internationalThe era of globalization has totally changed all business rules. Not only rules in the commerce sphere have changed but the internationalization has totally replaced our lifestyle. We need to become cosmopolitan in order to be successful in today’s competitive commerce race. There are some parochial people who believe in different ideologies which do not let them become fully international. I never blame these people because everyone has a right to chose his beliefs and lifestyle. I am talking about myself. I am a cosmopolitan. My ideology is opposite to patriotism. Everyone has a right to express his own opinion and the majority of bloggers open their blogs to share their thoughts with people. I am not a fan of patriotism and I don’t like the country where I was born for several reasons and it is not the topic of our today’s discussion. I will dedicate a special post where I will give a detailed explanation of disadvantages of being patriotic. So let me give you a list of advantages of being international and cosmopolitan. 


Being International makes you absolutely free. What are the things that restrict and limit people’s lifestyles? Of course, you may have several physical restrictions but every physical condition has a base in your mental, psychological principles and ideas. If you think that it is bad to abandon your country and live somewhere else, that means that you have some mental barriers that do not let you become absolutely free. If you wish to become free, you should know that your freedom begins in your mind. Firstly, you should change and get rid of some ridiculous ideas. When you are open-minded, you will see that your life becomes more interesting and versatile. One of the most significant advantages of being international is your absolute freedom.  You have a freedom to choose your ideas, your country of living, people whom you like and dislike. Usually, governments brainwash their citizen’s minds in order to maintain their countries. If you are really international and cosmopolitan no one will be able to set any ideologies and dogmas for you. 


When your mind is ready for accepting cosmopolitan ideas, you will become a citizen of the whole world. You may dislike some particular countries and simply exclude them from your international citizenship. The main idea is that being international will let you feel yourself at home wherever you are. You may go to Brazil, Iceland,  Norway, China, and everywhere you will feel yourself at home. Your parochial patriotic ideas may restrict you from this thinking and usually, every government advertises its nationalistic dreams. Hence, they brainwash their citizen’s minds. If you don’t want to be brainwashed, you should become International. The main advantage of being International is that you have an ability to become a citizen of the whole world.


If you are cosmopolitan, you will start thinking globally. Your ideas and plans will go beyond the borders of your own country. Usually, it is impossible to make every type of business in your own country. Even the USA cannot offer you all opportunities that exist in the world. However, the USA has the biggest amount of available career opportunities for your life and business success. When you fully get rid of your parochial principles, you will learn to think and plan globally.  Thus, you will be able to make business with people from different countries of the world. Look at North Korea. What prevents them from being a successful country?  The main problem of North Korea is its stupid government ideology that makes a propaganda of common equality. This is a ridiculous idea that has ever existed in the world. First of all, people cannot be equal because everyone has different talents, born abilities and intellectual level. It is clear that everyone will have different financial status. North Korea is a tyrannic country which is ruled by a parochial dictator. Their government ideology does not let them successfully make business and create good relations with their neighbors. Therefore, this county is predestined to be lonely and ignored by the International society. 


Since you are fully International and cosmopolitan, you have all existing options to make your desired choiceS. You have a great variety to choose from everything that exists in the world. You may choose yourself a country where you will live, choose the desired passport, choose a place where you will make your business, choose your preferred playground and so on. You can also select any nation to choose yourself a wife from. All nationalistic ideas make a propaganda that their nations are the best in the world. This is just a self-apologize strategy people use when they are not successful. I know loads of countries which are unknown in the international arena, they have not contributed anything, they have not achieved anything meaningful and most of them belong to the third world. The most amazing thing is that citizens and government officials in the countries expect themselves to be the best in the world. Some of them think that they are the highest race in the world. This is a stupid way of thinking. If you are nothing, you should accept that you are nothing. Never build yourself different mythological fairytales to compensate your frustrating feelings. Am I right? I hope you agree with me. When I am not successful I agree with myself that I did not succeed because of the several reasons but I never build myself ideologies or different parochial principles that let me think that I am the best. Let us be honest with ourselves. Look at our results and then say who are the best and who are the worst.  Being International saves you from different myths which may restrict or limit your life choices. If your government is nothing and it does not do anything to improve your life, you always have a choice to migrate somewhere else to have a better life.   


Advantages of being international and cosmopolitan are really infinite. When you become International in your mind, you will recognize that your life starts changing. You will become more open-minded.  Small horizons which you had before, will disappear and you will realize that your past life was really terrible. It is impossible to enumerate all benefits of being international because it is a feeling and condition that must be felt by yourself. When you start, it is impossible to stop

Wish you good luck in your Internationalization way!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.