There are loads of different countries on the globe. All of them have different people, cultures, and traditions. The national mentalities of different nations do not resemble each other. Consequently, every nation has its own sexual mentality. There are tons of different factors that influence the sexual mentality of people. People in tropical countries are more passionate and have a higher libido than people who live in cloudy and cold locations. The climate makes a significant impact on the moods of people. Have you ever considered why Brazilians have so hot temperament? First of all, let me tell you that they live in a tropical zone. People in these areas are more loving than those who live in less hot regions. I believe that there must be a gene of sexuality. Some people are genetically sexier and hornier than other people. The climate is not the only factor that makes people passionate.

 What do usually men look for while traveling? We want new emotions, feelings, and experiences. Thus, sex travel becomes one of the main hobbies of a man who wants to enjoy his life. Men travel to enrich their worldview, knowledge, experience, and horizons. We never forget about new sex opportunities in our journeys. Women are like different types of fruits and all of them have different tastes. When you eat a single fruit all your life, you will be definitely tired after a short period of time. Consequently, it is necessary to travel the world and have new sex experiences in order to be in a good mood. There are several geographical destinations that are internationally famous for their sexy citizens. Sometimes, we are not able to travel to all desired destinations, and therefore, we need to select a couple of the most attractive countries for sex travel. You may practice yourself and taste women around the world in order to determine the sexiest countries in the world. I have a large travel experience, and therefore, I can simplify your task by giving you the list of the best countries for sex travel. 


philippinian girlI put this country in the first place because it really deserves it. Ther2 is no a single country in the world that may be more sexually attractive and seductive than the Philippines. The climate of the Philippines is very sunny and hot. Hence, you will always have a high libido in this place. Phiolippinian women are internationally recognized to be the most beautiful women in the world. Let me remind you that a Philippinian woman won Miss Universe 2016 award. Philippinian women often win different international beauty competitions. They really deserve it. So if you want to have sex with the world’s most gorgeous women, you will reach your aims in this wonderful destination. Philippinian women are tall and have sexy bodies. 

Filipinos are mixed. There are Spanish and Asian blood in their veins. Spanish blood makes them very hot-tempered and passionate. Usually, Asian women are very tender but I cannot tell you that they are very hot. Philippinian women are exclusions from this fact. These women are very tender and passionate at the same time. A Pinay girl adores everything in sex. She loves experimenting in bed. Your sexual life will be definitely satisfied in this great region. Those men who have untraditional sexual orientation will also find great opportunities in the Philippines. The number of gays, lesbians, and transsexual people is huge in this region. Homosexuality is very popular here. Gays are not discriminated in this region and it may be considered to be the most gay-friendly country in the world.  Transsexualism is a trend in the Philippines. Parents encourage their sons to become shemales and it is highly appreciated in this sunny region. Ladyboys are hornier and more open-minded than simple women. There are loads of cheap prostitutes in the region. If you are not a fan of paid sex, you will easily find dozens of sexy girlfriends in the Philippines. These women are very open-minded and kind. Sex is not a taboo in this region, and as a result, everyone e is ready to satisfy your sexual desires. 

The Philippines is definitely the best country for sex travel. This country is the undisputed sexiest region in the world. When you come to the Philippines, you will not able to leave it. Local women will captivate you  and you will surely forget about your native country. 


thai girlsThis Asian country is a neighbor of the Philippines. Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Millions of people visit this country every year to have a great sex experience. Sex escort services are highly developed and widely spread in this country. Asian women are great in bed. They are more tender and passionate than American and European women. You will certainly enjoy your time with a Thai girl. These women are very open-minded. They accept everything in sex. The English language is not so popular in Thailand as it is in the Philippines. Let us remember that the Philippines was a military base of the USA in past. American influence is still very significant in the Philippines. Everyone in the Philippines speaks English and it is the second official language after Tagalog. Thailand was never colonized by anyone. Thai people call their country as “free” country. That is true. Thailand was never invaded by any country in the world. Eastern influence in this region is very weak, and for that reason, English is not so widely spread in the Philippines. It may become difficult for you to communicate with Thai women who do not know English. You will surely avoid this problem in the Philippines. However, you need to be lucky in Thailand in order to find a gorgeous lady who is absolutely fluent in English. Language barrier is not a serious problem because we rarely speak in bed. When we aim to have a great sex journey, we do not intend to have conversations with local women. Thus, language is not much important. Thai girls have a very sexy national mentality. Their religion, government ideology, and national traditions allow them to have a liberal sexual life. They are not parochial and conservative as women from other countries.A number of gays and transgenders is really huge in this country. You will see transsexuals almost everywhere. Gay tourism is highly developed in this country. Homosexuals are not discriminated in Thailand.  

Thailand is the second best sex destination in the world. Women in Thailand are not so beautiful as Philippinian girls. Additionally, not all of them know the English language. The Philippinian women are more tender than Thai girls. These are the most significant reasons why I put this country in the second place. 


brazil womanYeah, this geographical destination is one of the sexiest countries on the globe. Passionate men will definitely have a great sex-life in Brazil. Brazilians have very hot blood. They are very adoring and sexy. Brazilians are considered to be the sexiest nation in the world. That is true. I fully agree with this opinion. People in Brazil pay high attention to their physical condition. It is very fashionable to be good-looking, sportive, and sexy in Brazil. Women in this country are very open-minded. According to the newest research carried out by Durex, Brazilian women adore oral sex. They love the process itself. There may be some women in the world who will tell you that they love oral sex because it gives pleasure to their partners. Brazilian women love the process of oral sex itself, and pleasuring their partners is not the main goal of making it. This fact tells you something about these wonderful women. If you love great butts and breasts, you need to go to Brazil. Brazilian women are very gorgeous. Do you like black and ebony women? I am a fan of them, and therefore, I love Brazil very much. Gay sex is very popular in Brazil. LGBT members will find everything they need in Brazil. The number of transgenders is really tremendous in this region. 

If you claim to be a sex traveler, you need to visit this wonderful country. Sex in Brazil will be unrepeatable. 


cuban girlsCarribean women are the greatest when it comes to sex. Their bodies are delicious. You won’t be able to get away from your sexual desires while you are in Cuba. This country is considered to be one of the most popular sex destinations in the world. Millions of tourist visit this place every year to have some sex experience. The country is communistic. Private business is not allowed in Cuba. Most of its population lives in poverty. However, people are very happy and satisfied with their life. Uncivilized countries are better for sex tourism. Women in these destinations are usually dependent on men, and consequently, it is easier to make a contact with some of them. Feminism does not enhance a man’s sexual life. When a woman is absolutely independent, she may not need men at all. Countries of the third world are sexier and more passionate than developed ones. Women in Cuba need money, and for that reason, every tourist is considered to be a fat wallet with tons of money. Cuban girls may be attracted to you because of your cash. Use this advantage and reach your goals. Women in this country are officially forbidden to communicate with foreigners. I have heard some stories when Cuban girls were arrested for communications with tourists. Keep that in your mind and try to do everything very stealthily.

Cubiniann women are very open-minded and passionate in sex. Your sex in this wonderful country will be unforgettable. 


german girlGermany is a motherland of pornography. Its women are very tall and attractive. The national mentality of German women is very open-minded and liberal. Your sex with them won’t be boring. German women are fans of beer. Drunken women are more relaxed and passionate in sex rather than women who do not like drinking. Some women have told me that alcohol lets them fully relax and enjoy sex. Use this information for yourself. Women in your country may no be fans of drinking. However, German girls love drinking very much. It is much easier to seduce a woman when she is drunk. Invite a German girl to a pub, give her some beer and everything will be done. When she is drunk, she will become more initiative and open-minded. Use these advantages. Women in Germany are very simple. Their minds are not thoughtful with stupid religious dogmas, ideas, and nationalism. They like experimenting in bed. Making sex with a foreigner may be very appealing to them  

Germany is the sexiest country in the European Union. Visit it if you want to have a great sex adventure. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.