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eruditionErudition may be a great tool when you want to make a cool impression on someone. Being erudite is very valuable for your professional career and success. It is very easy to identify a person with a strong erudition. Have a short conversation with a person and you will make a conclusion regarding his erudition. Erudite people are very knowledgeable. Do you know the difference between erudition and professional people? Erudite personalities are very open-minded. Their knowledge is very huge and it covers all fields of our life. An erudite may know everything about literature, and at the same time, he will have a lot of knowledge in the show business industry. Erudite people have universally developed personalities. A professional may have very deep experience and skills in one single area. We cannot say that professionals are universal people. No, they aren’t. 

You may have some erudition but it is necessary not to stop developing it. Being professional in something may be an easier task for you. Erudition is a more complicated concept, and consequently, you will need to follow some steps in order to enhance your current erudition.


I did not start my list by giving you some exact tips to develop your erudition. You may do everything that I will suggest you in this post but if you have no curiosity, you won’t be able to develop your erudition. Erudite personalities are curious people. Their interest is profound. It is not enough to have an interest in a single sphere. You need to be curious in all spheres and topics of our life. Becoming a professional is very simple. In order do it, you will merely need to emphasize your attention on a single activity that is interesting for you. Erudition requires universal curiosity that will make you eager for versatile knowledge. There is no a scientist in the world who has no curiosity. Do you know what made a person become a scientist? Curiosity is the thing that motivates people to obtain a new knowledge and enlarge the personal database. The main quality of every erudite person is his curiosity. If you are not a curious person you should forget about building a strong erudition. 


I always begin my new projects from determining my intentions. Your motivation and intention are very important in every activity. Do not underestimate their significance.  Take a notebook and write the list of your intentions. Why do you want to develop your erudition? What are the things that you will obtain if you have a strong erudition? What are the benefits of being erudite? How will your life change after you become erudite? Ask these questions before you start implementing my methods to develop your erudition. 


Obtaining a new knowledge is the best way to develop your erudition. There are lots of possible ways to enlarge your knowledge. The most effective of them is reading. As I have told you,an erudite is a person who is well-read and very knowledgeable in different areas and sciences. Remember that you will need to read books on different topics. Electronic book readers have already simplified the process of reading for us. Today, you do not have to go to a library and search for books. How much time do you waste while searching for your desired books? Let us say that your way to a library will take 30 minutes. The same time will be required to return back. You will spend an hour on transportation, and additionally, you will spend some time searching for the books you wish to read. Isn’t it easier to have an electronic e-book reader and download any book the matter of seconds? If you still have no ebook reader, you must be living in the past century. Buy it as soon as possible. Download yourself books on geography, history, biology, politics, foreign languages, psychology, ethnography, and all other possible subjects. Spend some of your free time reading them and after some time you will recognize that your erudition has enlarged its capacity. Reading is the best way to develop your erudition, and therefore, you should use it.


There is a lot of garbage on TV nowadays. If you are smart enough, you won’t waste your time watching reality shows and other useless TV broadcasts. There are loads of different cognitive channels on TV. Watch historical, geographical, biological TV channels. Discovery channel and Viasat will be the best options for you if you want to enhance your erudition. Spend your time effectively and you will see some significant results. 


All of us have friends and it is very important to choose them correctly. There are loads of people who are very stupid. If you are reading this blog you must be smart enough not to befriend silly ones. Stupid people may be very funny, relaxed, and easy in communication. However, if you want to build a strong erudition, you will need to avoid them. I have loads of friends who are scientists, specialists in different fields, professors, and other knowledgeable personalities. Communicating with them enriches my erudition and I surely enlarge my knowledge. Erudition consists of information, and as a result, you will need to obtain as more information and knowledge as possible. Use every possible source of information. Knowledgeable people may be very helpful for you in this task.


Travelling is definitely one of the best ways to develop your erudition. Some people do not see any difference between traveling  and having vacations. Usually, vacations are very short. Even though they are short, you are also able to obtain some knowledge and experience. Having vacations is not so good as traveling. It is impossible to explore a city or a country in such a short period of time. Traveling is the best tool that let you easily enhance your erudition. Traveling means learning. While traveling, you will meet new people, new cultures, and places. These things enrich your knowledge, and thus, you will develop your erudition. 

Being erudite is extremely important in our daily life. There is a great variety of different tools that will let you develop your erudition. I have already suggested you the most effective of them. Develop your erudition and keep being successful.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.