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secretly richWealth has its advantages and negative sides. Everyone wants to become rich because they do not know about the consequences of being rich. Recent scientific researches have concluded that people want money more than they want happiness. Wealth and happiness are different concepts. Money does not make a person rich and it is always possible to be happy even if you are poor. I encourage everyone to get rich and this is the main purpose of my blog. Everything may be dangerous if you do not know how to properly use it. We use scissors to cut something. If you use it unproperly, you will severely damage yourself. A knife is a necessary tool in every house. We use it several times a day. It helps us to cut bread, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. At the same time, a knife may be used to kill people. There is nothing negative in a subject itself. The same thing may be beneficial and harmful at the same occasion.

It is necessary not to expose your wealth, because, in some cases, it may be very dangerous for your life. I have already explained a few things that a person needs to stop doing when he is already rich, and therefore, I won’t cover that topic in this article. Let me tell you about the benefits of being secretly rich.


People are very envious creatures. Your friends won’t remain to be your friends when you will you are richer than them. Your neighbors will hate you when they see your expensive car. When you lose your fortune or sink into severe problems, everyone will be happy and satisfied. I am realistic because my life has taught me several lessons. Envy is everywhere. Short men envy and hate tall men. Ugly women envy beautiful and gorgeous ladies. Poor people hate rich personalities. Do not think that people will reach the climax when they hear that you have earned your first million dollars. No, they won’t do it. They will invent different rumors regarding you and your business. These rumors spread with a great speed. You will clearly see hatred and envy in the eyes of your friends and colleagues. Your neighbors will look at you with evil eyes.

When you are secretly rich, you will have no enviers. It is impossible to be secretly rich all your time. You earn your money in order to enjoy your life. You will definitely want to buy a good car and dress in luxurious clothes. There is no need to become rich if you won’t spend your money on expensive things. I have already mentioned in one of my posts that you will need to change everything when you become rich. First of all, it is necessary to change your place of living.

Try to be secretly rich for a particular period of time. Thus. you will avoid enviers who may be harmful. This time, won’t last very long, and after some time, you will be able to expose and exhibit your wealth.


Not all governments are friendly to their citizens. Loads of governments around the world exploit their citizens. Living in a democratic country may be safe to some extent. However, no one can guarantee you an absolute safety of your life and your assets. I know some governments which politicians, policemen, and special agents are the greatest criminals. These people imprison their citizens and then demand huge amounts of money for the release. They are legal criminals, and consequently, these people are more dangerous than the mafia. Keep in mind that every government strives to receive as much bigger taxes as possible. Keep in mind that your government does not care about your business. In anytime you can be seized of your possessions and imprisoned. Do not rely on your decency. If a government wants to make a criminal of you, it will do it with a great ease. I know how this works, and therefore, I want you to be always very cautious. You can never be safe anywhere. Policemen and special agents in countries of the third world are very poor. Their salaries are miserable. Their destiny is awful. These people do not have any extraordinary talents and skills to earn their money in an honest way. The only way for them to earn some money is taking bribes. Some of them may fabricate a criminal case against you and you will be imprisoned. You won’t be released until you give a good bribe to some of these poor and disgusting people. I know dozens of businessmen who were put in this situation. Some of them have lost their financial assets, flats, and cars.

Remember that your government is your first enemy. It is more dangerous than mafia because criminal members of your government are legal bandits.

When you are secretly rich, your government is not aware of your wealth, and thus, you will avoid problems with it. As soon as it recognizes that you have some money, you may be seized of your possessions. Hide your wealth from your government and you will see a great advantage of being secretly rich. 


Mafia is everywhere. You are mistaken if you think that mafia does not exist in developed countries. It exists in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, and other developed places. Do you hope that police will protect you? Sometimes members of they police corrupt and they usually cooperate with the members of the mafia. Policemen are human beings and they have personal desires and problems. Ambitions of some of them are tremendously high. Most of them want to become wealthy and their salaries will never fulfill their dreams. These policemen receive generous bribes from the mafia in order to let them fulfill their criminal business. Have you ever wondered how did Al Capone manage to build his criminal empire in the USA? It is well known that Al Capone was cooperating with the head of the FBI  Edgar Hoover. All mafias around the world use the same schemes. Criminals are not able to earn money by an honest job. They are not enough smart and gifted to invent or develop something. Their genes and life circumstances have already predestined their life. They do everything in order to find and use new rich victims.

Being secretly rich will let you avoid problems with the mafia. Mafia is everywhere and its members surely exist in your region. Try not to expose your wealth for a particular period of time. When you are in a safe country, you may exhibit your wealth as you wish.     


When you get rich, you will recognize how people around you will change. You will see gorgeous women sticking with you. More people will want to befriend you. They won’t actually like you, but they will love your money. Women may not be interested in you, but they will definitely pay interest to your wealth. Some of them will swear in love, but these feelings will be fake. It is very difficult to identify who is sincere with you when you are wealthy. People are ruled by instincts and the most powerful of them is the instinct of self-preserving. Everyone wants to preserve himself, and therefore, people unconsciously stick to someone who has a lot of money. All people around you will wear masks. They will smile at your face and have diverse emotions in their hearts. That what usually happens with wealthy people.

When you are secretly rich, no one will know about your wealth, and hence, you will be able to see real faces of people who surround you. Being secretly rich gives you the opportunity to identify people who are sincere with you.

I assume that this is one of the most beneficial advantages of being secretly rich.

It is impossible to be secretly rich all your time. Being secretly rich won’t let you fully enjoy your wealth.  However, in some case, it is better to hide your wealth. Try not to expose your wealth in dangerous occasions.  Your situation is temporary and you will be able to exhibit your richness very soon.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.