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alexa traffic rankWeb traffic is the most important component in any online enterprise. I have previously told that web traffic is a king and content is a prince. This saying is absolutely true. Even though you have some brilliant content on your blog, without web traffic, you won’t be able to achieve any significant results in online business. Web traffic is the most desired thing for all online entrepreneurs. All of us chase web traffic. One of the best ways to get some good traffic on your blog is to advertise on more popular and famous websites that yours. You a pay a specific amount of money to the owner of a website, and then, he places your banner on his web resource. This option may provide you with high-quality web traffic. Moreover, advertisement on famous web resources gives some significant exposure to your own blog.

What are the most important factors we pay our attention while choosing a web resource for advertising on it? Here are some of the most significant issues we consider before starting our advertising campaigns.


Of course, this is the first and the most important factor we think about before we start advertising. It does not make any sense advertising a travel blog on a web resource that is dedicated to SEO. At the same time, SEO related blogs are unnecessary on travel blogs. It is always necessary to choose a website that is related to the main niche of our website. As you see, I write about different things. The main topics of my blog are an online business, travel, sex, personal development, SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging. For this reason, I can advertise my blog on the websites that have absolutely dissimilar niches. In all occasions, my advertisement will be very effective. Nevertheless, if your blog is dedicated to a single niche, it is better to advertise your web resource on the websites that are related to the main theme of your blog.


Usually, we start advertising when we have no enough web traffic on our website. We want to get some web traffic from other websites. This is the main reason why we start advertising. Otherwise, we would not need to spend so huge money in order to make our website famous. It is absolutely clear that we need to advertise on websites that have huge amounts of web traffic. This is the only way to make your advertisement effective and productive.

To make sure that a website has a good amount and quality of web traffic we use different web tools. One of the most famous and popular of them is Alexa traffic rank.


Alexa is owned by Amazon. Mainly, Alexa provides commercial traffic data and analytics. Some of the data on Alexa is displayed for absolutely free. However, for more detailed and featured information, a client will have to pay. Alexa was founded as an independent company in 1996. In 1999, Alexa was bought by Amazon. Thus, Alexa is almost 21 years old company.

Alexa traffic rank is the oldest and the most respected traffic stats in the world. Alexa uses the special toolbar to collect traffic data from different websites, and then, it sends all the information to Alexa website. All the gathered data is analyzed, and after that, Alexa traffic rank sorts all the websites depending on the quality and quantity of web traffic they receive.

As I have told you, Alexa traffic rank uses a specific Alexa toolbar for gathering the data. Let me explain how it works in a few simple words. If a visitor has Alexa toolbar installed on his browser, his visit to your website will be counted by Alexa traffic rank. Without the toolbar, Alexa traffic rank will not even recognize this user. Thus, only visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers give some value to your website’s Alexa traffic rank. Here is a question. How big is a percentage of people who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers? I think it is too low. Therefore, we can make a confident conclusion that Alexa traffic rank is not capable of providing us with the exact traffic data and stats. If a million of people visit your website today. Alexa traffic rank will only count the visitors who have Alexa toolbars installed on their browsers. Therefore, Alexa traffic rank cannot be used for making serious decisions and conclusions regarding a particular website on the Internet.

What is more, Alexa traffic rank can be easily tricked and manipulated by different activities and technologies. On the Internet, you can find loads of methods that can effortlessly manipulate Alexa traffic rank stats. I will not mention them in my blog. For your interest, you can find out about them on the Internet.

Alexa traffic rank is the oldest company that is specialized in providing people with traffic stats and data. Furthermore, Alexa is owned and managed by Amazon. There is no need to tell you what Amazon is now. It is one of the most powerful and influential Internet giants in the world. For these reasons, Alexa traffic rank is still respected and appreciated on the Internet. Alexa traffic rank is still the most important index of your website’s traffic stats. While checking your traffic stats, your potential advertisers will pay foremost attention at your Alexa traffic rank. While choosing a web resource to advertise your own website, do not fully rely on Alexa traffic rank. There are many other services that are capable of providing with more exact and accurate data than Alexa traffic rank.

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