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weight gainersMass gainers serve as excellent sources of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and amino acids. It is an extremely popular nutritional supplement. Along with creatine and protein powder, mass gainers are extensively used in the bodybuilding sphere. To summarize, I have drunken at least 10 kilograms of weight gainers in my life. Therefore, I know what I am talking about while covering a topic related to mass gainers.

Weight gainers are nutritional supplements, and therefore, they should be regarded accordingly. Weight gainers, protein powder, amino acids. BCAAs and other nutritional supplements will never substitute real food. This is why they are called as 'supplements'. These things were developed to supplement our nutritional needs.

On the other hand, when cooking opportunities and natural food is not available, mass gainers can provide you with all the necessary nutritional elements. If you have not decided yet whether to buy a weight gainer or not, here are a few advantages of mass gainers.


It is not a secret that calories play a major role in the process of muscle building. Actually, calories are even more important than proteins when it comes to building muscles. Therefore, carbohydrates are extremely important in bodybuilding. Approximately, 60%-70% of weight gainers' content comes to carbohydrates. The remaining part is divided between proteins, fats, and amino acids. Therefore, weight gainers are super-caloric.

To build 500 grams of muscles, your body needs to burn 2500 calories for the required energy. No need to mention that getting all the needed calories from food is extremely difficult. From time to time, there is nobody to cook for you. Other days, you are too tired to visit a restaurant. There may be loads of different reasons why food may be unavailable. In this situation, weight gainers will surely help you. They are tremendously caloric. In a single typical portion of a weight gainer, there are at least 1000 calories. This equals to three plates of macaroni. Thus, I am sure that calorific value is the main advantage of mass gainers.


As I have already mentioned above, there may be loads of situation when food is unavailable. For example, what if you are traveling somewhere and there are no hygienic places to eat in the place of your journey? What will you do in this situation? Of course, you can suppress your appetite and skip your meal. In this case, your body will bur some of your muscle mass for the energy. This is not a typical habit of a serious bodybuilder. When you are stuck in these types of situations, mass gainers will be very helpful.

Weight gainers do not require any electricity nor specific equipment to be prepared. Take your shaker, drop a couple of scoop of your weight gainer, pour some mil to make it more caloric, and then, comfortably drink it. Hence, weight gainers are extremely convenient. This is another major advantage of mass gainers. 


Whilst protein powder contains only proteins, weight gainers contain all the necessary nutrients required for muscle building. There are carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats, different vitamins, and many other valuable substances in weight gainers. This is a truly universal nutrition supplement ever developed.

 As you see advantages of weight gainers are more than simply obvious. Whether you are a beginning bodybuilder or a man with a lot of years of experience, mass gainers will definitely benefit you at any stage. To maximize your bodybuilding success, I would recommend consuming weight gainers in a stack of protein powder, creatine, BCAAs, and natural food. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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