Gorgeous women date ugly men


Gorgeous women date ugly menIt is a common situation when you see a really gorgeous girl dating an ugly man. Have you ever witnessed such incidents? Let me tell you that I see it every day. Have you ever wondered why beautiful women prefer dating unattractive and sometimes, even ugly men? There is a multitude of reasons why women make this choice. Let me tell you one short story. A couple of months ago, I was in a library searching for some books. The aura of that library was very pleasant, and it was also very comfortable there. Many girls visit that library. I was looking for a book and I have finally found it. I needed to find myself a place to sit down and start reading the book. The library was empty, and there were lots of empty spaces, but I chose an armchair that was near to me. A girl was typing on her laptop in front of me. So let me describe her to you. I cannot tell you that she was gorgeous or even beautiful. She was a simple girl. This is what I can tell you about her. I thought that it would be a great idea to pick up this girl and have some fun with her. I started communicating with her. Usually, girls who visit libraries are very well-read, and therefore, there were loads of themes we could discuss together. I have totally forgotten about my book and she stopped paying attention to its text. We went out of the library together. We had some walks, and then, made an appointment for tomorrow at 12-00 in the same library. I was on time and she also was not late. She told me that today she has no time to talk, and she needs to type her text. She said that we will communicate after she finishes writing. I agreed and started reading my book. There were many gorgeous girls that day, and therefore, I was looking around. I was observing the whole library, trying to search for some sexy ladies. It is a common male instinct. I did not even care that this girl may recognize my observations. When she stopped typing, we started to talk. She told me the following phrase: “Men like you are always aware of their attractiveness and charisma. You can pick up any girl with great ease. If you really liked me, you would not look around. I am a mere sporty interest for you.” This was her conclusion regarding me, my behavior, and my intentions. It was very funny to hear her words, but deep inside, I acknowledged that her words are true. This is what exactly happens when a girl meets a handsome man. A couple of years ago, one girl told me that she won’t marry a handsome man because he will surely betray her. These words are true. Let me add something from myself. I am a handsome man (thanks to God. I am actually very humble, but the narration requires the following sentences. I hope this won't cause some bad comments!). I am aware of that fact. I was always popular at my high school and further. Women were chasing me. I am spoilt by women’s attention and love. I accept the fact that I won’t be a good husband. I do not even have any thoughts and intentions to get married. Why should I marry someone if I can have dozens of different women every week? Isn’t it a good choice for me? Why should I devote and dedicate my whole life to a single girl? This is the way I think. But some men may think differently, and usually, women prefer those men because they are more reliable and devoted. 

Check out the list of the most significant reasons why gorgeous women prefer dating unattractive, and sometimes, ugly men. 


A woman needs to be always sure that she is very beautiful, and it would be better if is she knows that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I think that all women are narcissists. I may be wrong and if I am so, please, correct me and give me your ideas and opinions. Look at networks like Instagram, and you will agree that women are the most frequent and regular users of them. They upload tons of their personal photos because they want to get many likes and to be praised by a huge amount of people. These are the intentions and interests of every woman. Are men inclined to uploading their photos to Instagram? I am a handsome man, but I do not care what people think about me. This is because my self-estimation does not depend on external factors and circumstances. The percentage of handsome or maybe beautiful men among all men is extremely low. We agree that there are millions of beautiful women in the world. Beauty is the main feature of every woman, and therefore, they have a large competition among themselves. There is a pity number of very attractive men in the world if we compare it with the number of beautiful women in the world. A handsome man usually thinks of himself to be a very unique and extraordinary person because handsome men are rare. This fact makes handsome men very cocky and self-confident. A beautiful girl does not have such a high self-estimation because there are millions of beautiful women around the globe. She may be extremely beautiful, but her self-estimation will be always very low. 

A beautiful woman does not care about a handsome man’s appearance. Narcissists never care about other people. All their attention is concentrated on themselves. Being with an ugly and non-attractive man lets them feel superbly gorgeous and outstandingly attractive. These women feel better with ugly men. Usually, an ugly man will treat her like a Goddess, and she adores it. Selfishness is her nature.

Dating a handsome man may make a beautiful woman feel frustrated because beautiful and attractive men are also narcissists. These men are not amazed by her beauty. As all narcissists do, a handsome man cares more about his appearance, and consequently, he may not pay too much attention to how beautiful his girlfriend is. 

Dating handsome men does not satisfy the narcissistic desires and needs of beautiful women, and therefore, they feel more comfortable with non-attractive men.


ugly men pamperNon-attractive men are aware of their appearance, and hence, their self-estimation is not high enough to make them cocky and self-confident. They have very low chances to pick up a gorgeous girl. Usually, people tend to search for something absent in their personality. I was never trying to find myself a beautiful girl because my own appearance is sufficient for me. Ugly men compensate for their ugly appearance by having gorgeous women. Ugly man thinks that it is great luck to have a gorgeous woman, and therefore, they do everything to satisfy and pamper her. These men are afraid to lose their princesses and Goddesses. They will become their slaves in order not to lose them. Ugly men are not narcissists, and they are less selfish than handsome men. 

Handsome men are very self-confident. They do not make huge efforts to seduce someone. If a handsome man wants to seduce a woman, it may take him maximally two weeks to make sex with her. Usually, it may take two or three dates to completely seduce anyone and make sex with her. Handsome men don't need to buy expensive rings for their girlfriends to have them attached to themselves.  Handsome men are self-sufficient and if they lose a girl, they won’t be much frustrated because they can easily find someone more attractive than their ex-girlfriends. 

Women love to be pampered and adored. Handsome men are unable to adore someone because they adore themselves. Ugly men are ready to do everything to make their Goddesses happy. 

This is one of the reasons why a beautiful girl prefers dating ugly men. 


Less attractive men are less spoiled by women’s attention and love. It takes a lot of effort order to seduce a beautiful girl. We never value things that we get without any effort. Ugly men make tons of efforts to deserve a beautiful woman’s love and sympathy. Usually, they spend thousands of dollars buying presents for their Queens. Their girlfriends are too precious for them. It would be very expensive for ugly men to be flirtatious. As I have told you, these men are aware of their unattractive appearance, and hence, they need to do many things to build a connection with new girls. This fact makes them less flirtatious.

A handsome man can be flirtatious all the time. It is not expensive for him to pick up a new girl. He has got all the necessary tools and instruments to be a successful seducer and sex hunter. He is handsome and most of the time these men are very eloquent. They use a few beautiful words and everything is done. A girl is ready. Picking up a girl does not cost them anything. It is their hobby and they enjoy it.

Women do not like flirtatious men because they are not reliable. Handsome men are incapable of being good husbands. If a beautiful girl has a choice between an unattractive and a handsome man, she will definitely choose the first option because less attractive men are less flirtatious. 


A handsome man is confident in his gorgeous appearance, charisma, and charm. It is enough for him to look outstanding and he won’t need anything more to seduce a beautiful woman. These men are very overconfident. They may think that it is absolutely unnecessary to provide their women with outstanding treatment. Gorgeous men consider their appearance to be the most effective tool in the seduction hunt. 

Ugly men have no good appearance, and therefore, they cannot rely on this factor. They have to implement other instruments. What else can they offer their women? They surely may be very attentive and caring. These features of unattractive men may be very appealing to beautiful women. Gorgeous ladies are narcissists and very selfish. They do not care about who you are as long as you treat them very well. You may be a beast or a monster, but if you make your girl feel like a princess, she will definitely need you. Beautiful women do not emphasize their attention to a man’s looks. Women need to be treated well.

Ugly men satisfy the moral and physical needs of beautiful women better than handsome men. Gorgeous men are too preoccupied with their outstanding appearance, and as a result, they find no reasons to show any extraordinary treatment and attention to beautiful women.  


This statement is true. Ugly men have no gorgeous looks, and for this reason, they need to compensate for their disadvantages with other qualities. Some of them strive to earn as much money as possible, and others develop good personal qualities and characteristics. Some men do both of these things. Unattractive men may be better listeners and friends. Some ugly men strive to develop their intellectual skills and obtain new knowledge because being clever is very sexy. They are aware of this fact and they try to use their intellectual and communicative talents.  They may be very good psychologists, and consequently, they never hurt their women. 

Handsome men are too self-satisfied and self-sufficient. They may be very direct and vulgar in communication. These factors may be unattractive for some of the beautiful women. There are loads of attractive men who also strive to be very intelligent and clever. At the same time, there is a lot of gorgeous men who do not care about their own brains. A beautiful woman may be attracted to such a man, but after a few conversations, it will be clear to her that this good-looking guy is really empty. There may be no common things to discuss with him. These factors are very important for women.

This reason may be one of the most significant factors why beautiful women prefer dating ugly men. 


It is very important for a beautiful woman to feel beautiful. If nobody encourages her to believe so, she may fall into depression. Every woman needs to be reminded of how beautiful and attractive she is. Unattractive men are aware of this fact, and they let their women feel gorgeous. An ugly man does not think of himself to be attractive or handsome, and therefore, his woman seems to be the most beautiful in the world. 

Handsome guys are narcissists. Some of them spend several hours in front of the mirror every day. Their attention and delight are concentrated on themselves. These men adore themselves. Most of them fancy becoming exceptionally famous and popular. Some of them are frustrated by their own destinies because there are men who are less attractive, but more famous and popular than them. Handsome men do not have any free time to adore their beautiful women. Some of these men may think of themselves to be more beautiful than their own gorgeous women. A beautiful woman has very low chances to hear something very romantic and delighting from a good-looking man.

Every beautiful woman will choose an ugly man. This choice will let her think that she is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world. 


Ugly men do not fancy international fame and popularity. They are not spoilt by women’s love and attention. They consider their beautiful women to be the most precious in the whole world. These men may be ideal husbands. They are ready to devote their whole life to their women. They may forget about other women to fully devote and dedicate themselves to a single woman.

Handsome men are very self-interested. They adore themselves. Most of the good-looking men dream about international fame, wealth, and popularity. Their EGO is their GOD. These men are slaves of their own egoism. Their life is a full process of satisfying their egoistic desires. Good-looking men live for a single purpose. They need to fully satisfy their desires and ego. There may be some handsome men who may be devoted to their women, but this situation is a rarity. You may ask me how can I be such a good specialist in handsome men’s psychology. I know how they think because I am a handsome man too, and I have the same desires and intentions. Usually, some attractive men may be very good manipulators.  Self-devotion and fidelity are unknown things for handsome men. They live for absolutely opposite purposes.

A beautiful woman should choose an ugly, but very devoted man rather than a handsome egoist who does not care about anyone except himself. Fidelity is one of the reasons why beautiful women prefer unattractive men.


Usually, beautiful women do not like men who are too much self-assured and arrogant. Why don’t they like these men? A beautiful woman may feel very uncomfortable if her man is very confident and cocky. It makes women feel useless if a man is very self-assured. Several girls have told me that they hate this type of man. 

Unattractive men have very low self-estimation because they have no reasons to be self-confident and boastful. They are aware of the fact that women may dislike them because of their unattractive appearance. Do you feel very confident when someone is not confident? Yeah, you surely do. This is what exactly happens with every beautiful woman. When their men are shy and not confident, women usually feel more convinced in themselves and their beauty.

Being too much cocky is one of the major disadvantages every handsome man has in his character. Thus, ugly men are winners in this battle

These are some of the most common reasons why gorgeous women prefer dating unattractive men. If you are a handsome man, be aware of these facts, try to avoid making mistakes, and you will become more successful. If you are an unattractive man, do not be disappointed and desperate. As you see, your bad appearance is your main advantage, and you have more chances to get a gorgeous woman than any of the handsome men around the globe.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.