Blogging is utterly popular nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of blogs open every day. 98% of new bloggers fail at the beginning of their projects. There are many factors that cause failure. Are you interested in blogging? Yes, you are. If you were not interested in blogging, you would not read this article. It is necessary not to hurry when you decide to start a new enterprise. Especially, when you plan to make an online business. This type of business is enough complicated, and therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for it. Otherwise, your business will be started, but you won’t be able to manage it. Online business requires a lot of special knowledge, and thus, you need to spend some time simply learn everything about your future project. As I have mentioned many times in my past posts, blogging is one of the most sophisticated online movements on the Internet. It would be correct to say that blogging is the most difficult type of online business. 

Let me tell you that I did not launch my blog immediately. I could do that, but I thought that it is unnecessary to speed up the process. The idea of launching a blog came to me a few months ago before I started it. Do you know what I was doing all this time? I was learning about blogging. If you start blogging without any knowledge, you will definitely have no results. You will find it very difficult to continue blogging. Every online activity is connected to technical issues. The configuration of your website, SEO optimization, generating new content, and online marketing. These are some of the things you will deal with after you start your blog. 

I do not suggest you launch your blog as soon as you decide to start blogging. Here is the list of the things you may preoccupy yourself with before you start blogging. 


Before we start an enterprise, we need to learn as much as possible about that commerce. So what do you do when you consider launching a hotel business? It is clear that firstly you will find out everything relates to the hotel business. You will talk to people who are involved in that business, and of course, you will try to collect as much information as possible. Blogging is not easier than launching a hotel business. A hotel business may require organizational skills and financial investments. Blogging requires more skills. You need to be enough educated, creative, productive, and of course, you will need to have good writing skills. 

Before you start blogging, you should learn about blogging. Communicate with different bloggers and ask them about blogging. Read multiple blogs dedicated to blogging. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging. Study what will you need to become a successful blogger.

Deeply explore your future enterprise before you start blogging. 


Before you start blogging, you will need to determine your niche. Many bloggers advise choosing a single niche. As you see, I blog about different things on my blog. The main themes of my blog are sex, money, personal development, and travel. I am interested in these things, and therefore, I write articles about them. You may start a multi-niche blog. Just ask yourself about the topics and the niche you are good at. If you can write about parenting, cars, politics, and business, you should do it. Do not limit your blog just because someone tells you that you should choose a single niche. Write about your interests, and of course, you will need to have some knowledge in order to share it with your readers.  


To write articles on your niche, you will need to know your topic very well. If you have already chosen a niche, it is very probable that you have some knowledge of it. Thus, you may start blogging. Remember that your information is not infinite. You will write plenty of posts, but one day you will see that you have nothing in your mind to write about. Every blogger is familiar with this situation. Blogging requires constant learning and enlargement of your knowledge. If you have not started your blog due to different reasons you may use your current free time to enrich your professionality and obtain some new information connected with your niche. Do not waste your time. Read new books, visit different websites, and blogs. 

Learn about your niche more and try to become an absolute leader in your field. 


Successful blogging is impossible without a professional SEO.  Your blog should be very well SEO optimized because most of your traffic will come from search engines. It is not necessary to hire SEO specialists in order to optimize your future blog. If you have enough SEO knowledge, you will be able to do it yourself. You may produce brilliant content, but you won’t have any success if your blog is not SEO optimized. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a science. There are millions of online business projects whose success is fully dependent on SEO. You already know that your blog needs a lot of traffic in order to give you some income. You may drive traffic to your website using different promotions and advertising campaigns. They will cost you a lot of money and if you have it, you may use this option. However, traffic from search engines is more important for the success of your online business. There are loads of web resources that are dedicated to SEO. Visit them every day and read about SEO. This science is not too complicated. It is pretty easy and you will learn it in a short period of time. Search engines often change their algorithms, and therefore, you will always need to enlarge your SEO knowledge. 

Learn more about SEO before you start your blog. SEO knowledge is necessary for everyone who wants to make an online business. 


It is very probable that you want to start blogging because you want to earn some money online. In this situation, you will need to be familiar with all the monetization options. There are several ways to monetize your blog. All of them are different. Some of them may be more effective and profitable than others. However, it is better to use all monetization opportunities in order to make a lot of money. Does it make any sense to learn about monetization if you have not started your blog yet? Of course, it does. Anyway, someday you will need this knowledge. So why do you waste your time now? Spend your free time effectively. If you intend to make money blogging, you need to become a good marketer and seller. Most of the bloggers earn money from affiliate marketing. This type of business is not the easiest one. It is a whole science. Visit websites that teach people how to become a successful marketer. Read and study all the articles dedicated to this type of business. 

Learn about monetization options before you start blogging and you will save a lot of time in the future. 


You may start blogging right now. You do not even need an Internet connection to start blogging. Open Microsoft Word and start writing your first articles right now. You will see how it is easy to write. When you start blogging, you won’t be able to stop it. The most pleasurable in this process is when you see that your content grows. You will become happier when you see your first regular readers. Try blogging right now. 

It is not the best idea to start a blog without any content, I suggest you prepare your articles before you launch your website. Write at least 50 posts before starting your blog. Some people may tell you that you can launch your blog with less than 50 posts. I also agree with them. You can even start your website with 10 or 15 posts. However, your results won’t be so efficient as if you start it with 50 or 100 ready posts. Readers love blogs with a lot of content. If they see that your blog has 10 or 20 articles, they won‘t spend much time on your website. Blogging is a time-consuming business, and therefore, you need to be very patient. Creating your content is the most difficult step in this enterprise.    


There are lots of plugins that were specially developed for bloggers. You will use dozens of different plugins on your blog. There are plugins that will help you in content editing. Others can assist you to create subscription forms. Some plugins help to resize or compress images. There is no need to tell you about all the plugins that are necessary for blogging. You will get familiar with them as soon as you start blogging. If you have not started blogging yet, you can use your time to learn more about useful plugins for blogs. Make some researches on Google and visit the websites of different bloggers. Learn which plugins do they use. Get familiar with this section right now and you will save some of your time in the future. 

Blogging is not the kind of online business that should be started immediately. You need to be well-prepared and enough knowledgeable in this science. Blogging is a science and you should become blogging scientists to succeed in this business.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.