CONDOMAs you have already seen, my slogan states: “UNIVERSAL BLOG’. That is because I strive to make my blog universal like my own personality. Well, I do not claim to be universal. I may be universal but I will not tell you this because usually, people do not like very self – confident personalities. So in order to continue being nice and attractive, let me tell that I strive to be really universal. I want my blog to resemble my personality. Some of my blog posts may not be liked by some people but I really don’t care about it. I have received several suggestions from different bloggers that honesty and sincerity are very important to be a successful writer and blogger. Your good attitude is highly appreciated and I do everything, to be honest, and sincere with you. I try to be myself. Why don’t I write about different technical devices or about math and chess? I don’t do it because I have no interest in these things. I write only about the things which are interesting for me. My main interests are self-development (physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development, business (all types of business), travel, knowledge, psychology and philosophy, and I love sex very much. It may sound very direct but let me be myself and avoid any hypocrisy. 

I am sorry for this short delay and a brief preface to my post. Everyone loves sex. Men and women, young and olds, poor and rich, clever and stupid, everyone loves sex. Sex is one of our main instincts and it cannot be avoided. We make sex for several reasons. First of all, we enjoy the process itself. Depending on our wishes and circumstances, sometimes, we use condoms. Using a condom has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people like using it and some hate. For me, it does not make a big difference to make sex with or without condoms. Some of you may say that using a condom may decrease the level of your tactile feeling. Yes, I agree with it and you also should remember that sex is not a mere physical connection of two bodies. I think that sex is something more than just a physical act, and my attention during a sexual act is not focused on my tactile feelings. Everyone has different and versatile opinions. So let us see t advantages and disadvantages of making sex without a condom.


This can be one of the most significant advantages of making sex without a condom. Men may spot a very small difference in their tactile feelings while using a condom. However, women hate making sex when their men put on a condom. Their feelings become more advanced when men do not use this rubber. This is a real fact. Dozens of women have told me about it and some of my own girlfriends hate when  I use a condom. You may even have your sexual relationship spoiled just because you always use a condom. There are many reasons why men use condoms. One of them is an occasion when you barely even know your sexual partner. There is no doubt that you should use a condom if you are not confident in your sexual partner. There is a high risk to catch sexually transmitted diseases and the most frightening of them is AIDS. You will be a total fool if you don’t put on a condom while making sex with a girl, whom you have just picked up somewhere at a nightclub or a disco. These minutes of pleasure may result in great regrets. If you catch AIDS, syphilis, honoree or some of the most serious STD (sexually transmitted diseases), you will surely regret about those minutes of your “great” pleasure. There are many other reasons why men use condoms. So let us return back to the topic. 

Making sex without a condom surely make our feelings more advanced. The fact that a man did not put on a condom means that he fully trusts his sexual partner. In result, the relationship between partners becomes better. A woman appreciates when her man trusts her. I had a girlfriend whom I knew during a few months. We used to have a regular sex. Every time we had it, I was using a condom. At the end of our relationship, she was very angry with the fact that I always use condoms. She told me that her feelings are better while making sex without a condom. She said she feels a rubber inside her when I use a condom. However, this did not make me change my mind and since I was very young that time, I was so insane to tell her that I do not fully trust her. My saying made her very frustrated and that night she refused to have any sexual intercourse with me. This story teaches you that using condoms may worsen or even full destroy your relationship.

Sex without a condom gives your women more advanced feelings. If you are not confident in your woman, you should wear a condom. If you don’t do it, you have a high risk to get STD (sexually transmitted diseases). At the same time, your confidence may result in worsening and sometimes it may cause a fully ruined relationship with your sexual partner.

It is up to you to decide. Look at your current situation and decide whether you are ready to have sex without a condom or not.


One of the best advantages of using a condom is that it lets you avoid unwanted pregnancy. If you are married and your aim is to make some children using a condom may be a huge disadvantage for you. Condoms were created for two main purposes. Condoms let you avoid unwanted pregnancy and protect yourself and your partner from STD (sexually transmitted diseases). These are the main purposes to use a condom. Another benefit of using a condom is that it prolongs sexual act by letting your man make more frictions without cumming. Let us talk about it further. As I have already stated using a condom is very beneficial because it lets you avoid unwanted pregnancy. Usually, we make sex for two main reasons. Sometimes we want to have the pleasure and satisfy our desires and sometimes we want to make a new baby. There are occasions when we want both of these things. Depending on your intentions, using a condom may be very beneficial and at the same time useless. If you don’t want your girlfriend to become pregnant, you need to use a condom;. You may not use it if you are sure that your woman takes birth control pills which let her avoid unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes women may deceive you by telling you that they take pills. I advise you to use a condom when you do not trust your girl and you are not absolutely sure that she takes contraceptives.


One of the most beneficial and significant advantages of using a condom is that it protects you from unwanted pregnancy. If you are young and you want to enjoy your youth, you should know that you are not ready yet to have any children.


Condoms decrease your penis sensibility and therefore you last longer in bed. This advantage of using a condom should be highly appreciated. Both women and men enjoy longer sex and caressing. There are some condoms which are filled with antiseptics. These antiseptics reduce sensibility of your penis letting you make more frictions. Enough long duration of your sexual act is one of the key factors of making a high-quality sex. If you finish too fast your woman won’t be satisfied enough and it may result in deterioration of your relationship.

Condoms are very useful if you want to prolong your sex. No doubts that this is a very considerable advantage of making sex without a condom.

I think that I have made enough analysis to compare advantages and disadvantages of making sex with and without a condom. Making sex with a condom is like drinking tea with sugar. Having sex without a condom is like having tea without sugar. So can anybody tell me what is better; tea with sugar or without it?  It depends on your personal preferences and intentions! Some prefer sugar and some do not. Sexual life is more sophisticated and intimate thing than having a cup of tea and therefore no one is capable of giving you the exact answer and conclusion to the main topic of our blog post.

You know your personal situation better than one of us and therefore it is up to you. You may use or you may not use a condom!

I wish you good luck and great sexual success!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.