uyghur womenA lot of people wonder about my nationality. My appearance is truly unusual. Some people think that I am Arab. Others think that I am Afghani, Iranian, Turkish, Indian, Chechen, and so on. I never met a person who could exactly identify my real nationality. In fact, it is absolutely impossible since I am a mix of three different nationalities. Yes, I am mixed blood. I have a blood of three diverse nationalities in my veins. My mother is fully Uyghur. My father’s mother is Russian (she had a mix of different European nationalities in her blood). My father’s father is Uzbek. Thus, I can say that I am a Eurasian person. I have both European and Asian roots in my origin. When somebody asks me about my nationality, I say that I am Uyghur. I look like Uyghur and I was raised in a traditional Uyghur family. Therefore, I perfectly know Uyghur culture, traditions, customs, and people. I ideally know the national mentality of Uyghurs. And of course, I am very familiar with Uyghur women. I am the one who can tell you lots of thing about wonderful Uyghur women. I have had a lot of girlfriends in my life. Uyghur women were the best among all of them. I am not telling it because I consider myself to be Uyghur. No, there is no nationalism in my writing. In point of fact, mixed people cannot be nationalists, patriots, and cynophobes. Almost every mixed person has no national self-identification. I do not identify myself as Uyghur. I am a mixed person. When a person asks me about my nationality, I do not want to waste my time explaining his this long story about my mother’s and father’s nationalities. Therefore, I straightly say that I am Uyghur. At the same time, I do not feel myself Uyghur. I do not have that classic mentality and thinking of a real Uyghur. I am not a patriot of Uyghurs. For these reasons, I can assure you that my conclusions regarding Uyghur women are based on my personal experience.

I have written a lot of articles about Brazilian women, Thai women, European women, German women, and many other women. Nonetheless, I have not written anything about the women I know the best. I have spent almost all my life with Uyghur women. My mother, aunts, sisters, and cousins are Uyghur women. I have had loads of Uyghur girlfriends. I made sex with most of them. Consequently, I know almost everything regarding Uyghur girls. For western men, an Uyghur girl is still a very big mystery. Usually, Uyghur women marry Uyghur men. Mixed marriages are very rare among the Uyghur nation. Also, Uyghur women are not inclined to having sexual relationships with men of other nationalities. We can say that Uyghur women are nationalistic to some intent. This statement will never sound insulting for any Uyghur girl around the globe. Oppositely, an Uyghur woman will be proud of being nationalistic about their nation. Hence, western men do not know Uyghur women. Uyghurs do not have a country. Uyghurs, Dungans, and Basks are the nations that have no official governments and territories. This makes the Uyghur nation unknown on the international arena. I am planning to write a separate article dedicated to the Uyghur nation. Today, I will tell about some astonishing facts about Uyghur women.


Uyghur women are the most beautiful women I have ever dated with. The Uyghur nation is a mix of European and Turk races. Whilst most of the Asian nations have a big mix of the Mongoloid race, Uyghurs are free of Mongolian blood. When Chingiz Khan entered China, none of Uyghur people were killed, and none of Uyghur women were raped. Uyghurs were the only nation that was not oppressed by Mongols. You may be wondering about the reasons why Mongols treated Uyghurs well. Uyghurs agreed to teach Mongols reading and writing. The Uyghur nation has one of the oldest cultures in the world. At the time of Chingiz Khan, Uyghurs were the most educated and cultural among all Asians. Therefore, Chingiz Khan used knowledge, and skills of Uyghurs. It was agreed that Uyghurs will teach the Mongolian army, and Mongols will not harm them. I think this was the best agreement made throughout the whole history of the manhood. I am telling you this in order to prove that the Uyghur blood is absolutely pure. Uyghurs have no mix of Mongolian blood. This is why Uyghur women look like European women. Their eyes are large, their skin is very tender and smooth, and their bodies are always well shaped. Uyghur women have curvy and tremendously sexy figures. If you want to find the tenderest looking women in the world, Uyghur girls will be the ones you will truly like. I always associate Brazilian women with passion and sex. I associate Thai women with promiscuity. Passion is the best synonym of Italian women. German women are lusty as well. When I think about Uyghur women, tenderness is the best thing that can describe them.


I think that Uyghur women are the tenderest women in the world. I have dated different girls. Uyghur women were the subtlest among them. Usually, men say that Pinay girls are very tender. I agree with this opinion. However, while comparing Pinays with Uyghur girls, I can conclude that Uyghur women are tenderer. It is a pure pleasure to kiss and caress an Uyghur woman. They are so tender that you want to be with them all the time.


If I decide to get married, I will definitely marry an Uyghur girl. I will not do this because I am Uyghur. I will marry an Uyghur woman because I perfectly know that Uyghur girls are ideal wives. Usually, Uyghur women are not careerists. They do not look for fame, popularity, wealth, and other materialistic things. To be happy, an Uyghur girl needs to have a good wife, some sweet children, and a family. These are the only things that Uyghur women look for. Actually, there are near to no internationally known Uyghur women. Rabia Kadir is the only internationally known Uyghur woman in the world. She is a politician and one of the richest Uyghur people in the world. Uyghur women were created for family life. They are genetically inclined to be good wives. An Uyghur woman always knows what her husband wants. These women are very patient. An Uyghur woman always obeys her husband. Usually, Uyghur women are raised and educated in patriarchal families. This teaches them to be submissive towards their future husbands. In an Uyghur family, girls are taught to cook, tidy their homes, and other daily things. Thus, an average Uyghur woman is never interested in sciences, businesses, politics, and other things that have no relation to her family.

The world claims that Filipinas are ideal wives. This might be true. I have never been married to a Filipina. I am planning to do it soon. If I was required to marry to different women, one of them would be definitely a pretty Uyghur lady. I am sure that Uyghur women are better wives than women of any other nationalities.


Apart from being a wonderful wife, an Uyghur woman is always a perfect mother. Children raised in Uyghur families live in the atmosphere of love, care, and tenderness. An Uyghur mother will never leave her child alone. Uyghur women always satisfy needs and caprices of their children. As I said before, Uygur women are not fanatic of being wealthy famous, and popular. Her family is her first concern. An Uyghur mother will do everything to make her child happy.

If I marry an Uyghur woman, I will be absolutely sure that my children’s life will be filled with joy, tenderness, and care. Uyghur women are ideal mothers, and this makes these women very attractive for Uyghur men.


Cooking is the most favorite hobby s every Uyghur woman. Uyghurs have a lot of tremendously delicious national meals. I eat it every day. Lagman is the most famous of them. Uyghur women are fans of cooking. In my life, I have met a lot of women who do not love cooking. I am absolutely sure that this type of women will be a very bad wife. A good wife should cook every day. In most Uyghur families, women cook three times a day.

Uyghur women are not as easygoing as Thai and Filipina women. Keep in mind that Uyghur women are Muslims. Most of them are very strict in their religious beliefs. Most of them recite Qoran and study their religion. For an Uyghur woman, fornication is a great sin. As you know, Uyghurs are spread around the world. The biggest amount of Uyghurs lives in China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and the European Union. From one region to another, the behavior of Uyghurs may vary much. It is most likely that American and European Uyghur women are more open-minded and liberal that those, who live in China or in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, I love Uyghur women very much. Uyghur girls are really wonderful. I am not married yet. If I plan to get a single wife for the rest of my life, I will definitely marry a pretty Uyghur girl.

Written by Bahtiyar
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