Today, people are able to monetize everything. We have already talked about how to monetize your knowledge. Let us discuss the ways that will let you monetize your beautiful appearance. Why don’t you make some money using your gorgeous body and an attractive face? Millions of people do it every day. However, this way of making money does not suit everyone. If you were not born with a pretty face and sexy body, you should look for other tools that will give you some opportunities to make money. 

Monetizing your beauty is available for both men and women. Check out my tips and you will start making money with great ease.


Do you know who has the most popular profiles on Instagram? Usually, these people are divided into three groups:

a) Celebrities

Famous personalities definitely have the most popular and visited accounts. Everyone is interested in their lives, and therefore, millions of people visit their profiles every day. It is clear that celebrities are more capable of generating better visual content than simple people. Famous stars travel much and visit different luxurious parties. Thus, they can easily make thousands of gorgeous photos that will attract the eyes of people worldwide.

b) Beautiful people

You do not necessarily have to be famous to get millions of likes and followers on Instagram. If you have a pretty face and a sexy body, you can become popular right now. There are numerous beautiful women on Instagram who are not famous. However, their profiles are visited due to their attractive appearance. Have you already heard about the Iranian Halk? This man is a bodybuilder. Photos of his body are viewed by millions of people every day. This man has enough followers to start monetizing his Instagram profile. 

c) People who upload unusual photos

A person may not be beautiful, but his photos may still attract people. Usually, these people upload images of animals, cars, mansions, clothes, and many other things. 

If you have a good appearance, you can use Instagram to monetize it. Make some professional photos in a studio and upload them to your account. Women have more opportunities to monetize their Instagram pages than men. Men are less popular on different social networks. Men are interested in women more than women are interested in men. Most of the women are narcists and they like receiving likes and getting new followers. Usually, men admire women. Women merely manipulate and use men. Even if you are a gorgeous man, do not lose your hope. You can also use Instagram to monetize your beauty. 

When you have a lot of followers and your Insta page is visited by a huge amount of people every day, you can use your profile to make some money online. This type of income is absolutely passive, and lazy people won’t find it difficult to make money on Instagram. 

There is a great multitude of different tools that let you monetize your Instagram page. 


Beautiful people have more chances to build a good career in Hollywood or other cinema centers. The cinema industry needs gorgeous and charismatic people. Old faces of famous celebrities have already bored millions of people worldwide. Films need new heroes and icons. 

Actors earn good money. Of course, the amount of people who earn millions of dollars in the cinema industry is not too big. You won’t earn a lot of money at the beginning of your career. However, this profession will give you great opportunities to become wealthy.  


This industry is very competitive, and therefore, your appearance needs to be outstanding. You may try your luck in different American and European model houses. Most models do not earn huge money. At the same time, there are worldwide famous models who earn millions of dollars. One of them is Naomi Campbel.

Both women and men may monetize their good looks in the fashion industry.  


This is the most popular way to make money using your beautiful appearance. Gorgeous women use this tool to get some money from rich men. There is also a huge number of handsome men who use gold-digging for a living. This way of monetization is very cynical. If you have no other choice and you urgently need money, you may use this tool.

Gold diggers use special technics and methods to find their potential victims. If you have already decided to become a gold digger, you should study this science. 


This is another way of monetizing your gorgeous appearance. Good looking people are surely more successful than personalities with an average look. Look at all film and pop stars. All of them are beautiful or handsome. Attractive people are more like in any society, and therefore, it is very easy for them to befriend anyone they wish. 

Getting married to a rich person is one of the most effective ways to monetize your appearance in long-terms. Women and men are very likely to marry a beautiful person. Have you ever asked yourself why so many gorgeous people around the world are not yet married? Let me give you the answer to this question. Most of them do not need it. Beautiful people are usually very ambitious. Most of them want to become famous and popular. 

If you look at billionaires around the world, you will see that most of them have gorgeous wives. These men are very conceited and prone to showing off. Look at Donald Trump’s wife. She is a doll. Do you think that she would marry him if he was not a billionaire? Of course no. She is interested in his money, and for some women, it may be very prestigious to be a wife of a billionaire Donald Trump. Melania Trump is a great example of a person who successfully monetized her appearance by marrying a rich person. 


If you are really very gorgeous, you can sell your photos. There are many people on the Internet who need good photos in their projects. Do you think that nobody buys photos? You may ask yourself why someone needs to pay for photos when there are millions of free photos on the Internet. If you think so, I can definitely state that you are not a person who generates any content in cyberspace. Internet users know nothing about online terms and policies. Most of the gorgeous photos that you find on Google are someone’s property. It is not permissible to use them in commercial projects. That is why many people buy photos.

There are dozens of girls who sell their photos on Fiverr. However, I do not recommend Fiverr for these purposes. Make some professional photos of yourself and sell them on Envato Market. It is exactly the best online resource to sell your personal digital products. PhotoDune is a branch of Envato. It is specialized in selling digital photos. It wants to cost you anything, and additionally, you will receive 100% royalties from your sales.  


If you are beautiful, you may start your beauty blog in order to monetize your gorgeous appearance. Why do I suggest you open a beauty blog? If you were a bodybuilder, I would suggest you start a bodybuilding blog. Your beauty will make you very authoritative in the field of blogging about beauty. Will you read a financial blog of a person who is poor? Of course, you would not do it. It is clear that this man knows nothing about finances. If he knows something so why is he so poor? This is the main question every reader will ask himself while reading his blog. An ugly girl cannot launch a blog dedicated to beauty. The reasons are already clear for you. 

Start blogging about beauty and share your knowledge with your readers. When your blogs get enough traffic, you will be able to monetize them and make some money from it. 

There are many other ways how you can monetize your beautiful appearance. Use your imagination and fantasy. Look for the available opportunities in your geographical area and do not forget about the online sphere. Nowadays, beautiful people have loads of opportunities to monetize their beauty.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.