bodybuildingBodybuilding is my favorite sport. I like it because this type of hobby has a lot of physical and psychological benefits. Have you ever tried bodybuilding? It may seem to be one of the hardest sports in the world but it is a wrong impression. Everyone can start building his body. Even weak women enjoy their time in a gym. I wrote this article in order to encourage you to start this wonderful sport. I never recommend my readers something that I do not do myself. Bodybuilding is a life-changing sport and influences all your life. This type of sport does not resemble other sports. Bodybuilding stimulates and regulates the number of different hormones in your blood. As you know, your behavior is your life, and your behavior completely depends on the number of different hormones in your veins. That is the reasons why I call this sport as life-changing. Bodybuild makes a great impact on your mental and physical health. Advantages of this activity are infinite. I am a fan of bodybuilding and it has been several years since I first started it. I see nothing but benefits and advantages of this wonderful hobby. Let me give you the list of advantages you get if you will start bodybuilding


One of the most important and attractive benefits of bodybuilding is that it builds your body.If we stop training and making physical exercises, our body starts to worsen. Eat a lot, do not make any physical activity, and you will see some fat on your belly and other parts of your body very soon. To keep your body beautiful and sexy, you need to make some physical efforts. Having inactive physical lifestyle will make your body terrible and disgusting. When you make bodybuilding, you will see that your muscles will increase month by month. It is so pleasurable to look in the mirror and see your gorgeous body in it. Having a sexy and attractive body is very important for both men and women. Girls may be very frustrated when they see some fat on their hips and bellies. Some men pay less attention to their body appearance. If you want to be a Playboy and enjoy all opportunities of this lifestyle, you should pay utter attention to the condition of your body.Train your muscles and you will see them growing.  

Having a gorgeous and sexy body is very significant in the modern world. Both women and men are very demanding when it comes to their partner’s appearance. Spend at least three hours in a gym every week and you will see considerable results of your training. 


Nowadays, people underestimate the importance of being strong. In ancient times, the strongest men were leaders, but today, everything has completely changed. Today clever and intelligent people rule the world. A high intellect is the most powerful weapon which can be used to succeed. These reasons have made men unconscious and unattentive to their strength. What are the benefits of being strong? You should never forget that you may be in different extremal situations. Crime is widely spread in developed countries and sometimes you may be on the occasions when you will need to use your physical strength. Women love strong men. Beauty and attractiveness is a privilege of every woman. It is necessary for every man to be enough strong to protect himself and his family. Bodybuilding is better than other sports because it enhances your physical abilities. You may do karate, box, swimming, and other popular sports but they won’t be so effective as bodybuilding. Bodybuilding enlarges your muscles, and consequently, your physical abilities will increase. 


When you lift heavy weights, your bones and tendons become very strong. This fact is one of the most advantageous sides of bodybuilding. How often do you hear that someone of your friends has injured his hand, foot, or other parts of a body? We usually hear such terrible news. What are the main reasons why these injuries take places in lives of different people? When your bones and tendons are very weak, it is very easy to damage them. When we do not train something, it becomes very weak. Do not lift any heavyweight with your hands and you will see your muscles atrophied after a while. This is a rule. If you want something to become strong and powerful, you need to train it. If you want your brain to become more developed and enhanced, you will need to train it. There are loads of different intellectual exercises that make your brain stronger. This rule also applies to your physical condition. If you do not train parts of your body, they will become very weak and you won’t need to make many efforts in order to get some severe injurious.

Make bodybuilding and you will become healthier


Bodybuilding is a heavy sport. You will use the maximum of your strength during your exercises. This sport stimulates your body to produce huge amounts of endorphins (hormones of happiness). The absence of these hormones will make you sad and depressed. It is very important to have enough endorphins in your blood in order to feel satisfied and happy. Bodybuilding is the best endorphin producer amongst the all available sports. There is another way to increase your happiness hormones. You may become a regular client of psychiatric clinics. Usually, psychiatrists will suggest you to use antidepressants and other artificial methods to reduce your stress and depression. Do you like it? Antidepressant has a lot of side effects and they will severely hurt your physical and mental health. They definitely increase the level of endorphins in your blood, but at the same time, you will have lots of very bad side effects. Having a low libido, weak erections and addiction are some of these effects. I do not suggest you use this method. 

Make bodybuilding and you won’t have any mental problems. Bodybuilding is the best sport that will make you feel satisfied and happy.


Bodybuilding improves your sex life. First of all, it is necessary to know that bodybuilding increases the level of testosterone hormone in your blood. This hormone is responsible for your libido and erection. You won’t get hard if you have no enough testosterone in your blood. Weak and insufficient erection are other effects of the insufficient amount of testosterone in your blood. Bodybuilding will stimulate this hormone in your blood, and thus, you will always have a high libido and strong erection. These two factors are exceedingly important if you want to have a good and satisfied sexual life. Bodybuilders have sexy and attractive bodies. Usually, they have more girlfriends than people who do not train their bodies. 


Bodybuilding makes you very attractive and this is one of the greatest benefits of this sport. Look at such famous actors like Arnold Swartsneger, Silvester Stalone, LL Cool J, Dolph Lundgren, and other celebrities. You will see that all of them have sexy and attractive bodies. These factors played a major role in their career. Arnold Shwartsneger would not be so successful if he didn’t have that great body shape.  Being attractive is very imperative in order to be successful. Your great muscles may attract sights of people and you may use this advantage to make money. Show-business may be a perfect an option for you. 

Enjoy this wonderful sport and your life will change.    

Go to a gym and discover other benefits of bodybuilding yourself!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.