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perpetual travelerPeople worldwide enjoy travel. All people love traveling, however, not all travelers are ready to become perpetual travelers. Being a perpetual traveler is a lifestyle. Permanent travel is not a mere way of traveling. Permanent traveling is a way of living. Perpetual travelers do not resemble people who reside in a single country. Perpetual travelers are mobile and free. Usually, these people have a very large worldview and life experience. Advantages and benefits of being a perpetual traveler are infinite. I did not intend to describe them in this post.

Right now, I am going to tell you about the necessary things you need to have in order to become a perpetual traveler. 


Perpetual travelers are always mobile. They are not patriots. Permanent travelers choose to reside in the countries that offer them the best career and life opportunities. Being wealthy might be very dangerous in some areas of the world. Therefore, a perpetual traveler is always ready to leave any destination of the world. 

Having deep emotional attachments to a particular country may be unsafe. In some occasions, patriotism might be very dangerous. A perpetual traveler is not a dreamer, he is a realist. He understands that the world is big, and for that reason, it is possible to have a good life anywhere in the world.

If you want to become a perpetual traveler, you need to get rid of your emotional attachments.


Perpetual travelers travel much. Air tickets, hotels, and transportation costs are not cheap. Thus, not everybody is capable of traveling on a regular basis. When you move from country to country, you are unable of having a regular job. Most pf the perpetual travelers have passive income. Their revenues do not depend on their geographical location. Permanent tourists can be anywhere in the world, their money will always be available for their usage. 

If you are preoccupied with a regular job in your office, you won’t be able to become a perpetual traveler. Build a regular passive income, and hence, you will free yourself from the cage you are residing right now. 


Cosmopolitanism is the main quality of a real perpetual traveler. Permanent tourists are not nationalists, cynophobes, patriots, and religious fanatics. Permanent travelers are very open-minded individuals. It does not matter where they travel, they always feel at home. The travelers do not regard one particular nation better than others. Cosmopolitianism is free of any parochial ideas and thoughts. 

If you want to become a perpetual traveler, you should become a pure cosmopolitan. 


What is the main difference between a person who resides in a single country and a perpetual traveler who moves from one place to another? What is the main quality of a person who loves traveling? Let me answer these questions. An individual will never be eager of traveling if he has no curiosity. Curiosity if the main quality that makes people travel around the world. If you ask me why I love traveling, I will tell you that I am too curious to reside in the same country for a long time. There are so many places that I have not visited yet. For that, I need to travel. 

Perpetual travelers are curious people. Their curiosity predetermined their lifestyle. They have chosen to become permanent tourists because of their dream to see the world. 

If you want to become a perpetual traveler, you should develop your curiosity. 

Living a perpetual lifestyle is a pure pleasure. Permanent travelers have loads of advantages. Their life and financial assets are always safe and protected. 

If you want to become a perpetual traveler, you are on the right way!      

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.