help you to identify a ladyboy. 


That is true. Usually, shemales have very big feet. Normally, feet of men are bigger than women’s and this is the main reason why shemales have big feet. There is a multitude of different reasons that will let you determine a ladyboy. Some transgenders have normal or even small feet. Thus, this method does not guarantee you 100% success. I have met loads of women whose feet were really big. Do not rely on this sign too much. 


I think that this is the best tool that will let you easily identify a shemale. As you know, men become shemales in different ages. Some of them decide to change their sex when they are already mature people. Other shemales have changed their sex before their teen ages.Usually, this happens in the Southeast Asia. Transsexualism is a custom in this region. Parents encourage their children to become ladyboys. This trend is very popular in this hot area. Do you remember when your voice changed? You may have had a tender and soft voice, but as soon as you have reached puberty, your voice became rough. Usually, this happens at ages of 14 and 15. Puberty comes to men in different ages. My beard started growing when I was 13 years old. At this age, none of my classmates and friends had a single hair on their faces. Puberty came to me very early. Voice of the boy who has not reached puberty is very tender and we cannot classify it as a man’s voice. Sometimes, it does not even differ from a female’s voice. 

Shemales who have changed their sex before puberty, have more tender and soft voices. It is more womanlike. A man who decided to become a transsexual at a mature age usually has a rough and manly voice. Hormonal drugs change everything in a man, except his voice. Even the skin of a man becomes more sensitive and thinner. There is no need to tell you about the changes happening to a man while taking hormonal therapies. Our voice is dependent on our vocal cords. Drugs and therapies cannot change them. If a shemale prefers to change her voice, she needs to go through a serious surgery. Every surgery makes a serious impact on a person’s health. Sometimes, these effects are very dangerous and harmful. Thus, all transsexuals strive to avoid these things. Most of them do not change their voice.  

It is very easy to identify a shemale when you hear her voice. It may not sound manly because they make loads of efforts to make it more tender and soft. What I can definitely tell you is that a shemale will definitely have an unnatural voice. You do not even need to be attentive and cautious because the voice of a shemale clearly tells you that she is a transgender.


Shemales are usually too high for being a real woman. Naturally, men are taller than women. Heights of people vary because of many factors. Europeans and Americans are taller than Asian people, and it is a well-known fact. What is the average height of a woman? I mean international average. I think it is about 165-175 cm. My calculations are approximate, and therefore, these numbers may be wrong. However, all of us will agree that a woman above 185 cm is a rarity in every country of the world. My height is 185 cm. Imagine me wearing shoes on very high heels. For example, heels of 12 cm. My final height will be 197 cm. There are two reasons why women wear shoes on high heels. They may wear them in order to look more elegant, tender, sexy, and womanlike. I agree that a woman on high heels looks more attractive and seductive than a girl who wears moccasins. The second reasons why some women wear shoes on high heels is because they want to look taller. So why does a person want to look taller? He wants it when he is not satisfied with his natural height. 

Shemales are usually very tall, and usually, they wear shoes on high heels. If you see a woman who is too tall, it is very probable that she is a shemale. 


That is true. Ladyboy were boys in past, and therefore, they perfectly know what a man wants. Natural women are afraid of looking too vulgar and available. Thus, they restrict themselves from dressing and acting too sexy. Transgenders are partly men, and consequently, they can offer you everything you want and dream about. Very bright makeup, a short skirt, and high heels are the most popular attributes every shemale uses in her daily life. Ladyboys also have got their penises hard. They adore being both top and bottom. Transgenders like penetrating someone just the same as men love doing it. As I have said, shemales are partly men, and as a result, they have more testosterone than real women do. Testosterone is a hormone of sexuality and if you don’t have it, you won’t be sexy. Real girls have some testosterone in their veins. However, the amount of it is really miserable. Shemales have an erection and it is impossible to get hard if you don’t have sufficient amounts of testosterone. Ladyboys are hornier and more passionate than real women. Transgenders are more dominative and initiative.

Shemales are exceedingly sexy, and consequently, it won’t be too difficult for you to identify a fake girl. 


It is a well-known fact that some of the transgenders are more beautiful than real women. Have you ever wondered about the reasons why shemales are more beautiful than real girls? First of all, let me tell you that most of the shemales work in the sex industry. Being successful in this sphere is extremely difficult due to a huge competition. It is necessary to be very beautiful and attractive. Thus, shemales do not save their money on their appearance. Plastic surgeries are usual things for shemales. They usually enlarge their breasts and butt. Some of them remove their ribs in order to have a great body. Ladyboys do not live too long, and therefore, they enjoy their life as much as they can. Beauty is the most important thing for every shemale. 

I have made a statement in this paragraph saying that most of the shemales work in the sex industry. I did not tell that all ladyboys offer sex services. There are loads of transgenders who are professionals in different serious specialties. I know some of them and they are very intelligent and educated personalities. There is even a single transgender billionaire in the world.

Ladyboys are extremely attractive and beautiful. Remember this and you will be able to identify a shemale in any situation. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.