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brand your blogBlogging is not considered to be a business. Nonetheless, a blog can be an ideal platform for making money online. As soon as a blog is well-known and popular, you will find a lot of new financial opportunities. I know a lot of bloggers who make six figure profits every year by the help of their blogs. Thus, we can treat blogging as a real business to some extent. Of course, not all bloggers launch their blogs for monetization purposes. However, I can self-assuredly say that most of the bloggers want to monetize their web resources. For this reason, bloggers spend hours of their daily time writing new content for their blogs. You might be one of these bloggers who do everything in order to make money blogging. You may have been thinking about starting a blog, or you have already done it. Anyway, when your blog is filled with some high-quality content, you will definitely want to drive web traffic to your blog. There are many different online tools used to drive traffic. Some of them are SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO, content marketing, and branding. Today, I will give you some effective tips on how to brand your blog.

If you look at all the famous and popular bloggers, you will find out that all of them have established brands for themselves and their blogs. Building a recognizable brand is the best thing you can do in order to make tons of money blogging. When you build a brand, everything will be done without your attention. You will not need to worry about the amount and quality of web traffic anymore. When your brand is already established, your blog can become absolutely self-serving. Thousands of people and professional bloggers will be interested in guest posting on your blog. Thus, you need to spend your free time writing content for your blog. Hence, building a brand must be scheduled in your marketing plan. Right now, your blog has a very small amount of backlinks. For this reason, you worry about your rankings on SERPs. If you establish a brand for your blog, backlinks pointing to your website will appear without your hard work. Here are some of the most effective tips to brand your blog.


Before you brand your blog, you must have some good content on your blog. Otherwise, there is no point to brand your blog. When you brand your blog, you will make it famous. It is obvious that people will be eager to find out something more about your blog. In this case, they will definitely visit your blog. Do you imagine the level of their disappointment and frustration when they realize that your blog does not deserve to be as famous as you try to make it? Usually, when I hear people talking about a particular blog, I become interested in that blog. I think that if a blog is so famous, it must have some great content. This is my first assumption. Believe me, all the people think in the same way. When you see a blog featured on Forbes, CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, and other popular web resources, you will start thinking that his website deserves your attention. No doubts, people will start visiting that website. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare your blog for the international public. Otherwise, all your investments to brand your blog will be absolutely meaningless and useless. You will merely waste your money. In the result, you won’t get anything but people’s shock.

To brand your blog professionally, firstly, you must fill it with some high-quality content. I do not insist that your blog must have tons of articles, videos, and photos. No, it is not necessary. In some of my previous blog posts, I have proved that a blog can be very successful even with a very small amount of content. This is why emphasize your efforts and attention at the quality of content. Forget about the quantity. Of course, the amount of content on your blog has some weight. However, it is not the primary feature that is responsible for the success of your blog. If you want to seriously brand your blog, it must be filled with original and unique content. You already know that blogging is the most popular movement on the Internet. There are near to 300 millions of blogs on the Web. Most of these blogs write about the same things. Making money online, affiliate marketing, and blogging are the most popular blogging topics nowadays. Consequently, you must understand that your blog has a very high opposition. Most of your competitors are very professional and skilled webmasters and bloggers. They know what the public wants. In most cases, they provide their readers with a huge amount of a truly brilliant content. Keep all this in your mind. Before you brand your blog, you must fill it with some valuable and problem-solving content. If you have not done it yet, it is not the right time to brand your blog.


Today, social network are the most visited and popular web resources on the Internet. Millions of people visit such popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest every day. This factor makes social networks ideal for branding your blog. Open official pages of your blog on all of the popular social networks. Share your posts more frequently. Join different social groups that are related to the niches of your blog. These activities will expose your blog to some extent. Nowadays, it is absolutely impossible to brand a blog without social networks. You can also use services of professional SMM marketers.


media giantsGet featured on some popular media giants such as Forbes, CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Business Insider, and others. This is the best way to brand your blog. Social Media Marketing, guest posting, and other branding instruments won’t give you such a powerful effect as if you are featured on the world’s most popular media giants. Such popular journals and web resources as Forbes, The Huffington Post, and others are read by millions of people every day. Billionaires, millionaires, small entrepreneurs, online businessmen, and bloggers read these resources. Once you or your blog are featured on some of the popular websites, you will brand your blog with a great ease.

To be honest, me and blog have not been featured anywhere yet. I think that my blog is too young to be discussed on mass media. I still work on the content of my blog. Every day, I try to add some high-quality content that will resolve problems of my readers. Nonetheless, I am planning to be featured on Forbes, CNN, BBC, and some other popular web resources that are related to the niche of my blog. After some time, I will do everything in order to make a big buzz around my online project.

As you have understood, being featured on popular mass media is the most effective way to brand your blog. In my further articles, you will definitely see some exact instructions on how to be featured on all of the above-mentioned web resources.


Guest posting is another practical way to brand your blog on the Internet. There are numerous blogs that get thousands of unique visitors every day. Guest posting on some of these popular blogs will brand your blog very well. In the beginning of your online project, you may have no time for guest posting. Usually, beginning bloggers are too preoccupied with generating unique content for their own blogs. For this reason, they do not guest post very frequently. Further, when your blog has enough content to be represented in front on the online public, you will have a lot of free time for guest posting. Guest posting has several benefits. First of all, publishing your content on popular blogs will brand your blog. Secondly, it is very likely that you will get some powerful dofollow backlinks. These are the most recognizable advantages of guest posting.

Choose some of the most popular blogs that accept guest posts. All of them must be related to your blog’s niche. After you have chosen the most appropriate blog for guest posting, write some astounding articles filled with HQ photos, infographics, and videos. After you are published, you will see very positive results very soon.

Branding is the necessary part of the blogging business. It is absolutely impossible to generate tons of money blogging if you do not brand your blog. If you analyze some popular blogs that make more than 100 K $ every month, you will see that all of them have branded their blogs. Their names are famous and popular. Branding is the most important stage in the blogging business. After content creation and SEO, you should do everything in order to effectively brand your blog.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.