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BloggingBlogging has become one of the most popular online activities on the Internet. Millions of people blog every day and some of them manage to make good blogging careers. Blogging can generate you a significant income if you have a good business strategy. There are loads of different reasons why people blog. Some people enjoy blogging because it lets them express themselves, their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Another group of people blogs to make money. No matter what your motivation is, there are two different online areas where you can start blogging today. Some bloggers prefer blogging on different social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, and other popular social platforms. The majority of professional bloggers choose to blog using their personal independent websites. There are two options if you want to start blogging. You may blog using of or several of famous social networks or use your own website. Let us see what is more preferable and effective.

1) EASE 

Some Internet bloggers have no special IT and WEB knowledge and therefore this criterion is the most important factor for them to consider before starting a blog.

It is very easy to start blogging on social networks. The only thing you will need to do is just type your text, insert your preferred images or video and publish the post. It is extremely easy to start blogging on social networks. Even a small child can do it. Blogging on social playgrounds does not require any additional technical knowledge and skills. 

Blogging from your own website will demand you some skills because you will need to configure look and options of your blog. If you use WordPress, the process of blogging may be simplified. You may easily customize your design and configuration of your online blogging platform. Mainly, blogging on your website is extremely easy and it also does not require any technical knowledge in IT sphere. WordPress dashboard is very user-friendly and almost everyone can learn to use it in a couple of hours.

As we see, blogging on social networks does not have any advantages over blogging on your personal website. Both of this options are the same in this criteria.  However blogging on social networks s a little bit easier because it does not demand any customizations and configurations. Facebook and Twitter teams have already done it for their users.


Availability of your potential audience is the most significant factor every potential blogger needs to take into consideration. We do not blog for ourselves. We write for people. Otherwise, we could write our blog post on a piece of paper and forget about them. We blog because we want people to hear what we say. Thus, we express our opinion and make a significant impact. Bloggers who intend to make money blogging need a huge audience. We can call it traffic. No matter what your intentions are, your main aim is to spread your thoughts and ideas to a large audience and you want millions of people to read and enjoy your posts.

The available audience on social networks is really huge. Millions of people visit such social playground as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is necessary to say that bloggers who prefer blogging on their personal websites also use social networks as effective tools to drive more traffic to their independent blogs. That means that audience on social networks is the most important in the whole Internet. Usually, social network users are very active Internet surfers and they are interested in textual materials. Social network bloggers have an advantage because their blog posts are available for millions of people. There are tons of users who will probably see your post on Facebook or Twitter. Many people on social networks have their own followers who will exactly see your post on your timeline. Blogging on your social network page won’t bring you any visitors referred by search engines. Usually, search engines do not pay much attention to information published on social networks. It will be very difficult for you do advertise or promote your social network blog because it won’t look and sound serious. You won’t have a good domain name. As we see, blogging on social networks is not the best option for people who need to have visitors from different sources on the Internet.

Bloggers who prefer individual websites to spread their ideas have an additional task to drive audience from other sources. If your blog is new and no one knows about it, you will probably have a few visitors every day. All of them will be referred from different search engines. It will not happen if your blog has no enough content because search engines need to display something and If you have no content on your blog, you may have no visitors. It will take some time for you in order to make your blog popular and have regular visitors. Your personal blog won’t have as much available audience as social network bloggers have. However, the problem can be easily avoided by sharing your posts in social networks. Place “share” button under your blog posts and share them on Facebook, Twitter, VK , OK, or any other social networks. We see that blogging on your personal blog is not so problematic as we expected it to be. Your posted articles will appear on your Facebook, Twitter pages, and your readers will be redirected to your website. Your audience will be referred by search engines, social networks and from some other websites where you promote your personal blog. Having a personal website lets you promote and advertise it. You can even build a brand if your blog is enough popular. As we see, blogging on your site has no restrictions, your audience is not limited and you will receive traffic from all sources.

Launching a personal website to blog is the best solution if you want to have many visitors from all sources. Blogging on social networks limits you and you may not be able to use all traffic driving tools.


If you want to build a large audience, your blog needs to look very attractive. No one bothers himself with a blog that has a disgusting design and appearance. Your text style must look very accurate and splendid. Ability to configure your blog is the most important factor. The appearance of your website is the half of your success. You won’t succeed if your design is awful. Your blog posts should look stylish and eye-catching.

Social networks do not provide bloggers with a wide variety of available tools to configure their blogs. Facebook and Twitter have standard text style and size. You are not able to change it. Thus, you cannot make your blog more attractive. Facebook is popular because it lets people connect each other. It was not specially developed for blogging and therefore your styling and editing options are very limited. You won’t be able to build a serious successful blog on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. You cannot install any plugins and widgets to your social network blog. This is the most significant disadvantage of blogging on social networks.

Having a personal website lets you avoid these problems. You can easily customize everything on your website. It is a matter of a few seconds to change the style and the size of your blog titles and texts. You can install unlimited quantity of different plugins and widgets. You can embellish and redesign your own blog as you want. Editing videos and images is not a problem for you anymore. You can publish different slideshows and image galleries on your personal blog.

If you want to have a great ability to configure your blog, you should decide using your own website for blogging. As you have witnessed social network blogging does not suit for those who plan blogging to make a serious business. The lack of editing options and inability to configure your blog holds you back from building a successful blog.


As I have mentioned above, there is a group of professionals who blog to make money online. Blogging is not a mere hobby for them and they take this interest more seriously. Ability to monetize the blog is one of the most important factors must be considered before starting a blog. 

Social networks give you an opportunity to monetize your blog but your options are very limited. Since you cannot fully customize your Facebook and Twitter pages, your abilities to monetize your blog page are very limited. You cannot use Google AdSense on your social network pages because your application won’t be approved. Other ad networks will also refuse to cooperate with your social network page. All you can do on your page is to promote someone's products or business. You may do this only if your page is extremely popular. It is clear that blogging on your social network page is not the best idea to monetize your blog.

Your personal website gives you infinite abilities and options to monetize your blog. You may cooperate with all ad networks. Place custom advertisement banners wherever you want.  Another advantage of launching your blog using your personal website is that you can sell different items from your blog. If your blog is popular and successful, you will create yourself a brand and use it order to make more profit.  A personal website is the best choice for monetization purposes.

If you want to make a professional blog which will give you the income you should forget about blogging on social networks. Your social network page may give you some profit but your options and abilities to make more money are strictly limited. The personal website gives you all instruments and tools to maximally monetize your blog.

Let us summarize our detailed analysis and state a confident conclusion that blogging on your website is the best choice for everyone whether he is a professional or not. The personal website gives you infinite abilities and tools to configure and monetize your blog. Fans of blogging should not waste their precious time blogging on a social network for the several reasons mentioned above.

Your personal website will give you more opportunities to build a beautiful, highly customizable and profitable blog.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.