bad men do what good men dream robert simon


bad men do what good men dream robert simon‘BAD MEN DO WHAT GOOD MEN DREAM’ was written by Mr. Robert I. Simon, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Director, Program in Psychiatry and Law Georgetown University School of Medicine Washington, DC.  From the first sentence of this review, it is absolutely clear that the book is written by a highly educated and erudite person. ‘BAD MEN DO WHAT GOOD MEN DREAM’ is an astounding scientific masterpiece exploring the roots of violence and crime. Mr. Robert I. Simon insists that none of us are saints. He says that there is almost no mental, genetic, and intellectual difference between law-abiding and criminal people.

According to ‘BAD MEN DO WHAT GOOD MEN DREAM’, almost every person can commit a crime if put in a suitable and comfortable environment. Impunity generates evil, violence, and crime. I absolutely agree with the author. None of us is a saint. As the author asks and claims: “If you could eliminate your enemies with absolute impunity, how many of you would resist of destroying them?” To be honest, I would kill my enemies of guaranteed impunity on earth and in the heaven. I am sure most of you would do the same thing. Nowadays, when governments have fully monopolized violence, we live in safety and calamity. With anarchism, none of us would feel the same. There are loads of people who want to kill you and seize your possessions. Only existing laws and current political order prevent them from doing so. ‘BAD MEN DO WHAT GOOD MEN DREAM’ is a breathtaking book that will let your understand your nature and violence itself.

Written by Bahtiyar
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