girlsEveryone talks about sex nowadays. This is indeed not the era of sexual liberation – there’s pretty much nothing left to liberate in terms of sexual relationships between human beings. You know how they say: every popular cultural and or social phenomenon already has a porn movie about it, which is once again confirmed by fidget spinner porn. Clearly enough, hot Japanese porn stars know all the general information about sex.

However, when it comes to the intercourse itself, men often bump into a huge problem. Turning a girl on may eventually become a complicated task (mainly because sexual preferences is quite a subjective matter). Sometimes kissing and being gentle is just not enough, no matter how good you are at it. Knowing kinky turn-ons can really help you get her where you want to. At least, you can try them out and find out which of them work and which don’t. Dive in! 


This one is the result of playing with traditional gender roles. Women are not the only who take care of houses and do the dishes, but let’s admit that they are just better at it. Try to do everything around the house, like mopping the floor and washing clothes. She will at least be relaxed, which is great for sex. And do it in a sexy manner!


your footwearAmong other important first date preparations, dating experts highly recommend paying attention to your footwear. And it’s no surprise as girls note your dirty crocks first and odds are that you will not have a second chance. Yes, it has something to do with foot fetish but it’s rather natural so stay calm. Expensive and clean leather moccasins or new vibrant Nikes may work just fine, especially if they fit just right into your look. 


your cooking skillsThey say that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. There’s no doubt that girls are on the same page as men. It’s not only about eating a beautifully presented and nicely seasoned meal; it’s about you in an apron, skillfully cutting meat with your strong hands and smiling at her while adding white wine in your souse. Sex and food make a great duet.


Everything that smells like testosterone is usually considered a turn-on for a girl. And while women argue about feminine traits being attractive or not, your hairy chest still works just fine. Being bear-hairy might be a bit too much. Find this “just fine” amount of body hair and get rid of hair on your shoulders – it’s never a kink but a turnoff.


Hearing her moan turns you on, isn’t it? Well, it’s also obvious that girls like manly voices. Whispering sexy and dirty things right in her ear may make her wet instantly. Call her during the day and tell her in the lowest voice possible how badly you want her. In the evening, you are going to get the best sex of your life.


This may be applied to almost anyone in this world. Your shabby gray sweatpants worn without the undergarment, letting her see your genitals, are as revealing and sexualizing as a bikini. But don’t do it in public – no one asks you to see what’s inside of your pants aside from your chick!


deep conversationsYour brain is your sexiest organ. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. There is also some rather peculiar choice of topics to excite her, including childhood, porn preferences, favorite books, and philosophy. Of course, every girl has a unique taste, but establishing an emotional bond during an overnight conversation is always sexy. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.