The Internet has become one of the most popular playgrounds to meet new people. While surfing online, people have different intentions and motivations. The internet is one of the best zones where you can find yourself business partners, new friends, freelancers, and sex partners. Nowadays people prefer virtual communications because it has lots of advantages. How often do you use the Internet to find yourself a mistress or a potential boyfriend? I think most of us have tried to make new connections via the cyberspace. The Internet is full of portals, websites, and other services that let you connect with new people. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the best online service to find a sex partner.

I have used almost every dating service on the Internet and therefore I know the advantages and disadvantages of every social resource. Time is the most precious thing we have and we should not waste it. In order to save our life, we should identify for ourselves the most effective dating service which will let us reach our sexual desires. 

How often do you use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to find some new people? You may have used it for this purpose but I guess that your efforts didn’t give you any significant results. Let me explain why do I think so. Facebook is a global social network that connects people worldwide. Usually, people use it to share their photos, posts, and other things with their real friends. I don’t mean those friends who are marked in your account as your friends. I have thousands of friends on Facebook worldwide. They are marked as friends on Facebook but I really don’t know anyone of them in my real life. I may have hundreds of friends from Zimbabwe or Kenya, New York, or Paris but I don’t know anyone of them in my real life. Your situation may be completely different because you may be adding only people whom you really know in your life. Facebook is a network that was built to connect you with people. you already know in your physical life. This is the reason why Facebook has a lack of functions to connect you with new people. Someone may think that Facebook is not a dating network and my analysis is not necessary. I know this but I am also aware of the fact that some people try to use social networks in dating interests. My explanations show that social networks are the worst areas to find someone new. These services merely let you communicate with people whom you already know. Of course, there are some options to search for people from your city and try to start a conversation with them. This will neither be effective. Twitter has the same system. Twitter lets you share your ideas with people and it is the main purpose of this resource. I am telling you this because I don’t want you to waste your time searching for a sex partner somewhere on social networks. It is a simple waste of your precious time.   

There are a lot of very popular online dating services on the Internet. All of them have unique advantages and disadvantages. Let us skip the detailed review of every popular dating service. Every time when I write a post, I strive to give my readers my own experience and this article is not an exception. I will follow my policy. 


I choose for several reasons and I consider it to be the best online dating service that exists on the whole Internet. If you have used this service, you will confidently agree with my statements. Let me tell you why I prefer using Badoo to find myself sexual partners around the world.


Badoo uses very light and attractive colors in the website design.  The color sets improve your mood. Once you visit Badoo, you won’t forget its awesome design and style. Every one of us likes using online services and websites which are eye-catching. 


There is a section in your interface where you can write information about yourself. Some dating services let you write a few sentences about yourself. Badoo is better than other dating resources and it lets you write a long text describing you and all parts of your life. People will be able to learn more about your personality in your profile. This is one of the advantages Badoo has.


Badoo lets you upload an infinite number of photos. However, you are able to choose only one main photo. This feature is common on all other dating services. You may also upload your own nude photos if you wish. These photos won’t be visible to everyone. Only those people whom you give access will have a chance to see your naked body or some of the sexiest parts of your figure. This will be very good for you because the sexual attractiveness of your potential sexual partner is one of the most important factors. You may also upload your own videos.


Badoo’s interface is very user-friendly and it is very easy to use. You don’t need to waste your time searching for different buttons and sections. Every option is put in its right place and order.


Badoo lets you set your current geographical situation. Thus, it lets you meet and date people from different countries around the world. Let us imagine if you are in the USA but you want to find some people from Brazil. You may easily change your location to Brazil and you will see millions of people from the same geographical location. You will be able to find yourself sexual partners in every city in the world. Badoo has an option to find people who are near and it even shows you the distance between you in KM. This option is a must-have feature for every dating service.


Online chatting becomes very comfortable with Badoo. Its conversation tool interface is the easiest and the most stylish on the whole Internet. 

There are lots of other advantages of Badoo which I did not mention. Definitely, Badoo is the best online dating service that can be found in cyberspace. If you want to find yourself a sexual partner, I advise you not to waste your time on social networks and different dating services. Choose Badoo and you will be satisfied!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.