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resistance bandsTraining in the gym on dedicated exercise machines is absolutely awesome. There is nothing equal an ideal training in a weightlifting gym with barbells, dumbbells, and different machines. However, there might be days when you don't visit your gym for a variety of different reasons. No need to describe all the things that might prevent you from training in the gym. It happens to all of us. These days, you will definitely want to be able to perform your training at home. Resistance bands are ideal for this purpose. Keep reading, and you will learn why resistance bands are one of the best home workout equipment you can have nowadays. 

A few days ago, I bought myself a resistance band. To be honest, until this time, I was familiar with resistance bands only through pictures and videos on the Web. I have never even tried them since I was only training in the gymToday, I still train regularly at the gym. However, now, I have something that can provide me with a mini-training at my home. I do not say that training with a resistance band can provide you with all the benefits of training in the gym. No doubts, with resistance bands, you will never achieve those results you get while training in the gym. Nonetheless, there are still loads of significant reasons why you should be using resistance bands. Let me describe you some of them. 


toned musclesResistance bands are not that great for muscle hypertrophy. However, you can definitely keep your muscles toned by the use of resistance bands. A resistance band will never give you an equivalent of a 60lbs dumbbell for your biceps. However, the bands will still put some pressure on your muscles to keep them toned. 

No doubts, we all have days when we are unable to train. Sometimes, you feel seek. Some days, you are too busy with training in the gym. Other days, you might be traveling in an area where there are no gyms. We always face different situations with diverse obstacles and circumstances. Your life won't always be that steady and stable. Therefore, be ready to train outside of your gym if necessary.  Getting a high-quality resistance band is the first step to do it. 


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might be a fan of traveling. Anyway, even if you don't visit my blog on a regular basis, almost everyone in this world loves traveling. If you appreciate your hardly-gained muscles, you will definitely want to preserve them while traveling. Since travel gets you out of your comfort zone, it is necessary to be prepared for all possible situations and conditions you may encounter during your trips.

You cannot put a barbell or your dumbbells in your travel luggage. I don't say it is impossible. However, I am sure that an average person will never bother carrying these huge iron things in his travel bag. In this case, resistance band will somehow substitute you your heavy dumbbells. The bands are very light and small. Some of them can even fit your pockets. They won't demand much space in your travel luggage. Having these portable home workout bands will never let you be untrained. 


These bands are extremely cheap. While heavy training equipment might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can get a high-quality resistance band under 20$. On eBay and Amazon, you will find a huge variety of different resistance bands. Depending on the thickness of the ban, its price will vary. The cheapest resistance band might cost you 3-5 $. 

Thus, one of the most obvious advantages of resistance bands is their cheap price. Everyone can afford them. You can even buy all different types of resistance bands if you want. It won't cost you much money. 


Before dating a woman, I will usually make some push-ups to pump up my muscles. It really works. However, push-ups are not that good to pump your biceps. What is more, I think that push-ups will weary your energy out. You don't need this. Your aim is to merely pump your muscles without getting tired. 

I found that resistance bands are especially beneficial if you want to pump your muscles. Whether you want to pump before your contest or you want to look bigger in front of your girlfriend, with a good resistance band, you will definitely achieve your goal. 


With resistance bands, you can perform a big variety of different exercises. Your workouts will be limited only if you limit your imagination. With these bands, you can train your biceps, deltoids, traps, chest, shoulders, back, quadriceps, and other parts of your body. If you get a heavy resistance band, you will be able to put a big pressure on your muscles. 

As I told you, I am new to using resistance bands. However, I can self-assuredly tell you that I loved them. They really work. You won't build muscles with resistance bands. Nonetheless, this equipment will definitely let you keep your muscles toned and pumped. Also, we should mention a high versatility of different exercises you can perform with these bands. Every athlete, sportsmen, and bodybuilder should have these bands at home. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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