professionThe Internet gives us a great variety of career and business opportunities. Do you already have a business in cyberspace? If no, you should initiate it right now. There are heaps of reasons why online businesses will prosper and develop. A physical business may die, but the business on the Internet is at the beginning of its growth. To make business online, you will have to sell something. Business means trade. You may sell your physical, digital products, or you can sell your services. If you do not like making business and you simply want to make your job online, you may check out the list of the best online professions on the Internet. 


Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor in online business. If you have an enterprise on the Internet, you will need to tell people about it. Where do people search for something that they really need? Usually, they make searches through famous search engines. The most popular and used of them are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. SEO is a science and it is not so easy to understand how to do search engines work. They always change their algorithms, and therefore, only specialists are able to identify what will benefit your SEO and what will not give you any help.

I placed this profession in the first place on my list, because everyone who has an online business, needs to deal with SEO. It does not matter what kind of online business you launch – you will need an SEO specialist to work on your website’s SEO. It is absolutely clear. Of course, if you are a professional Internet user, you may fix some of your SEO errors yourself. However, it is impossible to make a professional SEO on your own. If you want your website to have good rankings on Google or Yahoo, your SEO should be ideal. This profession is immortal. The number of websites on the Internet will definitely grow, and thus, search engines will be always crucial. Their importance will grow and people will use them as long as the Internet exists. 

If you have some SEO knowledge, you should master it. Read more books on SEO. Read blogs and watch interviews with famous SEO specialists. Increase your knowledge in this field. If you have your own online business, your additional SEO knowledge will definitely benefit you. You can use your SEO skills to offer your professional services. Remember that there are loads of people in the world who need SEO specialists. A business cannot survive without good SEO. 

Being an SEO consultant is very perspective in the 21st century. Use this opportunity. Your SEO knowledge will be highly appreciated and required in the online business sphere. 


Social media marketing is one of the most used and effective marketing tools on the Internet. Social networks are the best places and tools to drive traffic to your website. At the same time, social networks became the most effective marketplace to advertise and promote your products. These networks are visited by millions of people every day. All marketers use social networks to boost their online sales. 

Social media marketing is not as easy as it seems to be. There are different social networks and therefore sometimes it is very difficult to decide which one of them will be more beneficial for your online business. Social Media specialists resolve these problems. These professionals will create an effective social media marketing strategy for you. Do not rely on your own knowledge. A person can not be supreme in everything. You may be a professional in one or two spheres. It is impossible to be a PRO in everything. Thus, Social Media Specialists will be always required. Their services are needed worldwide.

Social Media Marketing is a deep science. It has become one of the most effective marketing tools in online business. Master your skills in social media marketing and become a specialist in this field. This online profession will be always highly appreciated and needed. You won’t lose if you choose it for yourself. 


If you have a great experience in the online business you may use it to make money online. Your personal business achievements will attract lots of potential businessmen around the world. Sell your services. Sell them your knowledge and experience. First of all, you must have some personal achievements in order to become an online business consultant. It won’t make any effects If you tell people that you make online business during 20 or even more. People do not care about the number of years you have spent making online business. Show them the results that you have achieved. Exhibit your last check that shows that you earned 5 million dollars last month through your online enterprises and people will respect you. They do not care about your experience. Show them your earnings and achievements. It will be more influential. Have you ever thought why so many bloggers expose their monthly earnings on their blogs? Do you think that they would do this if their figures were not so impressive? Larry Flynt from SmartPassiveIncome earns at least 150 thousand dollars every month and it is a great pride for him to show his earnings on his blog. People see his earnings and say: “Oh, this guy knows how to make business!” They are already inspired by the six figures in his checks. 

If you have achieved some impressive results, you may become an online business consultant. This profession is extremely profitable. You see how successful bloggers use their experience. Most of them offer personal courses. Your reputation in online business may build you a great career as an online business consultant.

The Internet is growing. Business on the Internet will outrun physical business in a few years. Yeah, that will definitely happen. I have already given up physical shopping. I find loads of advantages of online shopping, and therefore, I stopped shopping physically. The number of people who think in the same way grows day by day. Online business consultants will be required as long as the Internet exists. 

Find your niche in online business consulting and you will have a regular and very profitable profession. 


This is one of the most popular online professions. Why do people decide to become a web designer? Let me tell you that every online business has a connection with websites. You need a website to start your online business. Every business means trade. Do you embellish your physical store? Of course, you do it, and you do it for a multitude of different reasons. One of them is that you want your store to look eye-catching. The appearance of your swelling platform is one of the most noteworthy factors that may improve your online trade. I have made the conclusion that it is absolutely impossible to start an online business without hiring a web designer. Let me explain to you why do I think so. What do you need to build any kind of online business? You surely will need to have a website. What are the ways to build a website? You may always use ready templates or themes. Some of them are free and others are premium. You will need to merely upload a theme to your WordPress platform and everything is done. I would be very happy if the situation was the same as I have described it to you. Uploading your ready theme won’t fully resolve your problem. In the end of your struggles, you will end up with a conclusion that it is necessary to hire a good web designer. It is clear that you will have to make some customizations in your website’s header, sidebars, logo, and other configurations. If you have no professional knowledge, you won’t be able to do it yourself. A web designer is necessary to launch your website, and consequently, you will need to buy his services in order to start your online business. 

I have made this long narration to explain to you the importance of this profession. Web designers are required in the online business sphere. This profession is very perspective. 


This profession is very popular amongst web users around the world. Today, I have written a post about the reasons that make blogging so popular. According to the newest data, there are approximately 292 million blogs in cyberspace. Some of them are amateur and others are professional blogs. Most people take blogging as a mere hobby. It is necessary to note that there are already loads of professional bloggers who make a living by blogging. 

If you like writing and you have a deep interest in a particular niche, you may start blogging right now. The process of blogging will be very pleasurable, and additionally, you may generate some serious income in the nearest future.


You may launch your affiliate marketing project on your personal blog or on your social network’s page. It is not absolutely necessary to have a personal website to make affiliate marketing. If your Facebook or Twitter pages are enough popular, you may start this business right now. 

Becoming a professional affiliate marketer is not the easiest task. Keep in mind that you will need to have some knowledge in this sphere, and of course, the most important factor is your ex[perience. Do not be disappointed if you do not have any experience in this field. Start it right now and after some time you may become professional. Remember that professionalism does not come immediately. Your theoretical knowledge will never make you a professional in any specialty. Spend some time making affiliate marketing and you will see its positive and negative sides. 

Being a professional affiliate marketer is very beneficial because it is a very independent and creative profession. 


If you like writing, this profession may be the best choice for you. Publishing and selling your ebook online is very easy. If your book is popular enough, you will build yourself a regular passive income. You do not need to spend hours managing your online business when you are an ebook writer. Write it, publish, promote, and collect your royalties. Your task is very simple. Blogging, affiliate marketing, and other types of active online businesses require a lot of time and effort. Do you know how much time will you need to write 10 great and long blog posts? Each one of them must consist of at least 1500 words. You will need at least 10 hours to write to them. It is a whole day. Do you have so much free time? If you have it, you may start blogging right now. Becoming an eBook writer is much easier. Spend a month or two months to write a good book. I have dedicated a post to teach my readers how to write a book and you may read it if you are interested. You can spend two months writing a good book. Publishing is very easy. Do it on Amazon and CreateSpace. Promote it, and collect your royalties.

Writing ebooks is one of the easiest and the most profitable online enterprises that exist on the Internet. If you love writing, this option may be a perfect choice for you.  

I made an aim to give you the list of the best online professions, and therefore, I will end my listing right now. There are many other specialties on the Internet. However, not all of them are effective and profitable. I have suggested only 8 professions because I have tested them myself, and I am confident that they will definitely benefit you. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.