My initial title for this post was planned to be “BEST METHODS TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN TO BECOME BILLIONAIRES” but I changed the last word to millionaires. Everyone wants to become rich and everyone wants his children to become rich. But do you exactly want to become a billionaire? Is it so cool to be a billionaire? Usually, we desire different things without imagining our life if we already had those things. Now you are reading this article because you are not a millionaire and you may wish your children to become millionaires. If my article’s title was “HOW TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN TO BECOME BILLIONAIRES” there would be a probability that you are a millionaire and you possibly want your children to become billionaires. No matter who you are and what your financial status is, if you are reading this post, that means that you are motivated. You are financially motivated to read this post. As a famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow said: “Life is when we want something and we don’t have it. Death comes when we have everything, we want to have.” This financial motivation may make you wish to live. You live because you are still motivated to live. When you have everything you wish: billions of dollars, yachts, planes, hundreds of expensive cars, fame, and fortune, you may get easily bored with your whole life. I had some moments in my life when I did not have any motivation to live. It is not one of the most terrible feelings you may have. Therefore be happy that you are not a billionaire and there is still something that you don’t have in your life. 

Ok, let me come back to the main topic of this post. Everyone wants his children to be financially independent and wealthy. Here are my tips and bits of advice to educate your children to become millionaires.


As a parent, you should make a concrete time management plan for your children. Your children should spend some time with their friends and sometimes just enjoy their childhood. Teach your children to read and always tell them about the benefits of reading. If you want to educate your children to become millionaires, you should teach them to read books. Usually, our childhood habits do not disappear as we grow up. It will be perfect if your children become addicted to reading useful books. All millionaires and billionaires are great fans of reading. Look at Bill Gates. He is the biggest book lover. Reading enriches our knowledge and horizons and it will be the best tool to educate your children to become millionaires.


Instead of different fairy tales, you may tell your children biographies of some wealthy people. Teach them who are Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Elu, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and other wealthy personalities. Thus, reach people will become heroes of your children and they will also want to become rich. Usually, children want to become batman, spiderman, or superman.  Your children will want to become Steves Jobs or Jeffs Bezoses. That means that from their childhood they will have their own dreams of their future financial success and wealth. When they grow up, these dreams will be replaced with real business projects. Letting know your children’s lives and biographies of the wealthiest people of the world is one of the best ways to educate your children to become billionaires.


Every business is dependent on your ability to sell. No matter what kind of business you launch; software development, online store, clothes manufacture, entertainment business – every business area requires your talent to sell. 

Teach your children to sell. They may sell chewing gums, ice cream, or anything else. From their early childhood, they should understand that business means selling. Good sales mean good money. If you have your own business that means that you sell something. When your children are old enough, give them an opportunity to participate in your business, and teach them the main rules of successful trading. Thus, you will educate your children to become millionaires in the future.


All millionaires and billionaires are independent people. No one of them works for a boss. They are bosses of a million of people. All wealthy people independently founded their companies and corporations. They control the business model and policy of their projects. 

Government schools and universities teach and prepare people to work for “a boss”. I can confidently tell you that today’s school education mainly prepares dependent workers. The ideology of working for “a boss” is the main thought that is taught in schools around the world. Children obtain their education at school and at home. Teach them to be independent. Educate your children to make a business. Do not tell them that working is their main objective. Tell them about the advantages which can give them a passive income. Educate your children to become businessmen and not workers. 

There are lots of other factors you should know and keep in mind if you want your children to become wealthy and independent people. Never force them to do something. In order to succeed, we must do what we like and love. Your children should choose a profession or a specialty that fits their inclinations and personalities. 

Wish I will see your children’s names in Forbes! Good luck!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.