AngelikaI was 17 years old when I met Angelika. It was a hot summer day. I was sitting with my friend in one of the most popular cafes in my city. Our table was in a VIP zone. At the same time, we could see all the visitors to the café. We were smoking hookah, joking, and discussing different trends. Every day, we used to visit that café to smoke a hookah. Hookah was extremely popular at that time. That day, I was in a very good mood. We were relaxed. There was nobody in our zone. I remember that we were in that café for approximately 30 or 40 minutes when a big group of young people entered the place. It was a group consisting of approximately 8 girls and 2 boys. All of them were young. I could guess that they were studying at school. Boys were weak and tender. I call that type of boy ‘home boys’. The girls were really gorgeous. We were still sitting, smoking hookah, and drinking juices. We were carefully observing that group of teenagers. Of course, we were teenagers ourselves, however, I remember that we were always more serious and mature than others. That time, when teenagers were only listening to different music hits, we were already running our individual business. This is why I can say that we were extraordinary teenagers. Let me return back to the story. We were carefully observing that group of girls and boys. Though we were sitting in a VIP zone, we were still able to hear their conversations. They were openly showing off in front of us. Girls were discussing different rappers and cars. I remember them mentioning T.I. during their talk. I and a friend of mine were listening to them, and then, laughing at each other. Their conversation was so silly. Actually, the level of their IQs was not important for me anyhow. I mentioned a gorgeous Russian girl among them. She had a truly fantastic butt. Her butt was 100 times better and sexier than the butts of famous female porn stars. She was wearing a brown dress. Even though, I could still recognize her delicious forms. Her breast was huge as well. I thought it could be a cool idea to get to know her. It was Angelika. The group was very noisy. It was very clear that they were trying to show off. I have never seen such a loud team of friends during my whole life. They were also discussing different topics related to sex. The girl I have recognized was the loudest among them. I remember Angelika saying: “I want to have sex. I am so sexually hungry.”I really loved those phrases very much. They even made me hard. I decided that this girl would be a perfect soul mate for me. She was sexually open. While Angelika was sitting on her chair, her pose was calling me to action. 


I made the first step. I greeted them. Then, I started talking to Angelika. I said it was a good idea to get to know each other better. Angelika was very glad to hear that. I saw Angelika liked me very much. Actually, we did not speak too much. She gave me her mobile phone number, and then, we left the café. The noisy group was still having their dinner.

The next day, I phoned Angelika and we had a long conversation. She was a tremendously hungry girl. I can easily identify a passionate girl by the way she talks. Also, I pay attention to the things she says to me. Angelika made tons of sexual hints during our phone conversations. We were talking a lot. Angelika was saying something about dating. Thus, we had several phone conversations. I was very busy at that time, and therefore, I did not phone Angelika for several weeks. I almost forgot about her existence in this world. I forgot about her astonishing butt and breast. The summer was coming to its end. One day, I received an SMS from Angelika saying: “Do not make plans to … date.” I thought it was very interesting. I wondered about the event that we’re going to happen on the date mentioned in that SMS. I called Angelika and asked about that day. Angelika said that her birthday was coming. She said she wants to see me at her birthday party. Thus, she made me an official invitation. I immediately agreed that. I said that I appreciated her attention. I decided that it was a good time to date. I know I was stupid to disappear for such a long period of time. The next day after her SMS, I called her and made an appointment. The same day, in the evening, we met in a picturesque park. I remember that day. The weather was really cool. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I remember her. She was like a juicy cherry. Like a sweet strawberry. She looked so amazingly sexy. Her body was so delicious. We were simply walking in the park. I was kissing and hugging her. We went to a place where there was nobody but us. I kissed her lips, her ears, and her neck. I opened up her t-shirt to get access to her breast. I put her breast in my mouth and started sucking it. I was licked her nipples. It was the sweetest breast I had ever tasted. I forgot to mention something. Angelika was a virgin. She openly confessed to me that she wishes to lose her virginity with me. That was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. Just imagine what will happen to you if a wonderful 17 years old virgin confesses that she wants to give you her virginity. Nothing can make a man happier than these types of confessions. That turned me on. We were talking about the coming birthday party. Angelika said that she was going to rent a huge mansion. Angelika said that the mansion had loads of rooms. She said she wants to make her first sex with me during her birthday party. Hence, we made all the future plans about sex and her birthday party. Angelika made it absolutely clear that she was eager to make sex with me at her birthday party. As a smart teenager, I understood her hints. In fact, those were not hints. Angelika was saying everything absolutely directly and openly. I escorted Angelika to her house, and then, we said goodbye to each other. This is how the date ended.


Her birth date was coming. Angelika has already invited me to the party. I was so stupid not to phone and message her after our wonderful date. It might be my pride or something else. Maybe I was not interested or motivated. Anyway, I still did not call and message her. Can you imagine what a girl will assume if her boyfriend does not contact her for several days? That time, I was a real fool. I never realized that after several years I will regret my behavior. One day, I received the following message from her: “Do you think we should still continue our relationship?” This is what she really messaged me. I was a proud and stupid fool, and therefore, I replied back by saying: “I do not care about it.” Damn, it was one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my whole life. After writing this silly message, I received her SMS: “Ok, good luck! Hope we will see each other one day!” This is what she told me. That money, I had no hesitations regarding my actions. I thought it was cool to treat a girl such arrogantly. I did not even regret my decision. I do not really know the exact reasons why I decided to do so. This is how I lost Angelika. The game was fully over.

Today, I am not a 17 years old teenager. I am a mature man with a big beard that makes people afraid of me. I have already forgotten about having any relationships with teenage girls. These girls prefer weak, pretty, and shaved teenage boys. Mainly, most of the women I date now are more than 30 years old. Of course, I can make sex with the younger girls. However, it is more comfortable for me to communicate with mature women. Nowadays, I can only dream about girls who resemble Angelika. The time has passed. I cannot return back. Neither can I turn back the time. Angelika is still alive in my mind. I know nothing about her. I do not know where she lives. I do not know what she does. I have never met her since our last date. Actually, I do not want to see her again in my life since it makes no sense. Angelika is not that fresh and juicy girl anymore. Her sexual hunger is already satisfied. I am not that joyful and positive boy any longer. My life is filled with different problems. I am mad about my ambitions. I do not even think about sex. Sometimes, I remind myself about Angelika. Unfortunately, she gave her virginity to someone else. My own pride made me lose that wonderful angel.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.