prostate orgasmProstate orgasm is a widely discussable topic. A lot of men and women have heard about prostate orgasm, however, the majority of people do not believe that prostate orgasm exists. Thus, millions of people around the world treat stories and information about prostate orgasm as myths. Believe me or not, prostate orgasm exists. What is more, prostate orgasm can be easily achieved by every man. In this blog post, I will tell you everything about anal orgasm. Also, you will find a lot of useful and effective tips on how to achieve prostate orgasm.

Most of the men do not know that there is a small organ on their body that is much more sensitive than their penises. Men think that their penises are the only sources of their pleasure. Some of them have heard about prostate pleasure and prostate orgasm. Others have no ideas about prostate and everything related to it. The third group of men has heard something about prostate stimulation, prostate pleasure, and anal orgasm. Nonetheless, they still keep thinking that prostate orgasm and pleasure associated with prostate stimulation are fairytales. The prostate is an internal organ situated inside a man’s butt. Therefore, the majority of men have no idea about their prostates. Those men, who are enough educated and well-read, browse the Web, and learn new things. If a man is a curious person, he will start exploring everything unknown to him. Highly sexual men pay a lot of interest and attention regarding everything related to sex. Usually, these men discover the prostate pleasure and prostate orgasm.

Before I start writing a new blog post, I always divide it into several parts. Today, I will do the same thing. I will segregate the current article in two parts. In the beginning, I will give you some information about prostate stimulation and anal orgasm. Secondly, I will give you some tips that will let you achieve prostate orgasm with ease.


Prostate stimulation is an extremely pleasurable activity. Getting your prostate stimulated by a finger, dildo, or a cock is much more enjoyable than inserting your dick into a vagina. The prostate is many more sensitive than a man’s dick. Some people that prostate resembles the clitoris. All of us will agree with the fact that the clitoris is more receptive than a man’s dick. When the clitoris is licked or stimulated by other means, women lose their mind. The same thing will happen with a man when his prostate is stimulated. I am not amazed by the fact that more than 70% of the world’s gays are bottoms. Prostate stimulation, prostate pleasure, and anal orgasm make bottoming extremely popular nowadays. When I was a teenager, I was questioning myself why bottom gays enjoy being penetrated so much. Those days, I knew nothing about prostate and its stimulation. I was reading different literature about prostate; however, I was not taking it seriously. For me, fairytales about anal orgasm were just like myths about squirting. Do you believe in squirting? To be honest, I do not believe it. I am sure that squirting is a popular trick used in porn. That is how I was treating anal orgasm. Today, I know that anal orgasm and prostate pleasure are not myths.


As I have told you before, prostate stimulation and prostate orgasm are extremely pleasurable. If a man achieves anal orgasm, it is very likely that he will become addicted to it. I can compare prostate orgasm with narcotics. The pleasure you feel during anal orgasm is incomparable with anything. The classic penis orgasm is nothing when compared with prostate orgasm. Therefore, when men taste prostate stimulation, they get addicted to it. After some time, classic heterosexual intercourse becomes disinteresting. Usually, prostate pleasure addicted men prefer being pegged by women, or penetrated by top gays. Some of them start independently practicing prostate stimulation with the help of dildos, prostate massagers, strapons, anal plugs, and other anal devices.


There are a lot of different myths on the Internet. Some people say that there is a specific type of men who can achieve prostate orgasm. According to their opinion, only a few men can achieve prostate orgasm. Let me tell that these people know nothing about prostate stimulation and anal orgasm. Prostate orgasm can be achieved by everyone who has a prostate. If a woman has a prostate, she will be able to achieve prostate orgasm too.


As I told you before, you will find a lot of fantastic myths about prostate orgasm. Some people say that prostate orgasm can be achieved only once a week. Other say that it is possible to achieve prostate orgasm only once in two weeks. There are loads of people who say that a man should not cum during a month in order to achieve prostate orgasm. All these things are ridiculously wrong. There are no time limits to achieve anal orgasm.

Of course, it is easier to achieve get the prostate orgasm if a man has not cum for a long time. If there is a lot of sperm on your balls, within a few minutes of intensive prostate stimulation, you will get you achieve prostate orgasm. Long lasting celibate lets you get anal orgasm very fast. Nonetheless, this does not mean that a man cannot get the prostate orgasm every day, or even several times a day. It is even possible to get multiple anal orgasms within during several minutes. Prostate orgasm is not dependent on time. You can get it whenever you want.


If you watch gay or shemale porn, you will see a lot of bottoms cumming during anal sex. Generally, most of them masturbate their dicks in order to reach the climax. It is very rare when a porn bottom gay or a shemale cum without touching their penises. Of course, you will be able to find a lot of such videos where people cum without hands. However, it is a rare occasion since not all sex positions are good for achieving prostate orgasm. In some sex position, it is absolutely impossible to get anal orgasm. At the same time, there are a lot of other sex positions where you can achieve prostate orgasm with ease.

The orgasm that is achieved after touching the penis cannot be classified as a prostate orgasm. A natural prostate orgasm is always achieved without hands and any stimulation of a man’s penis.


Prostate orgasm can be achieved in several ways. Of course, the best of them is to get a prostate orgasm during anal penetration. However, this option is not always available, and therefore, some men use different other means to achieve prostate orgasm. Here are some of them.


Massaging the prostate is one of the ways a man can achieve prostate orgasm. However, I can assure you that this method is not enough effective. You can have your prostate massaged during several hours, by the end of the process, you won’t get anal orgasm. There are no frictions during the prostate massage. Massaging the prostate does not resemble real anal penetration. Prostate massage can be performed by a finger or a prostate massager. In both cases, the prostate receives very tender, slow, and soft stimulation. Consequently, not all men are able to receive anal orgasm during prostate massage. I would not recommend sticking to this option if you want to get a truly hot prostate orgasm.


This option lets you use a dildo to stimulate your prostate. If a dildo has a suction cup, you will be able to stick it to your wall or on the floor. Then, you can insert it in your butt, and start moving thereby imitating real sex frictions during anal sex. In this case, there are near to no differences between a real anal penetration and dildo sex. Of course, while using dildo for prostate stimulation, you won’t have a top partner. Thus, you will lose a lot of psychological feelings. On the other hand, stimulating your prostate with a dildo can be more pleasurable than the real anal intercourse. While getting a dildo in your but, there will be no premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, a weak erection, or a small penis. As you see, using dildo for prostate stimulation has a lot of advantages. What is more, the dildo will be always with you. Thus, you will be able to have prostate pleasure whenever you want and as long as you wish. This option will let you achieve anal orgasm very easily.


If you do not want to masturbate your butt with a dildo and you do not want to become a bottom gay, you will have a single option. This option is getting penetrated by women. Since girls do not have penises, they will use a strapon to penetrate your butt. Let me assure you that the majority of women love topping their men. Pegging is extremely popular nowadays. Both men and women enjoy this sex activity. Hence, you will find a lot of girls who will stimulate your prostate with great pleasure. Pegging is very pleasurable. What is more, you will find it very effective in giving your prostate orgasm.


The majority of prostate pleasure addicts prefer getting real penises in their butts. Real anal sex is definitely more advantageous than other artificial sources of prostate pleasure. However, if you do not want to change your sexual orientation, you will dislike this method. In this case, you should use some of the above-mentioned options.

In fact, prostate orgasm is not more pleasurable than the process of prostate stimulation itself. Even if you do not achieve prostate orgasm, you will have a lot of truly unforgettable and unrepeatable feelings. When it happens, you will most likely want to repeat it again and again.

Written by Bahtiyar
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