fitBlogging is the most popular online activity on the Internet. According to my data, there are 290 millions of blogs in the cyberspace. Thus, blogging is more popular than porn sites. There are nearly 30 million porn sites on the Internet. Usually, people think that porn is more popular than blogging. As you see, this thought is a simple delusion. There are millions of people around the world who blog every day. For some of them, blogging is a mere hobby and interest. These people enjoy writing. There is another group of bloggers who make money blogging. These people are professionals in the sphere of blogging. Why is blogging so popular nowadays? The main reason of its wide popularity is that this type of online activity does not require any investments and funds. The only thing you need to do is to purchase your domain name, hosting plan, build your website, and you are ready to start blogging. There are several online services and website builders which let do you everything for free. That means that every student and a housewife can start blogging today. It is a very cheap way of making business. As I have told before for some people blogging is a mere hobby and others take it more seriously with the intention to make money online. You may be one of those people who are interested in blogging. But does blogging fit you?

You may be excited and interested in blogging because of a multitude of different reasons. It can be your hobby or you make money blogging. Sometimes blogging may be your hobby that makes your money. There are many reasons which can potentially motivate you to start blogging. It is very important to know that blogging is not appropriate for everyone. Blogging is a type of activity that demands certain efforts. Not everybody can become a successful blogger. This is not a matter of your available budget. The problem is not in money. You need to have particular personal and humane characteristics in order to be a successful blogger. In other words, blogging should fit your personality or let me rephrase it and say that your personality should fit blogging. You may be a newbie and you don’t know what are the necessary qualities that will let you become a blogger. My blog exists in order to help you and answer all of your questions. Therefore, let us decide whether blogging fits your personality or not.


Patience is the most important quality of everyone who makes any type of online business. In your real life, you can resolve your problems very quickly. In your life, you have a live contact with a person and therefore it becomes easier for you to resolve all your problems. Dealing on the Internet has two opposite sides. For some of the users, it is great to have a chat with a person and be able to avoid live communication. Usually, these people are introverts and they prefer virtual types of communications. Another side is that it can be really very difficult to resolve some of your problems via the Internet. Blogging requires more patience that any kind of online enterprises on the Internet. If you intend to blog because writing is your hobby and you really enjoy it, you may have not any difficulties with your patience. If you are going to blog because you want to build a serious online business, you will need huge amounts of patience. First of all, in order to start earning from your blog, your blog should become popular. Your blog should be visited by thousands of people every day. There is no way to make money by blogging if you don’t have a sufficient web traffic. Patience is the necessary quality of every blogger’s character. If you don’t belong to patient people, you should forget about blogging. Blogging surely does not fit your personality if you have no enough patience.

So does blogging fit you? Explore yourself and try to answer this question. 


Having enough free time is very important in order to maintain a successful blog. Your content must have a  high-quality content. There are no such options like copying ready posts and pasting them to your blog. If you do so, you may unintentionally destroy your blog. Google penalizes websites that steal content. It is clear that your content must be original and very helpful. There are millions of other blogs on the Internet and if you want someone to regularly visit your blog, you will provide your readers with a high-quality content. You will need to spend at least eight hours a day in order to write good blog posts. Of course, you may write one or two posts a day and it will take you a few hours a day. Do you think that someone will follow your blog if you produce so pity amount of content? I strongly doubt it. It is not necessary to prove you that blogging requires much time. Do you have enough time to dedicate yourself to this activity? Do you have a regular job that may prevent you from having some free time to write new blog posts? Having enough time is one of the most significant factors that must be considered before you start blogging. 

Does blogging fit you? Explore your timetable and decide whether you have some time to maintain your blog or not.


You have already heard about famous bloggers who make more than 100 000 dollars every month. These personalities have already inspired you and you want to be included in the list of the richest bloggers. I understand your situation and wish you good luck. We should understand that everyone who has achieved something serious in the blog sphere, has good writing skills and talents. Not everyone is capable of writing good articles and posts. Only a minority of people are good at writing. Do you have an ability to write? What was the level of your success in English and Literature while you were studying at school? Remember that every good blogger is a good writer. There is no way to build a successful and popular blog if you have no ability to seduce readers by your writing skills. 



You need to love what you do in order to be successful. Look at famous footballers, singers, boxers, businessmen. All of them do what they really like and thus, they are successful. It is impossible to be successful if you don’t like your activity. Blogging does not fit your personality if you hate writing. You may have great writing skills but if you don’t like writing, I advise you not to start blogging.


Before you start blogging, you must have some interests and passions to blog about. If you don’t have anything interesting to tell your readers, there is no reason to start writing. Some of the bloggers have their specific niches to blog about. For example Daren Rowse blogs about blogging. Every post on his blog is connected with blogging. There are thousands of bloggers who dedicate their blogs to write about blogging. There are some housewives who write about children and how to take care of them. Some of these women make six figure income every month. You need to have your niche to start blogging. My blog is universal because I am a universal man. I have a large variety of interests and I blog about everything that is interesting for me. My main interests are business, traveling, self-development, psychology, philosophy, sport, fashion and style, cars, luxury lifestyle, and sex. I try to blog about everything that is interesting for me. I would not start my blog if I didn’t have anything valuable to tell my readers. You may have some knowledge to share with your readers but if you knowledge is not enough, you will be exhausted very quickly 

Analyze your situation and make a decision that is more appropriate for you at the current time.         


A number of people may be interested in something just because this thing is very popular. You may be one of these personalities. Blogging is tremendously popular nowadays. Almost everyone in developed countries has a personal blog. Some people prefer blogging on social networks and some of them choose to blog on their personal websites. Every blogger writes because he has a purpose to do it. Some people share their ideas, thought, and some intend to make money by blogging. What are your motivations to start blogging? Why do you need it? Ask yourself. You may find yourself something that is more appropriate. Blogging may not fit you because of many reasons, which I have already mentioned. 

Blogging may be very attractive due to a huge number of different factors. However, it is an activity that demands several humane and personal qualities. Being a blogger is not so simple as it is considered to be. Everybody chooses a profession and a specialty that fits his own character. A policeman cannot become a teacher. A singer won’t become a president, a boxer will never become a dancer. Every one of us was created with a purpose. If blogging fits you, I advise you to start blogging immediately. If you haven’t got some of the necessary characteristics needed in blogging, I suggest to forget about blogging and enjoy another business. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.