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benefits of bloggingBlogging is the most widely spread online movement. Millions of people publish their writing every day. As far as I know, the number of independent blogs is more than 300 million. Keep in mind that thousand of new blogs are launched every day. Millions of blog posts are published every day. Actually, bloggers are the main builders of the Internet. All of the popular and famous web resources are actually blogs. Such websites as The Huffington Post, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, and others are blogs. You can call them however you want. Anyway, all of them are contributed and built by bloggers. Today, blogging is more popular than journalism. Most of the journalists work for different national, government media. For this reason, people do not trust journalists much. People believe in the information delivered by bloggers since they are independent. The Internet is the most democratic place in the entire world. Therefore, open-minded bloggers feel very well online. Thus, we can conclude that blogging is spreading each second. Every minute a new blog post is published somewhere. Blogging keeps growing and strengthening. More people start blogging when they understand all the incredible benefits of blogging. We never start doing something unless we learn about its advantages and positive sides. To encourage more people, I decided to write a detailed blog post describing some of the major benefits of blogging. Of course, I do not intend to explain all the benefits of blogging. That type of writing would require several days, weeks, or even months. The benefits of blogging are really innumerable. For some people, blogging became their lifestyle. Thousands of people make a living by blogging. Consequently, we can conclude that the benefits of blogging are very considerable and serious.

I am sure this will be one of the longest blog posts on my blog. Writing big articles require a lot of time and efforts. Therefore, I was always trying to write this post as later as possible. Blogging is definitely one of the best things that exist on the Internet. Benefits of blogging are truly numerous. You can feel them only if you start blogging. In the beginning, this activity may feel very boring and time wasting. After some time, you will realize that blogging gives you incredible opportunities. These abilities cover almost every field of our life. I never knew about them when I was not blogging. I am not blogging for several years; however, I have already felt the huge power of blogging. When I felt all the positive changes blogging made in my life, I decided to write a profound article describing all the major benefits of blogging. I am not writing this blog post in the beginning of my blogging career. Hence, this is not one of my first blog posts. It is impossible to write a good article about the benefits of blogging if you have no experience in blogging. Can you write about the benefits of using PayPal if you have never used it? If you have no experience of dealing with PayPal, you will probably have nothing to say about it. While talking about the benefits of blogging, we will face the same situation. If you are not an experienced blogger, you will most likely have no knowledge about the benefits of blogging. This is why nobody should write these types of blog posts at the beginning of their blogging career. When you build a blog and published at least 500 blog posts, you may see some benefits of blogging. What can we say when we look at the beginning bloggers who fail after a few months of blogging? I can self-assuredly conclude that they gave up to early. It is impossible to see all the positive effects and benefits of blogging within a few months of blogging. It requires a lot of time to succeed in blogging. Therefore, nobody should make any conclusions regarding blogging after a few months of blogging. Finally, blogging is a very advantageous activity, and for that reason, let me start describing some of its major benefits.


Before I started blogging, I was searching for some information regarding the benefits of blogging. I used to read different blogs on this topic. Actually, I was trying to self-motivate myself. I saw a lot of positive things famous bloggers was saying about blogging. However, I did not believe most of them. I thought they were writing these things simply to write and publish something on their blogs, and then, monetize them as soon as possible. These were my first assumptions. One of the frequent things I was reading is that blogging makes you a better writer. To be honest, I did not believe that saying at all. I wondered how a person can become a better writer if he does not learn any grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I assumed that by a regular writing you will never achieve any enhancement in your writing skills. Actually, my assumptions were true to some extent. If you have no knowledge of grammar, writing practices will never make you a better writer. If you do not see your writing mistakes, you will never get better in writing. This is absolutely true.

On the other hand, I missed one thing in my prediction. Let me fully explain it. When you write something, you will definitely use some professional tools to check your grammar, spelling, styling, and other things of your writing. Especially, when you publish your writing for a huge public, you will definitely worry about the quality of your articles. I think that a person, who respects himself, will never publish low-quality content on his personal blog. For this reason, almost everyone will check his own writing by using different proofreaders and other professional tools. While checking your writing, you discover a lot of mistakes in your posts. Further, you start finding out more about the grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes you make. You learn about the writing rules you never knew before. This is the main reason why you become a better writing. Otherwise, if you write tons of different articles without knowing your mistakes, you will continue doing the same mistakes as long as you write. Thus, if there are nobody and nothing to correct your mistakes, you will keep repeating them. Fortunately, most of the bloggers use special proofread tools. These services correct their mistakes. It is more likely that a conscious blogger will never repeat the same mistake. This is how blogging makes you a better writer. Becoming a better is definitely one of the major benefits of blogging.


thinkerBlogging makes you a better thinker. This is absolutely clear for everyone. No argument can be accepted against this statement. Generating new ideas for your blog posts is not the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes, you find absolutely no ideas in your mind. During these days, blogger does not write anything. Sometimes, your mind becomes overfilled with different ideas. Right now, I have dozens of different thoughts to write my future blog posts. To get new ideas, a blogger needs to think and analyze much. In some occasions, ideas start coming to me while I am almost asleep. All bloggers get their ideas from different sources.

When you got a good idea for your future blog post, you will need to build a construction for it in your mind. Usually, I divide all of my articles to several parts. In the beginning, I strive to give some introduction to the topic. Without thinking, you will never make high-quality content. Our brain is like a muscle. More you think, more advanced your intellectual capabilities become. Blogging trains your brain very well. It is a very difficult art to express your thoughts through your texts. Not everyone can do it. Therefore, the number of successful bloggers is so small. Thus, we can self-assuredly conclude that blogging makes you a better thinker.


To be honest, I do not want to become powerful or influential. Nonetheless, those, who want to make an impact on the world, will definitely love the infinite power of blogging. When your content goes viral, you will spread your ideas and thoughts around the whole Internet. As you know, more than a half of the world’s population is an active user of the Internet. Today, the Internet is the greatest tool to influence the world. Being influential does not mean being selfish or ambitious. Every one of us can make a very positive impact on the world by writing good things. This is what I definitely mean by making some influence on the world.

Of course, it is very likely that your writing won’t be recognized at the beginning of your blogging career. Most of the beginning bloggers write for nobody. They write their content with the intent to engage and captivate their readers. However, nobody visits their blogs since they are unknown. After some time of active blogging, your writing will become more popular. You will get regular readers and subscribers. When your blog becomes more powerful, your words will start sounding more influentially. Becoming an influential person is one of the greatest benefits of blogging. You will be able to use your fame in order to develop your business and increase conversions.


Most of the bloggers launch their blogs with the aim to make money blogging. I do not want to overgeneralize all the bloggers who exist in the world. However, I can confidently say that most of the bloggers want to monetize their blogs. All of us have heard about famous bloggers who make tons of money blogging. Some of them are Darren Rowse, Amy Lynn Andrews, Patt Flynn, and others. These people make truly amazing income by blogging. As far as I know, Patt Flynn does not make less than 140 K dollars every month. Darren Rowse makes tons of money as well. All of us should understand that these people did not start making these huge amounts of money as soon as they started blogging. No, it did not happen. Most of the richest bloggers spent several years blogging to become who they are now. Blogging is the most difficult to make money online. In my further articles, I am going to prove my opinion.

One of the best benefits of blogging is that it can make you rich. Nobody can give you any exact guarantees. You may get rich by blogging, or you may give up after a few months without making a single cent from your blog. This is what happens with 95 % of new bloggers. It is necessary to blog for at least one year to start making serious revenues through your blogging activity. Therefore, the title of this subheading may not be honest to a full extent. I said that blogging will make you rich. Yes, blogging can make you rich. However, your successfully depends on your efforts, and of course, patience. Without being a patient person, you should not even think about making money blogging. From all of the necessary qualities of a successful blogger, I want to say that patience is the most important one.

Blogging can make you a millionaire or even a billionaire. Is it possible to become a billionaire by blogging? Yes, theoretically it is absolutely possible. On the other side, there is no a single person in the world who made a billion of dollars by blogging. If you can attract millions of people on your blog, you can make as much money as you want. Google makes billions of dollars because it is the most visited website in the world. If you can offer your readers something truly extraordinary on your blog, you will be able to attract millions of people. Thus, your monetization options will become really infinite.

Theoretically, blogging can make you rich. On the other hand, not everything theoretically possible becomes real in practice. Anyway, one of the benefits of blogging is that it can give you some good income.


It is impossible to write for a long time without learning something new. Today, you have hundreds of new blog post ideas. Tomorrow you will write them. Then, you might become fully exhausted. Sometimes, a blogger finds out that he has absolutely nothing to write about. I have had such situations. During this time, I do not write anything. This is why bloggers always enlarge the level of their professionalism. Obtaining new knowledge is another rule to succeed in blogging. Our knowledge is limited. Therefore, it is always necessary to learn new things. A successful blogger is always a great professional.


Blogging develops your skills in different fields. This is one of the most amazing benefits of blogging. During your blogging career, you will become a specialist in SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), content marketing, PR (Public Relations), branding, writing, designing, and many other spheres. Before I started blogging, I knew near to nothing about SEO. Today, I write great articles covering the most sophisticated sides of SEO. I also knew nothing about SMM. Nowadays, I successfully promote and advertise my blog on the world’s most popular social networks. No doubts, to succeed in blogging, you will need to become a truly universal specialist. There is no way to make money blogging if you do not get serious volumes of organic traffic. To get, you will need to work very hard in order to improve the quality of your blog’s SEO. Search engines are not the only source of web traffic. Today, the majority of my blog’s visitors come from social networks. This means that I should emphasize my effort mainly at SMM. If you want to succeed in blogging, you will start developing all the possible talents and skills that will allow you to reach your objectives. I can mark this factor as one of the best benefits of blogging.


This is absolutely correct. When you launch a blog, you will be recognized by different people worldwide. You will receive a lot of messages, comments, suggestions, and other different things. Blogging develops international communication. Further, some of your readers might become your friends. Also, blogging can make you new business partners. This usually happens with famous bloggers. Of course, all this will not come overnight. First, you need to establish yourself as an expert in a particular sphere. Then, your web traffic will start growing. When it happens, you will enjoy all the sweetest fruits of blogging. Befriending new people and contacting getting new business contacts can be considered as one of the most profitable benefits of blogging.


In fact, this advantage of blogging deserves to be placed on the first order. When you are rich, you will be able to do whatever you want. It is easier to get rich when you are already famous. If you are not famous yet, blogging will be a good opportunity for you to become well-known. Not all bloggers will become famous. However, if you have some good content to offer, you have very good chances to become recognized in this gigantic Web.


While writing new articles for my blog, I forget about almost everything. I can say that blogging is stress-relieving to some extent. Of course, blogging is not as effective stress reducer as reading. Nevertheless, blogging can help you forget about your problems. When your mind is busy with something, you will forget about all the hateful things you have in your life.


When your blog is visited by thousands of people every day, you will be able to transfer your blog into a money spinning machine. You can integrate an online store to your blog, promote affiliate products, sell your services online. Thus, blogging is an awesome platform for making different businesses online.

When someone writes about the benefits of blogging, he tries to describe at least 20 advantages of blogging. I wanted to do the same thing. At the same time, the number of words in this blog posts is already 2777. I was taught not to write too huge blog posts since it can overload your mind. Start blogging, and you will discover much more benefits of blogging than I have specified above.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.