my blogThe idea of launching a blog did not come to my mind occasionally. My current businesses started worsening and I was considering about new tools that will generate me additional income. Thus, I was searching for new online opportunities. Blogging is definitely the worst way to make money in a fast way. Most of the bloggers who make tons of money every month have reached that level of success by blogging for several years. I realized all the difficulties I will encounter while blogging. However, if you have some free time and you do not wish to merely waste it, you can spend it building yourself a new online enterprise on the Internet. That is exactly what I did. I am not sure that this blog will become my golden mountain that will give me millions of dollars. However, I am sure that after some time, my blog will become one of my financial income sources. These are my intentions. Some people say that blogging is their passion. However, I cannot conclude the same thing when it comes to my attitude towards blogging. I have not yet started publishing videos and photos of my own travel journeys. This may be one of the reasons why blogging has not become my passion yet. Blogging is a time-consuming activity. It requires a lot of attention and hard work. When you come to a blog, you see everything in a ready format. Have you ever thought about the amount of hard work performed by a blogger for you to read? Oh, this job is tremendously sophisticated. 

My initial idea was to start blogging about travel because traveling is my passion. However, soon, I realized that I have too many things to write about. I have years of experience in different types of online businesses, and therefore, I can give my readers tons of useful and beneficial information. There are some valuable data on my blog that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. I wrote loads of articles dedicated to PayPal problems. This data is highly essential for the people who deal with PayPal every day. Posts dedicated to trading on eBay are also very valuable since eBay is one of the biggest online trade markets that exist on the Internet. I do not want to restrict myself just because someone is telling that a blogger should emphasize his attention on a single topic. This way of blogging may be very beneficial in some cases, however, nobody has proved that launching a universal blog is a bad idea. If a person has a lot of information, he can self-assuredly start covering different blog niches. Sometimes, readers feel more comfortable on the websites that are dedicated to a single niche. We start thinking that the web resource is more profound when it covers a single topic. That is absolutely true, however, you should not restrict yourself for this reason. If you have loads of things to share with your readers, do it and do not emphasize your attention on such meticulous details. 

Traveling is my passion. At the same time, I realize that traveling is impossible if you have no money to travel. This is the core reason why I decided to teach my readers to make money online. Online business is the most suitable activity for the people who love traveling. One of the biggest advantages of online business is that this type of commercial activity does not depend on your current geographical situation. You can make money even if you travel in mountains. Not all types of online enterprises guarantee you a passive income. There are some types of online businesses that will require your full time. My blog is aimed to encourage you to travel the world and I give all the necessary information to make your travel dream possible. Do you see any difference between my travel blog and blogs of other travel bloggers? First of all, other travel bloggers merely narrate about their journeys, give you some travel tips, recommend hotels and other lodgings for your stay in a foreign hotel. They do not teach you how to make your travel possible. If you want to become a permanent traveler, you will definitely need to establish a regular passive income. I do everything do give you as more information as possible to make you a financial guru in the online sphere. I do not forget that travel is a life-changing thing. While traveling, we change our worldviews, opinions, ideas, and our personalities. 

Travel blogs are wonderful. They improve your mood, inspire you, and let you know that life in travel is much better than dwelling in a single place for a long period of time.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.