businessThere are lots of factors that impact your business success. Your personal qualities are your instruments to survive and win in the global business world. Most people will tell you that your success depends on you. When you have an accurate and exact business plan, you have a multitude of chances to succeed in your business sphere. However, there are some factors that may aid your success or prevent you from being successful. What are they? We should never forget about the external circumstances that influence our life. We are not GODS and therefore we are not able to control certain things. I believe in DESTINY.  Sometimes, we are unable to change our life due to a cycle of different lifestreams that do not let us go against the flow. You may strive to move against it, but as the result, you will only waste your time. Let me explain this situation in detail. The USA is considered to be the most developed country in the world. I agree with it and I also accept the fact that the USA has the largest number of rich people in the world. Some people may think that Arabs are the richest but, this opinion is completely wrong. People who think so, are not aware of such Arabic countries as Egypt, Algeria, Tunis, Syria, and Iraq. I have been to some of them. Have you ever been to Egypt? If you have been there, you will agree that it is very difficult to find people in the world who are poorer than some of the Egyptian people. There are people in Egypt who live on graves. They live there because they have no home to live in. The same thing may be present in other Arab countries. Usually, people tend to look at rich Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, and then make conclusions that Arabs are rich. No, Arabs are not rich. Let us take a particular society that consists of one million people. One of them is extremely rich and the other 999 999 people are tremendously poor. Are we able to believe that this society is a rich one? Of course no. One from a million is rich and the other 999 999  are poor. This society is poor. Let us count the total amount of Arabs living in the world. Then we will count how many of them are rich. We will see the same result as in our example. Arabs cannot be considered as a rich nation. So let me return back to my topic and tell you again that the American nation is the richest nation in the world. Can we tell that its wealth is a pure result of human efforts? No, we cannot do it. There are several external factors that make the American people rich. First of all, people in the USA make millions of dollars because they are protected by their government. What would happen if they did not have that powerful government that protects them from external enemies? Would people of the USA be able to succeed and become rich if there is a war in the USA? No, they would not have such career opportunities in that situation. Do you think that Iraq does not have potential millionaires and billionaires? Of course, it has but people cannot develop themselves due to several external circumstances that uncontrollable. 

Now, you had understood the inevitability of external influence on your career and business. Are there any ways to avoid this terrible impact in order to continue being successful in the changing world? There are always ways that will let you change and go with the flow. Here are some of my tips that will let you ignore your destiny and succeed whenever you want.


Our world is changing every single second. The business world is not an exception and sometimes it changes even faster than the whole world. In order to go with the flow, you need to know the direction of that flow. So how do you identify it? You need to make researchers. Information is your weapon. Make some researches speak with other businessmen. One of the best ways to predict the direction of future business changes is to listen to business gurus and experts. These people are more likely to be aware of future changes in your business area. Do not ignore authorities who are the most successful in your business sphere. These people must be your teachers and trainers. Always listen to them and you will always go with the flow.


There are some awfully negative people. They consider every significant change in business to be the end of their projects. It is very important to think positively in every situation. Let me give you some examples. Did writers lose their job and business by the come of digital books? No, they did not lose anything and it is necessary to say that they have become more successful. They may sell fewer physical books but they sell millions of digital books and writing still gives them profit. You should always search for the positive effects and results of every change in your business zone.


Being flexible is a necessary feature of a successful businessman. Business changes are faster than the weather. You need to be flexible in order to be successful in any situation. There may be different kinds of difficult situations in your business experience. If you are not flexible, I’d suggest you not to start any business. You may have a regular job and live on your monthly salary. Thus you may be secure and you’ll avoid all possible risks. Making business means dealing with high levels of risk. You need to be very flexible in order to be a winner in every changing environment and situation. 


Every change in the business environment may close some doors for you, but instead, these adjustments give you a hundred other business opportunities. Be able to recognize these possibilities and you will do your best. Let us look deeply at the current situation in the Internet business. It is clear that some kinds of physical business will die soon and their activities will be transferred to the online area. So how can you benefit from these changes? If you are smart enough, you will start creating the base for your business on the Internet right now. Changes are inevitable. Try to predict them and you will own the world.  

The business environment is one of the most frequently changing areas of human activity. Globalization speeds up every change. Try to memorize my tips in order to succeed.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.