accountant's story by roberto escobar


accountant's story by roberto escobarI was not able to put the book down. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’ is written in simple English. Nonetheless, its story is so captivating that it will fully devour your attention. This is what exactly happened to me. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT STORY’ is a book written on the basis of Fernando Escobar’s narrative. Fernando Escobar is a brother of the late multi-billion drug lord Pablo Escobar. Fernando Escobar told the real story of Fernando Escobar to a famous writer David Fisher. Probably, the story was told during Fernando Escobar’s prison sentence. Otherwise, David Fisher got the story when Fernando was already released home. I have no exact information about it. However, you can be sure that this book was written accurately as it was told by Fernando Escobar.

Fernando Escobar is a brother of infamous Pablo Escobar. While Pablo Escobar was running the Medellin Cartel, Fernando Escobar was the main accountant of the cartel’s money. Actually, Fernando Escobar was the right hand and the closest person to Pablo Escobar. In ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’, Fernando Escobar tells about their early childhood, teenage, adolescence, and adulthood. I found loads of different facts about Pablo Escobar that are still unknown. This book gives a detailed explanation of Pablo’s personality, his inner world, his motivations, and his ambitions.  Mass media is mainly controlled by governments. No need to be in awe, when governments mislead their citizens by giving wrong information. This is what happened in the case of Pablo Escobar. The large government propaganda made him look like the devil. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’ shows the real personality of Pablo Escobar. You will definitely change your opinion of Pablo Escobar when you finish reading this book.

Written by Bahtiyar
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