playboy lifestylePeople around the globe, have dissimilar thinking. Therefore, all of us have different lifestyles. Our thinking and worldview predetermine the lifestyle we have. Of course, there are many other factors that make us have a particular lifestyle. Our financial situation and geographical location are some of these factors. I have already written loads of articles related to predestination. We are not absolutely free. There are loads of different circumstances that predetermine the quality of our life. We are not absolutely free. We are not even 50% free. This fact makes me very sad and disappointed. In some cases, we could be supermen. However, God has limited our choice and abilities. 

When you are young, rich, and healthy, you have a large variety of choices. In this situation, you are absolutely free to do whatever you want. When you have a multitude of options to choose from, you feel more comfortable and independent. So what is the most suitable lifestyle for a young, rich, handsome, and healthy man? I can self-assuredly answer this question. Playboy lifestyle is the best way of living. If you have everything necessary to have this type of lifestyle, I can congratulate you. To be honest, the playboy lifestyle is impossible if you have no huge financial assets. If you are a businessman and there are some sources that provide you with a regular passive income, the playboy lifestyle is definitely available for you. When you live on a salary and you are not able to say that you are rich, forget about the playboy lifestyle. Of course, some people might tell you that the playboy lifestyle is also available for an average man. I will never agree with this statement. First of all, let us conclude who is a playboy. I have just asked Wikipedia for an exact definition of “Playboy”. Here is the answer. A playboy is a term used to describe a wealthy man with ample time for leisure, who demonstratively is a bon vivant (appreciates the pleasures of the world, especially women). As you see, “a wealthy man” is the first definition to describe a real playboy. A playboy is a man who enjoys all the leisure of the world. So are you able to enjoy your life if you are not rich? No, you will never be able to do it. Those who are poor, suffer. Only rich people enjoy their life. Money means pleasure, and poverty means suffering. Therefore, if you want to become a real playboy, first of all, earn a lot of money. 

If you are a rich man and you want to make your life more interesting and exciting, I have prepared this awesome post describing all the advantages of the playboy lifestyle. 


A playboy is a free person. Whilst married men have a lot of responsibilities for their families, playboys are responsible only for the quality of their own pleasure. Playboys have no frigid wives waiting at home with a huge scandal. Playboys have no children to take care of. Thus, playboys have less responsibility than men who do not have the same lifestyle. Playboys can spend all of their time having pleasure in different playgrounds of the world. These men think that having a wife and children is a huge anchor that will make their life terrible. I have the same thinking, and therefore, I am not married yet. Having a single wife can be tremendously boring and annoying. 

Playboy lifestyle makes your life more relaxed. With the playboy lifestyle, you have less responsibility and this is one of it’s most valuable advantages. 


Playboys are definitely the most independent people in the world. As I have told you before, playboys have no family to take care of. Therefore, they do not need to be at home most of their time. A playboy can start traveling as soon as he decides to start traveling. There are no family circumstances that could prevent a playboy from traveling. A playboy does not need to be at home at a particular time. He can have as many girlfriends and lovers as he wants. Spending his nights in different hotels of the world is not a problem for a playboy. Playboys have a lot of money, and consequently, they can enjoy life’s most pleasurable and positive sides. 


Playboys are not attached to a single woman, and therefore, they can have as many women as they wish. Quality and quantity of sex are their most important priorities. Usually, a playboy must be very educated, erudite, and open-minded. These qualities will assist him to make new international acquaintances around the globe. A real playboy never restricts his actions by particular geographical borders. A playboy visits the sexiest and the hottest regions of the world. Thailand, the Philippines, Cuba, Casablanca, and Brazil are the most favorite destinations of every playboy. When you are free to travel the world, no doubts, you will have the sexiest women that exist in our world. Playboys have better psychological and mental health. Their playful lifestyle prevents them from having different family problems, and therefore, they have less stress and depressions. Consequently, playboys are stronger and healthier than men who have other lifestyles. Having a high-quality sex life is the most significant priority of a playboy. For a playboy, good sex means a good life. Life without good sex with gorgeous women is not real-life anymore. For non-playboys, a family might be the most important priority. However, for a playboy, having loads of beautiful and sexy women is the most important thing in the world. 


Playboys have a more interesting and exciting lifestyle than family men. What does a family man have in his life? He might have a good wife and a couple of sweet children. However, all of his days resemble each other. A family man has nothing interesting in his life. His new child might spell a couple of new words, and this might be interesting for a family man. Every night, a family man makes sex with the same woman. This woman might be gorgeous. However, making sex with the same partner is really annoying. One day, this family man will be tired of his wife. Sex is not the only side of our life. A family man cannot travel as much as he wishes. Having a family is a big responsibility, and therefore, you cannot simply leave your wife and children to start traveling. If you think that travel is your passion, first, you should travel the world, and then, get married. 

Playboys are not attached to any people in the world, and hence, they can abandon any place they wish. Therefore, they do everything to make their life more interesting and exciting. Travel is a healing activity. Tourism heals both our bodies and minds. Moreover, travel makes our life more interesting and exciting. Playboys can fully enjoy all the advantages of travel, and for that reason, the playboy lifestyle is more exciting and interesting. 

Playboy lifestyle does not suit every personality. There are some men who were created for a family lifestyle. These men are not playful and naughty. Having a stable family life is more appropriate for this type of man. It is up to you to decide whether the playboy lifestyle suits you or not. The advantages of the playboy lifestyle are unlimited. In this post, I did not intend to describe all of them. The things I have already listed are enough to make you want to become a real playboy.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.