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young girlsMen have different tastes. Some love young girls. Other prefer mature and experienced women. I have been dating both young girls and mature women for a long period of time. Nowadays, I am dating a 22-year-old girl. I see loads of advantages and disadvantages of dating young girls. Today, I see all the pros and cons absolutely clearly.

Even though young girls have fresh bodies, their physical allure is no the only important thing a man might look for in a woman. For me, sex is very important. However, sex is not the only thing that matters. If a woman is hot and beautiful, but at the same time, she is intellectually empty, this type of women will not attract me at all. There is nothing absolutely ideal. Everything and everyone has its minuses and benefits.

Who can be identified as a young girl/ For me, young girls are women aged 22 to 25. Above this line, a girl is not considered as young. When a girl has crossed a line of 25, she is already on her road to maturity. This is why I can’t call 25 years old girl a young one. So let us see advantages of dating young girls


naked bodyNo doubts, young girls are more physically attractive than mature women. Their skin is young and fresh. What is more, young girls have not gone through pregnancy, and therefore, their bellies are ideal. Let me tell you a story from my personal life experience. 

When I was 22 years old, I was dating a girl of the same age. She was young and pretty. She had a really gorgeous body. There was nothing but sex and lust in our relationship. As always, my attitude was not serious. After a few months from the beginning of our relationship, we gave up dating. Then, after six years, I met her again. Now, she was 25. She was already married and had a small son. I decided to have sex with her. What can I say? Her body was really terrible. There was nothing left of that young and sexy body she had before pregnancy. She had completely lost her sexiness. 

If a girl is young, it is likely you will enjoy her fresh body in sex. When women age, their beauty is being constantly lost. Hence, young girls are much more attractive to men who are looking for young and fresh beauty.


young girls are sensitiveMature people are mostly very cynical. When you age, you will stop believing in such things as love, passion, innocence, sincerity, and etc. Money is the only thing mature people care about. Life is all about money.

Young girls have not lost that piece of sensitivity and innocence. They are still capable of falling in love. Young women are still capable of believing in romantic stuff. So if you appreciate romantic details in relationships with women, young ladies will definitely satisfy your needs.


While dating a mature woman, you will find out that she already knows everything about sex. She knows her sexual preferences, fetishes, positions, and etc. She knows how giving a blowjob feels like. Mature women have already explored own sexuality. There is nothing new for them in the sex field.

On the opposite side, young girls are just starting their way to explore sex life. They don’t exactly know about the things that turn them on. Young ladies are not familiar with all sexual fetishes that might excite them yet. This point may be interesting for a lot of men who wish to be in a role of a teacher and coach.


young girls in sexYoung girls are, even if not virgins, are not as much experienced in sex as mature women. For some men, it might be a benefit. Others prefer more experienced and skilled women in bed.

I like both inexperienced and experienced women in sex. For a casual sexual relationship, an experienced woman might be a better option. However, if I was planning to marry someone to build a family, I would definitely choose an inexperienced and untouched young girl.


It is true that today’s young women are very cynical. Getting a new iPhone, new Gucci shoes, and other material things are mostly what they dream about. At the same time, I can not say that mature ladies are angels. Women are more cynical than young girls since they already know what life is. They realize that life is mostly about money. If you have money, you have everything. Actually, love does not matter much when you are broke. Mature women know all underwater stones of this life.

Young girls might be still dependent upon their parents. If she has a dad who is supplying her with money and all the material things she wants, she is not familiar with real life yet. This is why young girls have a lot of free and spare time to dream about love, romance, boyfriends, and etc. Their life is careless.

Actually, when everything is glad in your life, you won’t learn what a real life is. However, when it hurts, you will start learning. This is the time when a person becomes cynical. As long as a young lady is happy and satisfied, she will be less cynical than mature women.

These are some of the major advantages of dating young girls. I love both young and mature ladies. A person’s behavior and attitude are majorly dependent upon his temperament. When we age, we change somehow. However, temperament remains to be the same all the time. Our worldview, ideas, and positions towards different things change. On the opposite side, our psyche is something permanent and interchangeable. Therefore, a good girl will be good while she is young and mature. On the other hand, a rigid bitch will become more rigid as long as she ages.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.