A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz


A Fraction of the Whole by Steve ToltzI never thought that I will enjoy reading a funny comedy book. I am too serious. Thriller is my favorite book genre. But you never know what you don’t know. It happened that I fell in love with ‘A Fraction of the Whole’ by Steve Tolytz which is a novel that made me laugh like nothing else. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much about the author. ‘Fraction of the Whole’ is his first book. The novel became wildly popular and it has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. The story is about Australians Martin Dean, Jasper Dean, and their international adventures. The story of the novel happens in several geographical locations: Australia, Paris, Thailand, and many weird and even scary places such as prisons, jungles, and so on. The plot of the novel is truly unpredictable and impressive. While reading, you never know what happens next. ‘A Fraction of the Whole’  has a lot of very funny dialogues that will present you laugh non-stop.

I read this wonderful book four years ago. I didn’t choose this book because it was a famous, hyped, and popular novel. No. It happened that while traveling, I was in a local library that had only a few books. ‘A Fraction of the Whole’ was one of those five or six books that were in a library, and I decided to read it. I never thought that I would be so impressed and entertained by a comedy novel. I rate this book at ten out of then. It is fabulous.

I am a serious man who mainly reads very serious non-fiction works, but I loved this book. Therefore, regardless of your interests and hobbies, I recommend this wonderful novel to everyone regardless of your literature preferences and tastes. You will enjoy reading this book. It is not informative. However, if you are looking for a novel with a superbly captivating plot, plus, you want it to be entertaining, then, ‘A Fraction of the Whole’ by Steve Toltz is the best book that you can find. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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