I have recognized that everything happening in my life gives me new blog ideas. A few minutes ago I had a conversation with a stupid person. Let me tell you that the communication was not satisfactory for me because some of his words insulted me. The person is really stupid, and therefore, I merely ignored his sayings. Usually, I encounter different people who consequently have different thinking and opinions. Most of them say silly and ridiculous things. Our time is too precious to waste it by talking to someone dumb who is not able to understand your words. The conversation made me a little bit sad, and therefore, I started searching for reasons why I should ignore that person. The first reasons are his stupidity. It is the main and the only reason why I should ignore him. Stupid people do not worth our attention. There are many good and insightful people around the world who deserve our time and communication. Stupid personalities are not included in the list of the people whom we should talk to. 

We do not live somewhere in mountains or in remote oceanic areas, and consequently, all of us encounter dozens of different people every day. We are not able to identify a person’s intellectual level by simply looking at him. Therefore, on some occasions, communication with dumb people is inevitable. Thus, you will hear a lot of words that may change your mood. You may start feeling very desperate and lose your motivation.


Stupid people will never understand your thinking, and therefore, there are no single reasons to pay any attention to their words. What are the things that formulate and build your thinking? These things are intellectual books, blogs, articles, lectures, and tips from professional people. Scientists and their words are your authorities. You have read a lot of books and informative posts on this blog. Your thinking changes all the time when you obtain new knowledge. Thinking of intellectual and intelligent people is very sophisticated. People seem to be weird for us not because they are really weird, but because we do not understand them. Geniuses are very rare in the world, and for that reason, they are predestined to loneliness. 

Stupid people never read books, blogs, and other clever resources. Reading seems to be the most useless and boring activity for them. Intellectuals seem weird for them.  Dumb people always choose the most difficult ways. Their worldview and horizons are very limited. They live in a personal world that is restricted by their personal dumb ideas and values. 

A stupid person is physically and psychologically unable to understand a clever person. Have you ever had a conversation with a psychologist? There are two types of specialists. Some of them have a born talent in this science. Others do not have it, but they try to fulfill this disadvantage by tons of different theoretical information. You will find that some psychologists are really stupid. Usually, they do not understand simple things. Others are very intelligent and they feel your situation the same as you do. It is necessary to have a great born talent to become a good psychologist. 

Communication is pure psychology. We unconsciously use different psychological methods and tricks while having a conversation with a person.

Dumb people are too stupid to become good psychologists, and for that reason, do not hope that they will ever understand you. Do not waste your time. Ignore everything they tell you!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.