personal online storeSellers on eBay and Amazon face different problems. If you have had experience of making business on these markets you already know what I am talking about. The major problem of eBay is the fact that you have to accept PayPal payments. It is well known that you have a great risk when you deal with PayPal. Thousands of sellers wish to avoid using PayPal. There are already lots of perfect alternatives to PayPal. Amazon may limit you from selling in different categories and you will need to be approved to have a full access. There are several other reasons to abandon these online monopolies and sell from your own online store. Let me tell what advantages you will have if you decide to start selling from your personal online store.


eBay’s design is not too stylish and glamorous. You may not like it. eBay is popular not because of its awesome look and “eye-catching” design. This store deserved his success because of other significant factors. So what if you sell something brandish? You may sell clothes which are normally sold in boutiques. Does eBay fit to sell such outstanding clothes? No, it does not. You may tell that there are loads of expensive and elite items sold on eBay. Yes, I agree with you. What I want to tell is that eBay’s simple design is not the best place to display your glamorous clothes.

 When you sell from your own website you are free to choose any design you wish. You may integrate some graphics and flash elements on your website so that it looks really eye-catching. You may decide what color sets to use. Running your own online web store make you absolutely free in your website design choice. There is no one who may limit your website from being the most stylish online store on the Internet. You may develop and configure it as you wish. It is a good idea to place your photo on your homepage. Why not? Being absolutely independent is one of the most significant advantages of selling from your own online store.


In the beginning of your business, you may be restricted to list many items. eBay may limit you. Selling on eBay also limits you in a number of product images you can upload. It is necessary to display many photos of your items in order to show your buyers all sides of your products. eBay or other online stores may not let you do what you want. 

Launching your own online web store gives you an opportunity to list as many items as you want. You are also not limited to upload multiple photos if you wish. Do you want to upload a thousand of photos of your items just for fun? Yeah, you can surely do it on your web store. You are the one who creates and establishes terms and policies on your website. Independent product listing is the major advantage of selling from your personal online store. 


When you sell your items on eBay, Amazon, GearBest, Etsy and other online trade places, you are limited to choose your preferred payment gateway. eBay puts you in a situation when you have only one option to use. This option is notorious PayPal. What if you don’t want to accept PayPal? That means that you are out of the eBay business. Amazon has its own payment solutions and they are more acceptable and convenient for sellers.

You are absolutely independent when you have your independent online shop. You can choose from dozens of different online payment services and integrate them with your online store. If a particular payment service is not convenient for you, you can easily exclude it.  This factor is the best advantage of selling from your own online store.


What happens on eBay when a buyer has some questions about an item. Usually, a buyer writes a message to a seller and in best cases, he receives an answer next day.  By this time, a buyer has already spent his money and has totally forgotten about the question he asked. This what happens on eBay. This is not the best way of communication between a seller and a buyer. Buyers lose their potential sales because of this convenience. Even though eBay is a multi-billion company it does not even try to make online communications more comfortable. 

How can you provide your buyers with a better customer support and communication? You can easily install online chat and free call plugins. Thus, you will enable your potential buyers to ask questions via online chat and a free online call. Your customer support may be better and more comfortable than it is on eBay. You will talk to your buyers online. This will simplify everything. Buyers will get rid of their questions and doubts. Payments will be carried out faster. Surely, this point is the most important advantage you will have, if you sell from your online store.         


There are loads of other advantages of selling products from your personal store. I think that launching an independent online shop is the best way to build a good online business career on the Internet.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.