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on QuoraToday, Quora is the main online knowledge base. Millions of people ask and answer questions on Quora. I am one of its active users. Every day I receive loads of different questions related to travel, online business, blogging, politics, online payments systems, and many other diverse topics. Therefore, I divide my blogging activity into two pieces. I spend some hours writing articles for my personal blog, and of course, when I have some free time, I strive to answer all the questions given to me on Quora. For me, it is a pure pleasure to share my knowledge with people on Quora. We may think that everybody knows the thing we know; however, it is not true. There are many people around the globe who need our knowledge.

Benefits of answering on Quora are truly infinite. I am conscious of some them, and therefore, I strive to use the service as frequently as possible. In this post, I will describe some of the positive things you will obtain while answering on Quora.


On Quora, you can build a very high reputation in a short period of time. Establishing a brand for your company is crucial for the success of your business. I am sure that most of the famous bloggers use Quora for this purpose. Whilst their personal blogs might not have a huge web traffic, they are recognized by millions of people on Quora. People get acquainted with new experts on Quora. Thus, Quora becomes the best online service to introduce yourself to the world. People visit Quora to find some useful knowledge, and therefore if you are a knowledgeable person, Quora is an ideal place for you. As you know, to be successful in blogging, you need to be a universal personality. Blogging is not solely writing and publishing your content. SEO, social media marketing, PR, advertising and promotions, all of these things are crucial for a successful blogger. Hence, Quora becomes an ideal place to promote yourself as an expert in different sciences and fields. No doubts, Quora has much more web traffic than any personal blog on the Internet. For this reason, bloggers have good chances to be recognized while answering questions on Quora.

To succeed in blogging, you need to be recognized and accepted as an expert in your blog niche. Quora is the best online resource to achieve this goal.


Most of the bloggers use Quora to drive web traffic to their personal blogs. I have recently heard some bloggers claiming that the major part of their web traffic comes from Quora. This might be true. People, who visit Quora, are not simple Internet surfers. Quora visitors are not silly teenagers who waste their time watching entertaining videos on Quora. No, Quora visitors are very serious people who search for knowledge. Thus, Quora becomes the best place to target some HQ web traffic. On Quora, a tech blogger answers the questions related to his niche, and then, at then, he inserts some links referring to the articles on his own blog. Every blogger tries to answer the questions related to the main niche of his blog. Inserting referring links in the answers is the best way to drive some HQ web traffic to your blog.

Additional web traffic is one of the most beneficial sides of answering on Quora.


When people see your insightful answers, some of them want to get to know you. I have received many personal messages on Quora questioning about me, my business, tips, and recommendations. This communication may go further. It is like commenting on some blogs. A few days ago, I wrote a comment on one of the famous travel blogs. That comment led to a more serious email communication via email. The same thing happens on Quora. Good, detailed, and smart answers make people interested in your personality. Thus, the crowd of your followers will grow day by day.


Some of the questions asked on Quora are really very good. While answering on Quora, very interesting ideas might come to you. This thing usually happens to me on Quora. To generate new blog post ideas, we usually question ourselves about different things. It becomes more convenient and easier when someone asks us the questions. Quora resolves this problem very well. When I receive answer requests on Quora, firstly, I try to immediately give my answer. Then, if a question is good, I write a detailed answer on my personal blog.  


While answering on Quora, no doubts, you will read some answers and opinions. Hence, you enlarge your knowledge. While answering on Quora, you expand your horizons and change your worldview. From this point of view, Quora is a great resource to become more knowledgeable.

These were some of the most significant benefits of answering on Quora. As I have already told you, apart from writing articles on my personal blog, I love answering different questions on Quora. This activity has an innumerable amount of benefits, and therefore, I recommend you to include Quora into your daily online schedule.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.