gold diggerMoney is one of the most powerful motivators. Most of our daily activities are motivated by our passion for earning more money. Even now you are reading this blog post because you are financially motivated. You want to learn how to identify a gold digger because you don’t want to lose some of your money. The instinct of the self-preservation is the strongest instinct that we have. Everyone wants to self-preserve himself from different troubles and risks.

It may be absolutely normal when a woman is interested in your financial status. Usually, women look for a successful man who could provide them and their children with everything necessary. No one wants to have someone who does not earn anything. So if a woman asks you some suspicious questions regarding your financial condition, do not be worried too soon. This is absolutely normal. Life means money. No money means no life. Therefore, your financial status will be very important for every woman you date.

What is the difference between a gold digger and a normal woman who is interested in you? Gold diggers do not carry about you. They will stick with you as long as you have money to satisfy their whimsical desires. These women are merely interested in your money. Gold diggers may date with several men at the same time in order to make more money. I have met several gold diggers in my life. All of them were too stupid and direct, and consequently, it was not too difficult for me to identify them. A non-gold digger girl may like you and have serious intentions regarding you. She may be interested in building a family with you. Gold diggers do not need a family. They are too selfish and are not ready enough to have such a huge responsibility. Having a family means having some children. It is necessary to be responsible for children and she is not ready enough for this serious task.

I have clarified you some differences between a gold digger and a non-gold digger woman. Let me tell you about the ways and the methods you may use in order to identify a gold digger.


You will need this quality to use other methods that will let you identify a gold digger. If you are not insightful and you do not pay any attention to small details, you won’t be able to identify a girl who hunts your money. Psychologists say the attention and the insight are the most important tools in their work. If a psychologist has tons of different theoretical information but he is not insightful, he won’t be successful in this field. Try to analyze words of the people with whom you usually have conversations. Ask yourself about their real intentions and things that motivate them. Remember, every person who deals with you wants something from you. There are a few people in your life who are absolutely sincere with you and do not desire anything from you. These people are your mother and father. No one else really cares about your life. People are very selfish. When you see some extra attention from a person, try to ask yourself about the reasons for this attention and interest. That person may be interested in something. 

Your insight and attention are your weapons that will let you identify a gold digger.


You may be very smart and educated person. If you suspect a girl to be a gold digger, try not to show her your intellect. People say that women adore clever men and find them very sexy. Some of the women may like smart boys but gold diggers hate them. Who is a perfect victim of a gold digger? Her victim should be very rich and very stupid. His stupidest lets her manipulate him very easily. A gold digger afraid of excessively insightful men. Do not show her your psychological skills in the beginning of your communication. What will happen if a gold digger has already recognized your high intellect? There may be two options. She may give up her hunt on you, or she may become too careful in her actions. She will be more careful in her words, gestures, hints, and other manipulating tricks. You do not need this. Look like a fool and tell her some silly things. Narrate her some ridiculous stories and stupid ideas. Let her think that you are a fool and she will lose her caution.


Remember the day when you met her. What was the place where you met her? Did you look like a rich man? Did she spot your expensive car and watches that cost six digits? Did she pay attention to your expensive and luxurious clothes? Was it the place where rich people gather together? 

Ask yourself these questions. Usually, gold diggers are professional money hunters. They are very good psychologists and they choose their victims very carefully. So what are the best places where they meet some wealthy people? These places may be luxurious hotels, restaurants, boutiques, auctions, fashion exposition, and other exclusive places visited by wealthy men. A gold digger may not be interested in a place itself. She may come to an auction and don’t care about the lots sold there. You will see how she will look around and search someone with a fat wallet. Try to remember all circumstances when you met with her. Was it easily recognizable that you are a rich person? 

Spend some time analyzing and questioning yourself about the reasons that made her so friendly and interested in you. What did motivate her to be so polite and open with you?


Usually, it is visible when a person flatters you. Insincere smiles, gestures, and words are the major qualities of every manipulator. Every gold digger is a manipulator. She may use different psychological techniques in order to manipulate you. I am not a great fan of psychologists. I love psychology as a science and I usually use it in order to protect myself from different manipulators, scammers, and fraudulent personalities. I do not like psychologists because they are so insensible. I have spent loads of hours having conversations with psychologists and the worst thing I hate about them is their insincerity. Their smiles, words, gestures and intentions are fake. As I have told you, a gold digger is a good instinctive psychologist. Her words and compliments will be fake and you will easily spot it. Sincerity is a thing that can be easily felt by your instinct. You do not need to use your logics and rational mind. Follow your feelings and trust your heart. Our instinct never lies us. If you feel some suspicious intentions in a girl, you may be sure that she is a gold digger.


There are some women who do not care about luxury and different brands. I have met such simple girls. Even if your watch costs 100 000 dollars, she won’t give any attention to it. These women are too simple. Usually, they are very emotional and devoted. Gold diggers are opposite to them. Money hunters are well-educated, well-read, and they are very mercantile. These girls will pay a lot of attention for your clothes, shoes, watches, cars, hats, jackets, and everything that is associated with you. Some of them ask about the name of brands you wear. You may meet some gold diggers who may directly ask you about the price of your watches. It is clear that a non-gold digger may also pay attention to your style. A gold digger’s attention is very intrusive and suspicious.



This is the common method used by every gold digger. She won’t directly tell you that she wants to buy a Louis Vuitton bag for 800 dollars. Instead, she will tell you that she may become homeless if she does not pay some fines or fees. This is very usual for a gold digger. I met a girl who told me that she may be imprisoned if she does not give someone a specific amount of money. She asked that money from me and it was the first day when I met her. Of course, I refused her request. Next day we dated and she was not imprisoned. That was her trick to getting some money from me. You may be very generous and kind, but you should forget about these qualities when you deal with a gold digger. If a gold digger mentions about her problems and asks you to help her, you should immediately refuse. Be cold with them. Your generosity is considered to be your profanity by a gold digger. Be careful and remember that sometimes gold diggers may use criminals in order to get your money.


A gold digger is a psychological type that has it’s unique qualities and features. If you know them, you will easily identify a gold digger in the beginning of your communication. You need to be very insightful to carry out a psychological analysis that will let you identify her personality. Usually, gold diggers are people with a high self-estimation. They consider themselves to be unique and extraordinary. These qualities make them selfish and proud. Some of their talents and skills may be real and others are imaginable. People use their imagination in order to compensate their low self-estimation and the inferiority complex. Here are some of the qualities of a gold digger. Pay your attention and try to spot some of them in your girlfriend.

•    A great sense of self-importance (usually, they exaggerate own talent and skills,most of them want to be widely recognized and famous, gold diggers dream about wealth and fame, they are sure that due to some extraordinary talents they deserve to be famous

•    Permanent preoccupations with fancies of fame, success, international popularity, and power 

•    Thinks that she is superb and unique 

•    Demands excessive respect, attention, and admiration

•    She has no empathy, and thus, she is unable to understand feelings and emotions of other people 

•    She does not recognize achievements and talents of other people. 

If you have recognized some of the above-mentioned qualities in your girlfriend, she might be a gold digger.

Gold diggers are widely spread around the world. If you are successful, you have a lot of chances to meet a gold digger. Every woman you meet on your way may be a potential gold digger. Do not waste your time and money with these women. There are loads of good women who deserve your attention and care. Learn how to determine a gold digger and you will save a lot of money.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.