fifty inventions that shaped the modern economy by tim harford


fifty inventions that shaped the modern economy by tim harfordThe destiny of humankind is a very complex thing. We think that we shape our destiny. However, in reality, our life paths are shaped by a complicated system of different situations, coincidences, and people. What is more, even lifeless objects make an impact on our destiny. In ‘Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy’, Tim Harford shows how different inventions have been shaping our lives for centuries.

Tim Harford is an award-winning economist, journalist, and broadcaster. He is the author of several bestselling books: ‘The Undercover Economist’, ‘Messy’, ‘The Undercover Economist Strikes Back’, ‘Adapt’, and ‘The Logic of Life’. ‘Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy’ is a book about different inventions that made an impact on the lifestyle and economy of the world. Both ancient and modern inventions are mentioned in the books. The author included fifty of the most influential inventions that changed our life and economy. After mentioning an invention, Tim Harford tells about the history of that inventions, and most importantly, he shows the way that specific inventions impacted the modern economy. Some of the inventions mentioned in the book are the plow, artificial intelligence, bar code, Gillette’s disposable razor, and many other inventions that completely changed the way we live. 

I like the book. Even though there is nothing groundbreaking, nor unique in the book, this was a good read to diversify my reading. I read different books because reading only a single niche will get boring very quickly. What is more, the book taught me a lot about different inventions, their histories, and the way they have impacted the modern economy and our life. I can say that this book has expanded my erudition to a good extent. 

This is a mainstream book that will appeal to large crowds of readers. Regardless of your gender, financial income, interests, and age, you will certainly enjoy reading this wonderful book. This book combines the elements of the economy, history, sociology, and many other sciences. Therefore, I am certain that everyone will enjoy reading this interesting book. Even if you are not a technical nerd, you will still enjoy the book because it will show you the history of the world, and specifically the modern economy. You will also recognize how different lifeless objects and inventions impact your life and destiny.

Written by Bahtiyar
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