Every company needs to be managed and ruled by someone. Usually, it is a person whose knowledge, education, skills, and experience, personal and humane characteristics predestines the destiny of a new company. The management team is ahead of the company. If a head does not function properly, the whole body will have serious problems and dysfunctions. Have you ever thought about how does your body function? Your brain sends different signals and impulses to different parts of your body and they perform specific actions. You do not blink because your eyes want to blink. Your brain sends an impulse to your eye and then it blinks. Your body won’t function if your brain activity is disabled. The management team is the brain of a company and if it does not function properly, a company won’t have many chances to succeed. You may be someone who already runs a company and you may be interested in building a strong team of managers who will rule your company. At the same time, you may be someone who has no business but you plan to have it in the future. No matter who you are, I can assure you that you will benefit from this blog post and I will strive to give you the most I can. 

If your company is new, you may be able to manage it yourself. When your company grows, it becomes very difficult to rule it without any external help and assistance. This situation may motivate you to create a team of professional managers who will take great responsibility to manage your company. I am not a newbie in this field and I have had lots of different companies which I managed myself, and for some of them, I was building a management team. Let me share my experience and give you some resultative tips that will help you to build a successful team of professional managers.


You should explore your company’s current state and condition. You should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. This knowledge will let you know about the lacks in your company. These lacks and problems are bricks that are absent from the whole construction. Remember that every brick has a different shape, size, and color. In order to find the necessary bricks, you must know these absent bricks very well. I hope that you appreciate the explanations and examples that I strive to give you. Your knowledge about your company will let you identify and determine the necessary qualities of managers who are required for your company. This step is very important. Do not start building the management team if you don’t know what people you need.


As soon as you have selected the necessary people who will possibly manage your company in the future, you will need to divide their responsibilities. A single manager cannot be responsible for the whole company because it is extremely difficult to manage everything in a company. Divide and share their activities. Some of them should be responsible for PR management, others for sales management, and others should deal with customers. I don’t know what kind of business you plan to build and therefore I am unable to give you the exact suggestions. However, the number of responsibilities will depend on the number of managers you have chosen to your company and on the type of business you are planning to run. Some types of business may require loads of managers and other small enterprises may demand fewer professionals in the management sphere.  


You definitely need a business strategy. You may ask me how does a business strategy refers to a team of managers. Let me explain this in detail. If you don’t have a business strategy, you won’t know anything about the state of your current business and you surely will be unaware of your goals and objectives. Being familiar with your business objectives will let you know what kind of managers you will need in your management team. So how should you build your business strategy? Here is a shortlist of the following steps you will need to do in order to create your strategy.

a)Make deep research and analysis in order to get the exact data about the current state and condition of your business.

b)Set up long-term goals and determine for yourself the state of your business you plan to develop in 5 or 10 years. Long term planning is the best way to build a successful company.

c)Write a list of the necessary things you will need to do in order to achieve your long-term goals.


First of all, you need to be conscious of the fact that you are a human being and all human beings make mistakes. Additionally, you are a newbie in the business and this fact makes you very weak. Realize your negative sides. Remember that nobody can be able to know everything and have a solution to any problem. No matter how cool we are, we always in need of assistance. Hence, you will prevent yourself from being self-confident and too critical. Here are the tips that will help you to achieve some success.

a)    Use your free time to think and consider your company and its state. As a result, you will figure out what kind of assistance you will need.

b)    If you have no talents in selling, you will probably need a professional Sales Manager.

c)    When you are not perfect in accounting, you should hire yourself a Financial Manager who will be responsible for every financial detail.

These tips may be very useful if you wish to build a successful team of managers. Keep in mind that this topic is not fully exhausted and I will continue posting articles on how to develop a good team of managers.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.