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typing on laptopSocial media marketing is a dynamic field that helps small as well as large businesses to stay connected with their audiences on social media. With the growth in social media users, it makes sound business sense for businesses to be actively present on social media, either independently or through a professional agency.

The question is whether your business needs a social media agency Dubai has to offer. The answer depends on several factors, some of which are discussed in this article. The key is to know whether the expertise in each of these areas lies within your organization or outside.


Engagement is a huge part of any brand’s social media presence. Because of the interactive nature of social media, your business can engage deeply with your target audience by marketing through social media. A good social media agency can make this process easier for you by developing content that is specially designed to generate engagement from readers in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

The benefit of having strong engagement through social media is that you become entwined with the online activity of your target audience which increases the recall value of your brand whenever they might need your product in the future.
Increasing website traffic

No matter how strong your presence on social media might be, your website remains the primary revenue-generating online asset for your business. A good social media marketing strategy that increases online traffic to your website is one that creates a desire in your social media audience to learn more about your business and products by visiting your website.

All it takes is a simple click of a button but the secret lies in motivating your reader to that level so that they cannot resist going to your website. A professional social media marketing agency can craft social media advertisements that will capture the audience’s attention using the right appeals and drive them to your website.


This should have been the first item on this list. Social media is the preferred marketing channel for small businesses because it offers an equal footing to compete with larger brands for creating awareness. When you are a new brand your primary attention should be focused on getting people to know about you. You should have a clear understanding of who your online audience is and what the best way to reach them is. With a professional social media marketing agency, you can target your posts to the most relevant audiences, which will set in effect a multiplier effect to make your page become popular among the target audience.


Getting video views is a desirable goal for all those would-be influencers out there on YouTube and Instagram. In order to build their credibility as a brand, they need a large number of video views on a regular basis. Social media marketing offers great help in this area, by making the video appear on the timelines of audiences who are interested in the topic of the video, the influencer, or the issue being discussed.

Through a dynamic social media marketing strategy, you can not only make your video trend on a particular video sharing platform but also attract relevant audiences from other social media sites.


audienceOne of the main reasons why brands create a social media presence is to establish an interactive communication channel with their audiences. This requires being available at all times to respond to complaints, suggestions, questions, and requests made through posts, chats, tags, and comments.

Not all businesses can afford to have resources dedicated to this task. A good social media marketing agency can offer the same service at a reasonable cost, without you having to hire more staff or allocate more duties to your employees. Such agencies know the strategies for communicating with online audiences and will resolve most of the complaints on the spot without having to channel them all to you for decision making.


Social media marketing is evolving all the time with a new generation of users adopting the platform every few years. The secret to success in SMM lies in understanding how these different audiences engage with these platforms and how they expect brands to interact with them within this space. Agencies with their professional staff and years of experience can offer this service more efficiently.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.