book your hotelThe most important stage of your travel begins before your departure from your city. What do we usually do while planning our trip? Yeah, you are right. First of all, we book a hotel. A good hotel is 50 % of the quality of your trip. Sometimes, we may look up some hotels through the Internet and book them ourselves. In the result, we get disappointed when we see that the hotel is not what we supposed it to be. Hotel companies work very hard on their websites. They perfectly know that the Internet is the main source of information, and therefore, they strive to represent their hotels in an ideal way. Do not assume that you will recognize some negative sides of a hotel if you browse its website. No, it will never happen. Hotel owners will never tell you the truth regarding their disadvantages. Surfing in diverse review sites is not the best way to identify the quality of a hotel. It is very time-consuming. 

What should you do to make the right decision while choosing yourself a hotel for your trip? In this situation, I would like to suggest you to use the professional services that are specialized in hotel booking. I am sure that it is the best way to book a good hotel. Relying on professionals is always the best way to make the right decision. If you are going to an unknown destination or you want to stay at new hotels, you should always use services of the companies that will make you professional recommendations and guide you to choose the most appropriate hotel. On my blog, I never suggest something that I am not familiar with. In my previous articles, I have suggested using Carmel Limousines and Cars if you need a car, stay at RIU HOTEL PLAZA if you are in New York, and I have suggested staying at VIK Hotels if you travel in Spain. So why did I do that? I did that because I have been there, done it myself. I am sure in the services that I recommend to my readers. I do not want someone to write me an angry e-mail blaming for my advice. Therefore, I suggest only the best services that exist in the world. When I am unfamiliar with the destination I am planning to visit, I use services of Hotelopia. This online service helps me to find good hotels around the world. 

Hotelopia is a part Hotelopia is part of Hotelbeds Group, a leading European travel company providing services to more than 30 million clients in 180 countries through their different brands.

The purpose of Hotelopia is to help independent travelers find and book hotels in the simplest and safest way and at the best cost, whether traveling for business or for pleasure. Hotelopia offers a great variety of hotels and apartments from the most modest to the most luxurious five-star hotels.

Hotelopia Hotels

Hotelopia has all the most admired travel destinations in diverse countries of the world and it keeps t working to include new destinations in its database. Clients of Hotelopia can choose from 55,000 hotels, in over 7,500 destinations in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

I regularly use services of Hotelopia for a multitude of different reasons.


Hotelopia is a part of Hotelbeds Group. A serious European company with a famous and respectable name in the travel industry. Hotelbeds group provides travel services to over 30 million travelers in more than 180 countries of the world. Thus, you can be sure that you are cooperating with a trustworthy company. If something goes wrong, you will always have guarantees that will satisfy you in any situation. It is very important to cooperate and deal with companies that have a good reputation. Hotelopia is one of these companies. With Hotelopia, you can be 100 % secure and sure in the success of your future trip. There are so many travel companies that will offer you to use their booking services. But how many of them are truly good and trustworthy. I strongly doubt that they are capable of providing you with an outstanding service. Choose Hotelopia and you will be safe.    


Hotelopia is a professional with several decades of working in the travel industry. The field is very competitive, and for that reasons, Hotelopia strives to provide its clients with the best prices ever possible. Hotelopia does not demand any additional charges and commissions for your credit card payments. Its prices are absolutely transparent and clear.   


Hotelopia is certified by Thawte and Worldplay. That means that all your transactions will be carried out in a safe way. All the information regarding your credit card and personal credentials will be encrypted. Hence, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to making your payments online. The main page of Hotelopia website has no SSL protocol. However, the page where you make the payment is SSL protected. You have no reasons to worry when you deal with Hotelopia.  


Hotelopia is one of the few companies that lets you choose between two payment methods. You may make your payment online or you can pay for your hotel as soon as you arrive at it. It is very convenient. You do not necessarily need to make the payment online. Arrive at your hotel and make you payment via cash or a credit card. This is one of the reasons why I love Hotelopia. 

Hotelopia Bali


As you see, Hotelopia has a very user-friendly website. You may easily find your desired destination and book any hotel you wish. I have seen so many travel agencies which websites were so complicated that it was almost impossible to use their interface while booking a hotel. With Hotelopia, you will avoid this problem 


The main factor that makes me stick to Hotelopia is its awesome customer support. When you use it the first time, you will definitely agree with me. Hotelopia offers you 24/7 online chat and you can always contact an agent via live phone call. It is up to you to decide what way of communication you will use. You may contact Hotelopia customer support at anytime you wish. If you have some problems with the hotel you have booked or something else, Hotelopia will be ready to promptly solve your problems. 

Hotelopia is exactly one of the best hotel booking companies that exist in the travel market. Apart of that, Hotelopia offers diverse services such as car rental, booking tours, and many other things related to travel.  

Use professional services of Hotelopia and your travel will be very pleasurable! 


Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.