cosmopolitanI am a fan of international lifestyle. I love everything global. My worldview is clearly seen in my writings. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you already know that personal development is my main objective. I strive to give you as more useful and effective tips as possible.

In this post, I am going to give you some useful tips on how to become a fully cosmopolitan personality. I am a cosmopolitan in my soul, mind, thoughts, ideas, worldview, and activities. I hope my recommendations will enlarge your horizons, knowledge, and you will become one of the most recognizable cosmopolitans.


Some people assume that their native land is the best place in the whole universe. These people are totally parochial. The first thing preventing people from becoming cosmopolitan is their over exceeding patriotism, nationalism, and in some cases, radical forms of cynophobia. Being extremely patriotic never benefits an individual. The main purpose of patriotism is to make a person more devoted to a particular country. Governments cannot exist without huge masses of people who ready to serve them. For this reasons, patriotism was invented. It is an artificial concept that has no natural foundation. A person might have a born love to his mother, father, relatives, and family. However, patriotism is not an instinctive feeling. It is created and cultivated by some groups of people responsible for spreading an official government ideology.

Cosmopolitism is absolutely opposite to patriotism, nationalism, and cynophobia. Cosmopolitans are very smart personalities who use their own intellect in order to make decisions. These people are not brainwashed by any types of political technologies. A patriot can never be a cosmopolitan. A truly cosmopolitan person treats different countries of the world depending on diverse facts and factors.

If you want to become a truly cosmopolitan person, you should stop being a patriot.


Wherever you live right now, your country is not the best region of the world. It has loads of different disadvantages and negative sides. Be aware of this fact and do not be blinded by powerful government propaganda. Who do rule governments? Usually, the most patriotic and devoted citizens of a government rule a country. In most cases, these personalities are nationalist and extremely fanatical patriots. Often, their patriotism reaches the levels of a tremendously deep cynophobia.

Go away from your country for a short period of time. Travel is the best thing to fully learn all the advantages and disadvantages of your motherland. When you live in a country without leaving it, you will never understand its true condition and qualities. Buy a ticket to some of the most attractive destinations of the world, go there, and you will better understand the place you are living in. You will definitely realize that your homeland is full of huge disadvantages and negative sides.


Mixed-blood people are less nationalistic and patriotic. There are some genetic reasons. First of all, mixed people have no national self-identification. If a person has dozens of nations in his blood, he won’t be able to identify himself as a person who belongs to a particular nationality. I have three nations in my blood. Two of them are Asian, the last one if European. To be honest, I cannot I have some difficulties when it comes to my national identity. For these reasons, mixed people are less nationalistic. They have no a particular nation to be patriotic about.

If you are not mixed, you should carefully analyze the qualities of your nation.  Be honest and do not overestimate its advantages and positive sides. Read what people think about your nation, and strive to make appropriate conclusions.

To become a truly cosmopolitan personality, you need to realize that your nation is not ideal.


Our world is very big. It has a large variety of nationalities, races, countries, cities, climates, ideologies, cultures, customs, and many other things. The world does not end with the borders of your country. Some people think that it is impossible to live abroad. These individuals are emotionally and physically attached to their native lands. Of course, some people have a nature that is absolutely satisfied by a monotonous style of living. They do not want to travel, visit different places, interact with foreigners and other cultures. Life in one place satisfies all of their needs. This article won’t help this type of individuals. I am capable of giving you very useful recommendations and tips; however, I am not able to change a person’s nature.

To become a truly cosmopolitan person, you need to realize all the great variety our world has. Cosmopolitans have a more interesting and exciting life than the people who spend their lifetime in a single place.


Benefits of cosmopolitanism are definitely infinite. Cosmopolitans have a bright life. They meet new people; interact with different nationalities, cultures, and customs. In my next post, you can read a lot about incredible advantages of  being a cosmopolite.


Traveling is a life-changing activity. After some time of traveling, you will realize that your personality has seriously changed. Traveling renews a person’s worldview, ideas, and horizons. A short trip to some of the gorgeous regions of the globe will definitely change your thoughts.


International travel and cosmopolitanism are synonyms. When we say a cosmopolitan person, we mean the person who travels much. An international man and a cosmopolitan are also very similar to each other. Even though traveling and living abroad is very pleasurable, there are still loads of people who dislike travel. One of the factors preventing these people from living abroad is their inability or willingness to learn foreign languages. Living abroad means interacting with people, who speak a foreign language. For me, it is a pure pleasure to speak in a foreign language. I am fluent in 11 languages, and therefore, it is very easy for me to feel at home wherever I am. Some people are lazy and do not wish to make any efforts in order to study a foreign language.

Travel and cosmopolitanism are synonyms. If you want to become a truly cosmopolitan person, prepare yourself for international travel. To do that, you will need to learn some of the most popular foreign languages.


Cosmopolitans are open for everything new. They love exploring new travel destinations and places. For a cosmopolitan person, there is nothing more pleasurable and enjoyable than interacting with foreign nations, cultures, traditions and customs. Cosmopolitans are open-minded people, and therefore, they are always open for any types of experiments. Parochial and closed people are not ready yet to become cosmopolitans. Cosmopolitanism is not a mere style of living. Moreover, cosmopolitanism is a way of thinking. Cosmopolitanism is an ideology that is widely spread around the globe.

Realize the above-recommended tips. In this post, I tried to prepare you mentally for becoming a truly cosmopolitan person. In my further articles, I am going to give you more detailed and profound recommendations on how to have a real cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.