There are two types of professionals. The first category of specialists do their job and do not worry about anything else. Their main objective is to complete their work. They never strive to do their best. These people may have no motivation to develop and become more advanced professionals in their field. The second type of specialists performs their work very successfully and at the same time, they strive to become the best in their specialty. These people are potential leaders. A person does not do anything if he has no motivation. When we have a certain motivation, we always endeavor to do our best. My narration is about people who have a specific area of their professional activity. It does not matter whether you are an individual businessman or you work for a company. If you have a profession this article is dedicated to you. I hope you will benefit from it.

There are a lot of significant benefits to being the best. When you are the best, you will become a very famous and well-known personality. Consequently, your profit will grow up. There are many reasons to be motivated to develop and enhance your professional skills. One of the most powerful motivators is money. Your professionality is your income generator. The more professional you become, the more money you will earn. Look at professionals around the world. These people may be footballers, businessmen, politicians, financial consultants, singers, actors, and representatives of other professions. There are millions of people who belong to these circles but how many of them are famous and well-known around the world? There are thousands of professionals around the world but how many of them do you know? Every country has its own singers and actors but how many of them are internationally famous? Who they are and what are their names? Let me give you a short but exact answer. These people are LEADERS in their professions. You surely know Pele, Ronaldo, and Maradona because they are the best professionals in their field. You are very familiar with Michael Jackson and Madonna because they are the best professional musicians in the world. Only leaders deserve worldwide fame and infinite wealth. Thus, you have a multitude of reasons to become a leader in your profession. Here is a list of my tips that will let you become a leader in your profession.


Your motivation is your engine. It is impossible to achieve any results or success if you have no motivation. Fame and wealth are widely appreciated and desired but there are millions of people who have no motivation to become famous and wealthy. These people may be different from other extremely ambitious personalities. If you have no motivation, I will need to stop encouraging you. My tips and recommendations won’t help you if you have no motivation to succeed. Usually, motivation is a natural thing but in some cases, you may not have any motivation to achieve anything. If you hate your society, you have no reasons and motives to become a respectable member of that society. You have more motives and chances to become its enemy. It is a common thing. I will dedicate a special blog post in order to explain to you the reasons why you have no motivation. Now, I tell you that in order to become a leader in your profession, you will need to have a very strong motivation.


This is a universal rule that is applicable to every field of activity. You always need to enrich your theoretical knowledge. If you launch your online store, you need to read more books on how to improve your web store, how to provide great customer support. You may obtain this information from different books or blogs. Read news and be aware of new technologies that are being developed in your business or professional niche. If you want to become a leader in IT technologies, you need to have huge luggage of theoretical knowledge. It is very important to enrich your experience with new theoretical data. 


Practice as much as you can. There is no success without practice. You may have read thousands of books on how to drive a car, but if you have no practice, you won’t be able to drive it. It is a common rule and it applies to every profession. Best footballers live with their balls. They devote their free time to develop and enhance professional skills. Those who are more devoted, usually reach great achievements and success. You should have already chosen your profession because you like it and you feel an inclination to it. Thus, your work becomes a pleasure for you. Professional practice becomes your favorite game and all of us love playing games.


For some people, it can be hardly imaginable to devote themselves to a particular profession. However, if you are a real fan of your specialty, it will be a great pleasure for you to devote yourself to your profession. Only those people become leaders who are devoted to their activity. Take the example of Bill Gates. He is purely devoted to his profession. His dedication is the main reason for his great success. Look at Oprah. She is a fan of her job and this factor makes her a leader in her profession. Your fidelity is your success. No one has become a leader in a field that he hates. Let me tell you something about myself. I hate math. I have no talents in it and I think that most of its fields and branches are absolutely useless for a person, who is not planning to devote his life to this science. Could I become a leader in math? Never. I hate it and my hatred prevents me from being motivated to be a leader in this sphere.  Your sincere devotion will let you become a leader in a very short period of time. 


In the beginning of your way, you will see thousands of people who are more professional and successful than you. Do not worry about it. Forget about them and do not bother yourself with their professionality. Follow the above-mentioned tips and be sober. Know that success and leadership cannot be achieved in a day. You will need several years in order to become the best in your profession. It took me three years to become a leader in my specialty. Do you know what was I doing during these three years? I made myself a list of things that I should do every day in order to become a leader in my sphere. I educated myself to a strict discipline and after three years I became an absolute leader in my profession. Make your strategy in the long-terms. Do not plan to achieve something after two or three months. You may enhance your skills during this period of time but it won’t make you a leader in your professionality.

These are the most effective tips that will help you to become a leader in your profession. Follow my tips and never give up!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.