sex with black women


sex with black womenEvery one of us has different life preferences. You won’t be able to find two people in the world who have absolutely the same interests and preferences. No matter where we live, all of us are individuals. Sex is one of the most significant areas of our life. Having sex with different women is like drinking different sorts of coffee or eating different types of fruits. Does the taste of a banana resemble a taste of a strawberry? Do you feel the same when you eat melon and a cherry? There are some fruits which you like more and there are certainly some types of fruits that you cannot eat due to their disgusting taste. The same fruit may be adorable by someone else. Our preferences do not resemble. It happens in every field of our life. As I have mentioned before, sex is one of the most significant fields for everyone. Girls of different races and nations have different body structures and sexual mentalities. Latin girls are considered to be the most passionate in the world. Asian women are the most sensual. Some women are very frigid. So how many girls of different nations have you already tasted in your life? We cannot compare fruits with women because women are sweeter than any fruits. Have you ever had sex with black women? If not, you are wasting your life. Read the next paragraphs and you will learn about the advantages of having sex with black women.

Black girls are well known for their sexy bodies and very hot temperament. Man, if you have not made sex with a black woman, that means that you did not live a full life. Life is very short and you should try everything. Do not be parochial, staying in your home and your whole life. Do you know how many interesting things are you missing? Life can be more interesting and exciting if you know how to live it. Here are some advantages of having sex with black women.


Black girls have really seductive bodies. I am not intending to insult white women but I like black girls more. I think that one of the most beneficial advantages of having sex with black women is that you will be able to enjoy their bodies. There are lots of white girls who have very sexy bodies but black girls outrun them. Usually, black girls have gorgeous butts and breasts. Their body shapes are predestined by their DNA. The black race has a more developed and stronger muscle system. I hope you won’t blame me for racism because the things that I am telling you now have no connection with racism. I am telling about commonly known issues. Black people are more successful in sport than the white race. So what is the main reason for their sportive success? The answer is in their DNA. The black race has more advanced physical abilities and talents. What are the most attractive parts of a woman’s body? Every man will agree that there are two the most seductive parts of a woman’s body. Butt and breast are the sexiest and the most desirable parts of every woman. There are some men who prefer thin girls with a flat back and small breasts. I appreciate their choice. For men who prefer girls with big butts and breasts, black women will be the ideal choice. 


big lipsDo you like kissing? Every one of us loves kissing and therefore lips are considered to be very seductive and desirable. There are two groups of men. One of them prefers girls with thin and small lips. Another group of men likes kissing big and juicy lips. I belong to the second group. I enjoy kissing girls with large lips. Girls with small lips do not seem to be sexy for me. Usually, women understand what men want and they strive to satisfy our desires. This is the reason why lots of celebrities and simple women make plastic surgeries. They spend thousands of dollars in order to enlarge some parts of their bodies. Sometimes such surgeries cause serious health problems. This means that for some women beauty has become more important than their precious health. One of the most frequent body parts that women like to enlarge is the lips. Women are conscious of the fact that lips are one of the most seductive and sexiest parts of a man’s or a woman’s face. 

Black girls have naturally big lips. You won’t see a single black girl with thin lips. This is set in their DNA to have large and seductive lips. Kissing a girl with big lips is very sensual and erotic. It may increase your sexual excitement and arousal. There is no need to tell how it is important to have good lips in oral sex. Imagine a black girl with sensual lips striving to satisfy you with the help of her sweet lips. What can be more pleasant! Girls with thin lips are not so good at oral sex. This type of sex requires good tools and large, juicy lips are the best tool to satisfy someone orally. 

You will enjoy juicy lips and it is one of the most significant advantages of having sex with black women.


black women are thehottestEvery race and nation has its own unrepeatable sexual mentality and temperament. Girls of the Nordic race are not so passionate as Latin girls. At the same time, Latin girls are not so tender in sex as Asian girls. Every race and nation has its own privileges and advantages. According to my experience, I can tell that black girls are hotter and more passionate than white girls. There are some men who may not agree with my statement. Somebody will find white-skinned women to be more passionate. I appreciate your opinions. Every rule and fact has exceptions and you may meet some black girls who are not passionate and hot. The passion of a girl is a very important factor. You may not be satisfied with your sex if a girl is not enough passionate. The great sensuality of black can surely enhance your sexual life.

These are the three most significant advantages of having sex with black women. I do not claim that I have mentioned all advantages that black girls have. There are loads of other reasons to make sex with black girls. You should practice and make your own conclusions.

I hope you will complete my list of advantages of having sex with black women. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.