I have never stayed in a hostel. There are many reasons for that. I have enough money to stay in a good hotel. I am very individualistic and I cannot imagine my life in such crowded places as hostels. This type of lodging is more suitable for very young people. I think this is not a choice for a rich man. I do realize all disadvantages of staying in a hostel and at the same time, there are some pros of staying in a hostel that make me think about making some experiments. Staying in a hostel is not as prestigious and advantageous as staying in a hotel. It is considered that people stay in hostels because it is cheaper and more affordable. I may agree with this statement. However, there are some other reasons which have no connections to your budget. As I have told you, I’ve never stayed in a hostel. I prefer staying in hotels, but I will definitely try to spend some time in a hostel to make some experiments there. Yeah, I am a naughty boy. 

Here is a list of theoretical benefits of staying in a hostel


For people who have enough money, this factor may not have any importance. On the other hand, there are loads of people who travel with a limited budget. For this group of people, staying in a hostel may be an ideal option. Usually, when we travel, we spend most of our time outside, visiting different places and we come back only to sleep. Diverse disadvantages of staying in a hostel won’t disturb you much if you plan only to sleep there.  

The cheapness of hostels may be one of the most significant advantages for travelers who have a limited budget.


Hostels are favorite places for travelers from all destinations. Thus, you will have an opportunity to meet new people, have a conversation with them, learn new things, and share your own experience. If you are a newbie in traveling, it can definitely benefit you.  People whom you meet in hostels will tell you about many different destinations around the world. Further, you may visit them yourself. Usually, we travel to meet new people. You will certainly meet local people in a new country. What if you want to meet another traveler? A hostel is the best place to meet travelers. Usually, travelers are very open-minded and mature people. Your conversations will be interesting and exciting.


Browse for some photos and videos of hostels on the Internet and you will see how many sexy and gorgeous girls stay in hostels. Typically, it is youth. All of them are young and they want to have some fun. I am not a fan of staying in hostels but this factor motivates me to stay in a hostel once in my lifetime. If I like I,t I may prefer it to staying in luxurious hotels. New sex opportunities are exactly one of the most important and seductive advantages of hostels. Girls who stay in hostels are usually from the USA , EU and other developed parts of the world. These girls are very open-minded and I am sure that my time spent with them will very passionate. There are many ways to have sex with them. You may suggest them some drinks like beer, wine, or a champagne. When everybody is relaxed, it will be very easy to follow common desires. It is probable to have a group sex in a hostel. All you will need is your initiative. These girls are not religious or closed types, and therefore, they are always ready for a new experience. Even if you are a millionaire, you have a good motivation to stay in a hostel. 


What do we usually do in our hotel rooms? We take a shower, surf on the Internet, and watch TV. These are common activities that we perform while staying in a hotel. You may find some interesting people who stay in the same hotel, but usually, they are very busy and they do not have any motivation to have a conversation with you. On the opposite side, visitors of hostels are very young and active people. They love having fun. You won’t encounter any problems in communicating with them. Your days will become more interesting and exciting. This factor is a good motivator for people who enjoy and prefer funny life. 

Staying in a hostel may be very advantageous. I do not deny that this travel lifestyle is not free of its negative sides. However, some of its benefits may be very powerful motivators to become a regular customer of hostels. 

I have not tried staying in a hostel but I will definitely do it and you will be able to check out my experience in my new posts.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.