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feminist womenIn male minds, feminism is always associated with something undesirable and negative. This is due to the lack of understanding of what feminism really means. Feminism does not declare dominance of women over men. Feminism is about equality of genders. As long as feminism does not promote hatred towards men, I will be supporting this movement. What is more, feminist women are not as bad as they are usually considered to be. In this awesome blog post, I will tell you about some of the most obvious benefits and advantages of dating feminist women. 

I can't exactly tell you that I have dated some feminist women in my life. Actually, I dated them, however, I am sure that none of them was consciously aware of the feminist movement. At the same time, their worldview, priorities, principles, and positions regarding different things were feministic. I can say that my experience with feminist girls was absolutely awesome. On the opposite side, there are loads of hardcore feminists who hate men and promote strict lesbian lifestyles. I don't like this type of feminism. 

For me, a feminist woman is a woman who believes in equality of men and women. Of course, major religions such as Islam and Christianity are strictly against feminism. However, if we follow everything our religions demand from us, we will have very parochial lives. Thus, feminism is not an evil thing. Even if there is some real evil in this movement, let me tell you that every evil brings some good things. Especially, if you are a man, you will definitely benefit from dating feminist girls. Here are some of the advantages you will get in a relationship with a feminist girl. 


feminist womenI really like open-minded. Usually, open-mindedness is associated with sexuality. For me, open-mindedness is something that impacts every sphere of a person's life. Hence, sexuality is not the only thing that should be referred to this quality. An open-minded person has a limitless worldview, tolerant and just positions regarding different things. An open-minded person always has individual opinion and principles. These are leaders, but not followers. 

You will find that the majority of feminist women are very open-minded. They are open-minded in a relationship, lifestyle, sexuality, and other things. Usually, communication with these people is very captivating and interesting. Open-minded feminist women are always open to new ideas, projects, and discoveries. If you are bored of dull and boring girls, dating feminist girls might make your life more interesting. 


Our current look at relationships between men and women is slightly parasitic. It is considered that a man is supposed to handle everything on his own. I don't know who invented this thing. However, I really dislike it. Classically, a man is a servant and his girlfriend is his Queen or a Goddess. This opinion puts a man under women. Thus, this not feministic order of the things is unjust. It is supposed that a man should always make the first step. A man should always apologize, and women are saints. This order of the things is definitely wrong. 

I always pay the bills I get while spending time with my girlfriends in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and other places. I am not against it. However, if a girl has some spare money, I would not be opposed if she handles some costs too. 

Feminism promotes equality of genders. Therefore, feminist women are not parasites, nor gold diggers. I am really fed up with those spoiled daddy's daughters who have inadequately high self-esteem.  Feminist girls are more down to earth. They pay their bills. What is more, they will pay for you too. Hence, if you want to enjoy your life and get a lot of gifts from girls, you should be dating feminist women. 


Feminist women are always associated with lesbians. This is somehow true. However, it will be wrong to say that all feminist women are lesbians. Some of them are lesbians, some are bisexuals, and some are straight. If you are interested in a normal relationship with communication romance, love, and sex, then, dating straight or bisexual feminist women will be right for you.

What kind of person becomes bisexual? I think that only truly hot, passionate, and an open-minded person is capable of having a bisexual lifestyle. Since feminist women are not much religious and moralistic, they do whatever they fancy in sex. Having a group sex, orgy, threesome, and other exciting things in sex is not a problem for feminist women. Therefore, if you are tired of having boring sex, feminist women can definitely beautify your sexual life. 

There is one truly important aspect needed to be mentioned too. Some feminist women love dominating in sex. I can say that due to their philosophy most of them love dominating in bed. Thus, if you want to practice pegging, some BDSM stuff, and role play, sex with feminist women will be astounding. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.