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taking creatineCreatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates. Its main role is to facilitate recycling of adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue. Creatine is produced naturally in the body by three amino acids: methionine, glycine, and arginine. Creatine helps to regenerate a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your body’s main source of energy. When creatine stores in your muscles are depleted, the production of ATP comes to a screeching halt and your energy is dramatically decreased. Supplementing with creatine increases the available fuel to power ATP, which can increase muscle strength, size, and power output.

Thus, creatine is a natural amino acid that is produced by your body every day. Your body produces approximately 1 gram of creatine every day. As you already know, creatine is used to fuel your muscles with energy. So when your body runs out of creatine, your muscles have no energy to fulfill its functions. 1 gram of creatine per day is absolutely insufficient for your body if you exercise vigorously in the gym. 1 gram of creatine might suffice for a single heavy set. So when you start making the second set, you will feel fatigue in your muscles. No doubts, you will not be able to workout at your maximum level if you do not take additional creatine. Taking creatine will resolve this problem.

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in bodybuilding. What is more, creatine is the most widely researched and studied sports supplement available nowadays. I regret training without creatine. When I felt the strength of creatine, I decided to permanently take this supplement. It really works.

If you look at diets and nutrition supplement of famous bodybuilders, you will see that creatine is always included in their lists. There is no a successful bodybuilder in the world who does not take creatine. In this blog post, I will describe some of the most obvious advantages and benefits of taking creatine.


creatine strengthWhen I first tried creatine, my strength dramatically increased. I started lifting weights that I was never even dreaming to lift one day. While on creatine, your strength stays the same during your whole training day. You don't get tired. Whether it is a beginning of your training day or you are finishing your workouts, you will always have a lot of strength to lift some really heavy weights.

I can say that taking at least 5 grams of creatine a day will increase your strength up to 40%. This will be a great improvement. If you are not taking creatine now, after taking it for only two weeks, I bet you will add at least 5 kilograms to your bench press. You will add more weight to your leg press and squats. Some people say that creatine can't be even nearly comparable to anabolic steroids. Yes, this is true. Creatine will not increase your muscles as effectively as AAS will. However, creatine's strength improvement features may be even better than some of AAS. If you want to become stronger and more energetic in the gym, start taking creatine right now. You will definitely regret your time training without taking creatine.


There are several ways how creatine increases muscle mass. Firstly, it is known for causing intracellular water retention. Creatine draws water into your muscle cells. Thus, they become more nourished. Creatine water retention also lubes your joints. After taking creatine for at least a month, your body mass will increase from 2 kg up to 5 kg. There were cases when athletes were able to gain as much as 8 kg by taking creatine. Creatine causes a very mild water retention. More muscles you have, more water will be gained. Usually, when a person stops taking creatine, he will drop a considerable amount of water weight within as few as two weeks. So if you are going to compete and you are afraid of water retention, you can just stop taking creatine a month before your contest, and you will lose all the water weight prior to the event.


After leg days, I always had to take a hot bath in order to be able to walk next day. Otherwise, I was even unable to get out of my bed. This is caused by lactic acid. This was a very big problem for me. I even thought about giving up bodybuilding because of this problem. As soon as I was training my legs, biceps, or any other muscle groups, I was feeling that lactic acid impairing my muscles from functioning at their maximum level. When my training day was finished, a hot bath was absolutely necessary for me. Otherwise, I was walking like an impaired person. Sometimes, you are not even able to wash your hands. That lactic acid is so terrible.

As soon as I started taking creatine, this problem disappeared. Nowadays, I don't know what does muscle soreness mean. Today, I don't have to sink in a hot bath in order to be able to walk. This is one of the greatest benefits of using creatine. I will never stop taking creatine.


As you know, every organ in your body requires energy to function properly. The brain is one of the most energy-requiring organs. It carries out billions of different operations every second. It works better than any of the world's most powerful computers.

Recent studies have shown that taking creatine improves your cognitive abilities. If you take creatine, your brain will get sufficient energy to work productively.


Creatine is definitely the cheapest supplement available for bodybuilders. It is much cheaper than mass gainers, proteins, pre-workout supplements, and other staff. Approximately 300 grams of creatine will cost you less than 20$. One bottle of creatine will suffice for two months. I bought a bottle of creatine in September 2017. I am still using it. I consume one teaspoon of creatine every day. Thus, you don't have to spend much money to take creatine. You can use it as long as you want to maintain your strength and body weight. Using creatine years around will not cost much money.

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