advantages of online businessEveryone loves money. We love money because money is living. The amount of money you have in your bank account determines the quality of your life. More money you have – more enjoyable becomes your life. Money is one of the most important factors and values in lives of people worldwide. At the same time, money is the best motivator for a human activity. There is no a single person in the world who managed to become rich by working. Usually, when you have a full part job, you are paid to be able to fulfill your daily activities. Your boss will never care about the fact that you want to buy yourself a Lamborghini or a new mansion somewhere in Beverly Hills. Nobody cares about it. Typically, companies pay their workers so that the workers can continue working. The main ambition of every independent company is to make a profit, and they will never make it if they pay too much money to their workers. Can you tell me the names of people who became rich by working? Every wealthy person became rich by making business. Business is the best and the only way to make a fortune.

Our century gives us more opportunities that our predecessors were given. The age of globalization simplifies the ways we can make business today. There are two types of businesses today. Online business and physical business. As long as I am an online businessman and a fan of online business, let me describe you some of the advantages of making business online.


Online business saves your time. As long as all your business activities are carried out in the cyberspace, you won’t need to go somewhere and spend your time on a road. You can start and launch your online business from your flat or home. All you need is your PC and the Internet connection. All problems and terms with your customers, clients or colleagues can be negotiated by an online chat or online call. All your financial transactions and operations are held out online and therefore you do not have to spend your time going to banks and other financial institutions. By making online business you save several hours of your daily time. One of the most significant advantages of online business is that this type of commerce saves your time.


There is a sort of people who don’t like communicating. Surely, these people are communicative but the thing that differs them from other people is that introverts prefer to communicate with a small group of well-known and trusted people. An introvert can easily spend all of his time alone, at home, without any real communication with people. This kind of people perfectly fit to make and be evolved in online business. IT sphere is the best battlefield for an introvert. Their analytical skills are more advanced than the same features of extroverts. Physical business requires daily communication with different people and it can be really very annoying for people who are inclined to be more introspective. Opportunity to make business virtually is one of the most significant advantages for every introvert.


Online business is hidden. Every transaction is carried out virtually. No one knows about the number of items you sell daily and nobody is aware how successful your business is. You may tell people that you are unemployed and at the same time you may earn millions of dollars. When you have a physical store, for example, people see it and they know that you are the owner of that store. Usually, people are very envious and this factor will create you thousands of enemies in a short period of time. There are also different kinds of criminal groups such as mafias and other syndicates. When they see that your business prospers they will definitely demand a part of your profit. If you wish safety to your family, business and yourself, you will share a part of your income with the mafia. The government institutions may not help you in such situations because frequently, the government members are parts and members of the criminal syndicates. Thus, your prospering business will create you more problems. Of course, you may have some income, but you won’t enjoy it because some people unjustly demand a part of your financial goods.

Online business lets you avoid these problems. Everyone may think that you are unemployed but at the same time, you may generate millions of dollars. Even a government won’t know about your income if you use offshore banks. It is so pleasant to run a successful business, make money and have no enviers and enemies. Do not think that people will love you when they see your prospering business. As I have mentioned before, people are very envious creations and envy is one of the common feelings they have. Don’t assume that people will become happy when they find out that you make hundred thousands of dollars every month. No, they won’t be happy. They will hate you because your extreme success makes them think that they are very unlucky fellows. People need to feel their advantage over other people and when they spot someone who is outrunning them, they begin to envy. Keep that in mind and never share news about your success with anyone. Online business does not show your real success and the amount of profit you make every month. Thus, you are safe and protected from envious and evil people. Having fewer enviers and enemies is the most important advantages of the online business.


What is happening now in France during the European football championship? If you watch TV sometimes or read news on the Internet you should know that fans of different football teams fight between each other and consequently, they damage and sometimes even completely destroy private properties in cities of France. So how must the owners of boutiques, restaurants, and cafés feel when some drunk and bully young football fans destroy their business in a matter of a few minutes? It is clear that this feeling is one of the most frustrating and disappointing emotions a person can have in his life. You work hard to earn some capital and then you invest that money in business. One day you have everything ruined by some unconscious people. This what you can exactly have if you run a physical business. There are some countries in the world which frequently have government overthrows and revolutions. Thousands of businessmen have their physical businesses destroyed during these violent events.

Online business gives you a golden opportunity to avoid such risk. Your business is always safe. No one can interrupt it. No one can damage and destroy it because the cyberspace is your geographical situation. Your online business is virtual and therefore nobody can burn it. Online business protects you and your business.  Definitely, safety and protection are one of the most imperative advantages of the online business.

There are loads of other benefits of online business and I can give you a list of hundreds of reasons to start your online business but. In a couple of decades, a physical business may completely disappear. Keep that in mind and get your niche in online business as soon as possible.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.