An American Tragedy by Theodor Dreiser


An American Tragedy by Theodor DreiserSocial values shape people’s destinies. We all have different values. Some of our values are created by our parents, families, friends, books, television, and other external things that influence our inner world. At the same time, a society among which we live plays a major role in making our values. ‘An American Tragedy’n by Theodor Dreiser is a classic masterpiece that tells about the struggle of humanism and material values. 

Theodor Dreiser is a classic American author of several novels. Theodor Dreiser reveals very deep psychological and sociological topics through his books. ‘An American Tragedy’ is a novel based on a true crime story that happened in New York’s Adirondack Mountains region. This book is one of the author’s most successful novels. A young man having romantic relationships with a girl from America’s middle class. Their relationship leads to an unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, the man is having romantic relationships with a girl from a very rich family. Now, the man has a big problem. He wants to continue relationships with the girl from a wealthy family, but at the same time, the unwanted pregnancy of the former girl binds his freedom. To get rid of the chains that captivate his choice, the man commits a serious crime. 

‘An American Tragedy’ is a classic novel telling about serious sociological problems. Through the story of a young man, Theodor Dreiser tells about the major problems of American society. Even though the story of the book is very dark, sad, and thrilling, the style of this work doesn’t resemble modern thriller bestsellers. There is something in classic novels that in truly unrepeatable. I enjoyed reading this wonderful novel. In the novel, Theodor Dreiser tells about the present state of modern societies. Nothing has changed since the times of Theodor Dreiser. Nowadays, we are more materialistic, greedy, and money-thirsty than people a few decades ago. 

I highly recommend ‘An American Tragedy’ by Theodor Dreiser to everyone interested in classic literature. Specifically, if you have read and enjoyed some of the Dreser’s previous works, then, you will definitely love ‘An American Tragedy’. This book is very thoughtful, deep, and revealing. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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